Australian Design Radio Modern Logo Design

Australian Design Radio’s Edgy Symbol Captures The Brand’s Modern Services

Australian Design Radio is a popular podcast hosted in Sydney, Australia by Flyn Tracy and Matt Leach. The podcast focuses on a host of topics all related to the Australian design industry.

And it’s a fascinating podcast full of vivacious spirit and knowledgeable interactions.

So considering this is a podcast that features a wide variety of design topics, it makes sense that the creative minds behind its conception put some thought into a logo design that stands out and gets noticed.

The Australian Design Radio logo is made up of a wordmark and a symbol. Both are noteworthy, but the symbol itself deserves the spotlight for sure.

Created in an electric purple coloring, this logo takes on a very geometric shape. There are a number of bars connected together to create one big, edgy and angular symbol that looks like a sound wave.

It doesn’t look like a traditional sound wave, though, with curvy, fluid lines. Instead, it’s more harsh and poignant, taking on a more geometric shape to look more modern and fresh. This gives the brand behind its creation an exciting and dynamic personality — it understands its niche and you can see that in its auditory content as well as its visual identity.

The image of a sound wave makes a lot of sense for this brand too — it’s a podcast, after all. They are in the business of creating auditory content. And a sound wave perfectly embodies that.

And as these podcasts play, this image moves, with the bars jumping up and down like it is moving along with the actual sounds coming from the speakers.

This is an ingenious and intuitive image that really has a striking effect on consumers, embodying the brand and its services in a stunning and powerful way.

Australian Design Radio Great Logo Design

This Logo Design Also Pays Homage To The Brand’s Urban Backbone

At first glance, this symbol immediately catches your attention. You see this shape and it looks familiar. You know the bars resemble sound waves. And this gives you more context into what the brand has to offers its consumers.

But the image also resembles something else that ties in wonderfully with the brand and its podcast.

The Australian Design Radio logo design puts a modern twist on a more traditional image, giving the podcast an urban feel. And that comes from the radio waves which also resemble a city skyline.

And considering this podcast is based in Sydney and focuses on modern design trends, that was a very smart choice indeed.

The top of the design is the skyline whereas the white space at the bottom mirrors the top — this creates a kind of reflected look. There’s a dual meaning here that is exceptional and robust.

Not only does this symbol align the brand as one that is a powerhouse in its design and podcast niche, but it also shows a modernity and a personality that is hip, youthful and interactive.

Not many brands know how to create a logo that excites like this. But this brand understands the world of design and the powerful effects of a good logo. And their ability to say and tell so much with such a simple image is extremely telling of their expertise and content excellence.

This logo really sets this podcast above the rest, and it shows that even the smallest of organizations can benefit from a stellar visual identity.

Australian Design Radio Logo Design

A Creative Wordmark Shows Strength And Ingenuity

But apart from the symbol that sits as a shining example of masterful logo design, the wordmark is equally compelling. And when broken down, it ties in wonderfully with the actual symbol itself.

The company name is in purple and uses a basic sans serif typeface. The typography uses loose tracking so there's noticeable white space between the letters. It's very clean, bold and straightforward.

The two parts are tied together by the same purple coloring, which instantly stands out and gives off a majestic vibe. And the overall angular, sharp and straight lines used in both the name and shape bring forth a feeling of strength and authority.

But there’s an almost hidden quality here that is easily ignored. And that comes from the letters themselves.

When shortened into an acronym, the ADR letters actually resemble the bars that make up the sound waves and cityscape. Each letter sits on an individual baseline because if titled, it forms an outline of the logo's skyline design.

Take another look at the symbol and you’ll be able to faintly make out the letters. It’s subtle, but it’s there. And it’s extremely exciting to witness.

This creative and imaginative thinking is genius. And it really brings the design full circle. This is a robust and innovative logo design that was clearly crafted with care and attention to detail. Other brands can learn a lot from the intricacy seen here.

Australia Design Radio Innovative Logo Design

The Striking Color Choice In This Logo Immediately Commands Attention

There’s something to be said about color choice in design. It’s a powerful tool that oftentimes gets overlooked in the creation process.

Of course, a monochromatic logo can be prestigious and powerful. Using black and white in this way is definitely eye-catching and gives off an authority that shows excellence, heritage and honor.

But other colors are equally impactful — sometimes more so. Colors can make you feel. Colors can make you act.

And the colors used in this logo design show a strength, majesty and authority that aligns the podcast as one that you can learn from and trust.

The main color used in this design is an attention-grabbing electric purple. It’s bright and bold, jumping from the white background it’s oftentimes plastered against.

But the colors in this logo are interchangeable. Depending on the medium and platform, this logo design can move from a solid purple to a translucent shade or solid white. This variation allows the company to place a high-resolution image inside of the design.

Online and in certain marketing materials, the logo is actually filled in with photographs and images to highlight a certain guest or expert on their show.

But the purple coloring still remains in other forms — making up the background coloring or simply sitting on the wordmark.

This gives the brand more credence and credibility. And the powerful use of color shows that the brand is one that innately understands what it’s doing and what it’s talking about in each and every show.

You can trust Australian Design Radio and feel confident about the information you’re absorbing.

Australian Design Radio Platforms Logo Design

What Is Australian Design Radio?

Australian Design Radio is a popular podcast tackling exciting trends and topics in the world of design. Based in Sydney, Australia, this podcast mainly focuses on the design industry in Australia and how the community has evolved and will continue to evolve going forward.

The two hosts, Matt Leach and Flyn Tracy come from a design background, so their knowledge can be trusted. And the experts they invite onto the show are equally knowledgeable, making for a podcast that is exciting, educational and inspiring.

According to their website:

Australian Design Radio (ADR) is a podcast based in Sydney, Australia. Our aim is to provide the global creative community with conversations and commentary on Australian Design. In each episode we invite an industry guest to tell their story, discuss their work, and debate current creative (and often non-creative) goings-on. We accept and embrace all tangents, allow our conversations to change course and cover as much ground as we can within each episode. Our goal is to shine a light on the Australian creative community, and deliver it to ears around the world.

Founded in 2016, this podcast is still new to the scene. But they are quickly growing, offering more and more commentary and sparking discussions that have made a visceral impact on the design community of Australia.

And to match this growing spirit, the company turned to an agency to give them a visual identity that inspired.

Agency Christopher Doyle & Co helped to create this identity and had this to say about the project:

Referencing the visual language of equalisers and Australia’s country shape we developed a living, sound responsive identity based around a bold, simple logo mark. In its resting ‘off-air’ state the mark consists of nine EQ bars, aligned in sets of three, to reveal the letters ADR. Whenever and wherever an episode is ‘on-air’ the mark then responds in real time to the rhythm and frequency of the conversation being had. Snapshots of these ‘on-air’ states were then captured to be used across print and digital applications.

And the success of this design is clearly evident in its robust nature and innovative spirit.

Australia Design Radio Fun Logo Design

What Makes This Logo So Compelling?

The Australian Design Radio logo is so effective because it tells a story and embodies the podcast so succinctly. It is an intuitive image that is equally creative as it is edgy.

There’s a modernity and freshness from the geometric shaping, putting a twist on the classic sound wave image. Additionally, the cityscape resemblance is compelling and hard to ignore.

The wordmark is equally robust and bold, bringing an authority and adding an enchanting edge in its acronym — which looks a lot like the sound waves themselves.

And the bright purple coloring really is the icing on the cake, making this image stand out.

Australian Design Radio is a professional and enlightening design podcast, and this added visual identity proves their expertise even further.

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