8 Best Green App Designs That Make Sustainability Chic and Stylish

8 Best Green App Designs That Make Sustainability Chic and Stylish
Article by Petar Pesic
Last Updated: January 05, 2024

In this listicle, we unveil some of the best green app designs that make the most of the versatile color while delivering an unparalleled user experience. Get inspired by the unity of cutting-edge technology and Mother Nature's color palette as you explore the masterpieces of the finest app development companies!

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1. My Earth by Maud Froehlicher

[Source: Maud Froehlicher]

Standout Features:

  • Leafy aesthetics
  • Modest, intuitive palette
  • Visualized progression path

As part of her UX design practice, Maud Froehlicher created an app design for My Earth to raise awareness on the local consequences of climate change, as well as effortlessly encourage users to make a change!

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Full of leafy aesthetics that greatly contribute to the natural vibe of the layout, the starting screens entail a close-up of a leaf, depicting all its subtle details. This notion continues throughout the design and it’s particularly effective in the visualized progression path that follows the users leveling.

The app entails a modest yet highly intuitive palette of green and red, with green shades indicating positive changes and ideas whereas the usage of red hints at the burning problems.

2. Zoetis by Ashley Porciuncula

[Source: Ashley Porciuncula]

Standout Features:

  • Intuitive navigation system
  • Horse health diary
  • Ride history

Ashley Porciuncula designed the Zoetis app to let horse owners and vets track the animals’ health, gain in-depth symptom-tracking capabilities, and overall simplify the nurturing process with both parties.

The modernized design features an intuitive navigation system that discerns three vital segments – the main user dashboard, one pertaining to their horses, and, finally, a vet segment.

While the user dashboard entails a notification system and a total summary of past and upcoming vet visits, the one related to the magnificent animals keeps track of their healthcare needs through a diary that lists dates and actions. It also provides the ride history for each horse which further helps the owners and vets understand its state.

3. AVA Grows by App & Flow

[Source: App & Flow]

Standout Features:

  • Well-contrasted
  • Soothing minimal visuals
  • Customized plant-keeping recommendations

App & Flow delivered a cool app design for AVA Grows to help the brand put out an automated indoor gardening tool.

The design leverages a well-contrasted build of a clean interface with light brown frames, visuals and headline font styles contrasted with solid green shades used in buttons and images of the picked plants.

The soothing minimal visuals help indicate diverse features on the dashboard, helping the users navigate through the app with ease. Once you pick a designated plant, the design provides customized plant-keeping recommendations that include vital lighting and watering tips for preserving the plant’s health.

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4. Root by Paul F. Davis

[Source: Paul F. Davis]

Standout Features:

  • One-color gradients
  • Large font sizes
  • Mental health support mascot

A smartphone app called Root gives users a quick and simple method to keep track of their symptoms and prescriptions, get insights based on the information they give, health checkups, as well as more valuable information about their health while also supporting them through their highs and lows.

Designed by Paul F. Davis, this solution relies on large font sizes and bold outlines to help elevate the visibility and readability of significant data. It uses a relaxing, playful color palette with one-color gradients in charts following the symptoms weekly, with green indicating good scores and red hinting at recent pain points.

Finally, the app encompasses a mascot called Rootie that acts as a mental health support when needed but also serves its primary function of asking questions related to the symptoms to help find proper solutions. Rootie’s appearance makes the experience less of a nuisance as his playful looks elevate the users’ stress.

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Standout Features:

  • Creative use of augmented reality
  • Plant scanning
  • Floral encyclopedia

Gaia marks a fictional app design in which ZARAR HAFEEZ wanted to help future gardeners ensure they create a wonderful lawn thanks to the app that lets them get creative with the flowers before purchasing and planting them!

To do so, the users rely on augmented reality embedded in the app which lets them pick the spot and the flower, helping them see how it would appear as part of their upcoming garden.

The users can also use Gaia to scan an existing plant in their backyard to identify and diagnose them but they can also learn so much more with an in-depth floral encyclopedia feature that equips them with a deep understanding of each plant!

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6. EcoEasy by Robyn Roux

[Source: Robyn Roux]

Standout Features:

  • Informative eco app
  • Bright illustrations
  • Pastel background colors

Robyn Roux wanted to establish an app design that helps users identify recyclable materials via smartphone scanning. Enter EcoEasy!

Aside from scanning the product to help users figure out if the packaging’s material can be recycled, the design also entails informative sections. It helps users understand local recycling activities and teaches them step-by-step on how to sort their trash while helping them visualize the environmental impact of their actions.

The app uses a contrast of bright cartoony illustrations placed on or next to a rainbow of pastel background colors that label different options, making the app simple to use and follow.

7. PLANTEA by Roberta Cinque

[Source: Roberta Cinque]

Standout Features:

  • Minimal, soothing design
  • Alluring natural imagery
  • Easily adjustable orders

Roberta Cinque’s app design for PLANTEA utilizes modernity and embraces nature in a minimal-style solution that delivers a soothing, peaceful user experience.

From the get-go, users get to embark on a delightful visual journey thanks to the brushed-out leaves and flowers resting against a positive space background. The alluring natural imagery extends into the shopping experience, with plated raw products for you to choose from by swift screen taps.

Once you’re done “picking flowers”, you can get a clear look at all the products in your basket and all the relevant data like pricing and amount. A helpful aspect is that you can easily adjust the amount with plus or minus buttons without having to go back to the shop browsing.

8. GolfQuizz.com by Blue Day Solutions

[Source: Blue Day Solutions]

Standout Features:

  • Bright colors
  • Visible helpers
  • White-and-green screens

Golf lovers can now test their knowledge thanks to Blue Day Solutions’ GolfQuizz.com app design.

This competitive trivia app features bright colors like green, blue, and orange, each representing a different tournament where fans of the sport can compete with others in this quiz.

The question screens all, however, embrace the green theme resembling the fields the sport is known for. These screens are portrayed in a half-green, half-white part (the first where the questions are set, the latter for picking an answer).

The navigation bar transforms into a central timer for answering questions and left to it there are easily visible helpers the users can rely on for tricky ones.

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