7 Best Navigation App Designs That Offer Seamless User Experience

7 Best Navigation App Designs That Offer Seamless User Experience
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Last Updated: November 20, 2023

Experience the digital world through our list of the best navigation app designs created by the top app development agencies. Although not limited to maps, these apps are used mainly by people on the go, so having a user-friendly and straightforward design is necessary.

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1. Tablee by Benedetto Di Luzio

[Source: Benedetto Di Luzio]

Standout Features:

  • Pinned local restaurants
  • Simple navigation
  • Red color palette

In line with the ever-growing technological boom, Benedetto Di Luzio raised the bar by designing Tablee's app with a superb customer experience and seamless restaurant reservation function.

What sets this design apart from its competitors is the customizable reservations where preferable time slots and table locations are available.

The design also encourages discovering new restaurants through a map view of your location, with all the venues in your vicinity pinpointed with red markers.

Once you pick a restaurant, you can check its ratings, menu, and interior.

2. AR-t by Satvik Vats

[Source: Satvik Vats]

Standout Features:

  • Clean navigation system
  • Detailed background info
  • Art Passport feature

AR-t is an app designed by Satvik Vats to make visual masterpieces in the Henry Art Museum more accessible for art-loving visitors.

The design entails a clean navigation system that lists the floors and their contents on a black background using white typography.

As the browsers pick a floor, they enter a particular room to find detailed background information on any piece they like, making users feel like they’re visiting the museum in person.

Finally, an impressive “Art passport” feature also helps mark and save personal favorites, establishing their artistic identity on the go.

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3. Daily Havit by Claire Han

[Source: Claire Han]

Standout Features:

  • Soothing color palette
  • Simple illustrations
  • Detailed vitamin data charts

Daily Havit is a vitamin recommendation app created by Claire Han. The design educates users on the vitamin’s overall quality and provides subscription plans.

These plans result from interacting with the app through various quizzes that help it determine what’s missing and which vitamins solve it. The quizzes and the explanatory part of the design feel natural and entertaining, thanks to a series of illustrations and a soothing color palette.

Once acquainted with the design and its properties, you can list all the vitamins through a detailed chart for each that tells you about the pros and cons and indicates optimal usage.

Finally, users can browse through a list of certified nutritionists. Upon reviewing their credentials, they can contact them via chat to get a personalized plan.

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4. ParkIT by HyperSense Software SRL

[Source: HyperSense Software SRL]

Standout Features:

  • Map segmented into zones
  • Yellow accents
  • Detailed profile overview

Parking has never been more practical thanks to HyperSense Software SRL’s app design for ParkIT. This extremely user-friendly design helps you add your vehicle(s) to your profile, connect via Bluetooth, and mark your best spots on the map based on your input.

After completing the profile, you can access a map segmented into parking zones through color-coded areas, giving you an idea of the best parking spots.

You can then set a personal budget and decide whether to refresh your balance automatically via credit card. The app also encourages users to add a billing address for easier tracking.

As for user profiles, the app has a detailed overview that includes your total number of parking sessions, average parking time, and preferred zone on a well-structured dashboard.

5. Factory by Andy Gingerich

[Source: Andy Gingerich]

Standout Features:

  • Verified seller accounts
  • Colorful visuals
  • Simplified uploading process

Factory is a platform designed by Andy Gingerich to provide independent art collectors with a digital market to quickly trade, buy, or sell precious artwork.

The design tackled the most common issue: financial fraud. It includes a relevant third-party verification service to ease the users into providing valuable personal information. Another aspect that helped buyers relax is the addition of a public seller review service.

Finally, uploading artwork on sale tends to be hefty with competitors, so Factory broke the task down into several easy-to-follow steps.

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6. Basenote by Maddy Young

[Source: Maddy Young]

Standout Features:

  • Boosts the artists’ visibility
  • Gradient accent colors
  • Friendly UI

Maddy Young developed the design for a music investment app called Basenote, a platform that lets fans support their favorite artists with direct donations. (Browse some of the best music app designs.)

There are several options for donating, each rewarding the users based on how much they contributed. Some benefits include getting shares in the artists’ streaming royalties, helping the artists, and getting a piece of the cake.

The UI primarily features rounded elements and buttons with rounded corners with gradient accent colors, making the design more friendly and personal.

The app also includes a discovery option that lets users explore new options and find new favorite artists. At the same time, this feature helps artists boost their visibility and reach new listeners.

7. ReapleDwell by Ajimati Opeyemi

[Source: Ajimati Opeyemi]

Standout Features:

  • Dark theme
  • OTP integration
  • Eye-catching CTA buttons in teal

An inventive smartphone software called ReapleDwell is on track to transform the real estate industry thanks to Ajimati Opeyemi's highly intuitive app design.

The dark theme features a deep blue, creating an elegant background for the screens' content. It's complemented with striking CTA buttons in teal, making up a cool blue color scheme.

Once the users create an account, the homepage screen offers a series of recommendations based on different filters, mostly based on the user's geographical location. These filters include the overall popularity of the properties, the vicinity-based sites, and many others, enabling the users to choose according to their needs.

Visually, it's no wonder this app design is one of the best in the market. It's trendy and attractive. While it maintains an appealing design, it also assures its users' security through its OTP function.

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