5 Best Video Game App Designs That Level Up the Playing Field

5 Best Video Game App Designs That Level Up the Playing Field
Article by Petar Pesic
Last Updated: January 22, 2024

This article gathers the best video game app designs with exciting gaming aesthetics. These digital marvels created by proficient app designers push the boundaries of user experience design (UX) and redefine what it means to be visually captivating.

But our collection of the most stunning app designs doesn't end here. Make sure to explore our catalog of the best app designs for more inspiration!

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1. CoinLine by Kai Robinson

[Source: Kai Robinson]

Standout Features:

  • Classy dark theme
  • Clean dashboard
  • Noticeable buttons

CoinLine is an app for loyal local arcade customers to help them track their high scores and leaderboard positions easily.

Created by Kai Robinson, the CoinLine app design has a classy dark theme that lets the bright 8-bit visuals make their nostalgic symphony on the screen. It's equally appealing with these app designs with dark UIs.

Moreover, the app features several functions that assist users in tracking their high scores in various games and competitions with their friends by following designated leaderboards.

Thanks to a clean user dashboard that uses the upper half of the screen for listed games and the lower half for browsing friends and their accomplishments, all these can easily be accessed.

Lastly, the Submit Score button is highly noticeable in teal, making submissions simple and quick.

2. Steam by Harrison Liang

[Source: Harrison Liang]

Standout Features:

  • Efficient navigation
  • Bold typeface
  • Clean screens

As a passionate PC gamer, Harrison Liang is among millions of daily Steam users. However, he noticed that the current app design feels visually and functionally outdated. So, he redesigned the app's navigation system and modernized the user interface (UI) while keeping the browsing feeling authentic.

The rusty background, loaded with square blocks, was turned into a cool, soft blue and black gradient. In addition, a new bold typeface complements this color palette, efficiently guiding users through a visual text hierarchy.

The redesign delivers a more straightforward navigation system. It features a hamburger menu that provides access to various app options and functions.

Overall, the new layout makes the Shop and Profile pages look cleaner.

3. GetFact by Brita Lapatza

[Source: Brita Lapatza]

Standout Features:

  • Fresh background illustrations
  • Font style update
  • Skipping levels

GetFact is a word trivia game where users uncover the level's hidden word through intriguing facts. Despite its good reviews, the app needed a design refresh by 2020 to boost performance. Designer Brita Lapatza stepped in to reveal the secret improvements in transforming the GetFact app design into a more engaging and visually appealing game.

The designer figured out that the UI needed some updates. Thus, the redesign includes fresh background illustrations that keep the atmosphere entertaining and exciting.

Another tweak is the font style switch: the game switched from a serif to a sans serif typeface, contributing to its fresh-looking visuals.

Finally, there have been functional changes as well. As many players got frustrated by getting stuck on certain levels, the redesign included a level-skipping mechanic, enabling them to explore other levels instead.

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4. Crey Games by Zoltan Bereczki

[Source: Zoltan Bereczki]

Standout Features:

  • Smooth dark gray background
  • Minimal style
  • Intuitive navigation

The Crey Games mobile app, redesigned by Zoltan Bereczki, features a modern layout with captivating visuals.

The design entails a dark gray background that creates a smooth atmosphere, complementing the minimal yet stunning visuals on the app. Buttons and elements are labeled by white outlines, retaining the same gray shade inside the borders.

The designer succeeds in making game browsing engaging and fostering a welcoming community of gamers through the app's intuitive and clean UI.

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5. ArkadeZ by Srdjan Tornjanski

[Source: Srdjan Tornjanski]

Standout Features:

  • Big database
  • Simplified user flow
  • Exciting UI

Categorized as one of his favorites, designer Srdjan Tornjanski developed the ArkadeZ app design, one of his dummy projects, for other game lovers. His goal? To bring back memories of past gaming treasures and modernize them enough to break all the generational borders.

The app entails an extensive database of old games, allowing users to explore, learn, and play each nostalgic arcade game.

It features an exciting UI that's easy to navigate and simplifies the app experience: large buttons, clear icons, and a convenient user flow. (Find more app designs with amazing UIs.)

The app's change language feature is perfect for the designer's aim to reach a diverse audience. This smart, hassle-free option makes the app accessible to people from various backgrounds!

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