Quixel Cool Logo Design

70,000. That's the number of visual effects studios and game developers who have used their groundbreaking texturing tools from a company that began in 2011.

Welcome to Quixel. In 2014 a need for a rebrand was vital. Quixel chose design agency 1910 to completely redesign their company identity, website, online presence, and brand system for applications.

The Q. The Quixel brand is formed around a polygonal “Q” which is comprised of triangles, forged from the same fires as the 3D-models in the thousands of virtual worlds that Quixel’s tools bring to life. This is the crux of their stunning logo design. 

Quixel Logo Design

Simplicity provides this symbol with the clout to tackle any size or circumstance which commands the stamp of the brand.

A stamp that allows the creation of virtual worlds beyond our wildest imaginations.

A stamp that empowers the creators of these worlds to deliver experiences we will never forget.

That is the power that flows through the veins in which this signature logo was born.

The recognizability is extremely high and thus, the logo will be remembered.

Quixel Branding

The logo design can transfer to the mugs that contain the fuel developers use to power through their creative mega storms.

The black color is elegant and the font is a custom Freight Text Pro.

It all with polygons. One by one. Connection to connection. Virtual shapes are born. Ideas are slowly progressed. Textures applied. Hair, satchels, weapons, rocks, grass, moons, flowing rivers and fauna, enemy bases or Jurassic beasts who seek to prevent you from delivering the crystallized nodes for your team to win this round.

This is Quixel. And 1910 nailed it.

Quixel is a cool logo design in the Technology industry.