15 Best Green Technology Branding Examples With Strong Brand Recall

15 Best Green Technology Branding Examples With Strong Brand Recall
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: June 02, 2023

This article explores the best green technology branding examples you can take inspiration from, created by the best branding firms today.

Since green technology is on the rise, many green-tech companies aim to deliver a strong branding strategy that will set them apart from the competition. And in the long run, gain a solid customer foundation that supports their causes.

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1. Brighthinking by Jimie

[Source: Jimie]

Standout Features:

  • Sunny color story
  • Sleek yet friendly typeface
  • Abstract logo

Brighthinking’s branding design by Jimie stands out because of its sunny color story and attractive visual assets.

The client wanted to establish the brand as one of Africa's most trusted tech brands. Thus, the branding experts used sleek typefaces that looked professional yet friendly.

The abstract logo takes inspiration from the sun, featuring a curved figure representing the sun's power. The agency also used the sun as a focal point for its branding because of its symbolism in African cultures.

2. Energy & Nature by Babel LLC

[Source: Babel LLC]

Standout Features:

  • Abstract logo
  • Useful symbols
  • Invigorating colors

Energy & Nature's branding by Babel LLC is noteworthy for its stunning abstract logo, featuring symbols that are cohesive with the brand identity and strengthens brand recall.

The logo features a clever use of abstract shapes symbolizing the sun, nature, and energy, all crucial factors in the green technology company. In addition, the cool shades of blue and white induce a calming feeling.

3. Infra Norway by Potting Shed

[Source: Potting Shed]

Standout Features:

  • Scandinavian feel
  • Northern lights-inspired colors
  • Thick and thin sans-serif typeface

Infra Norway's branding design by Potting Shed features Scandinavian elements, with precise details that deliver and instill brand recall to its target audience.

The logo features a circle cut in half by a wavy line, symbolizing the waters where the company focuses, tapping Norway's potential as a hydroelectric powerhouse in Northern Europe.

Given its rich natural resources, the thick and thin sans-serif typeface emphasizes Norway's potential to be a green power country.

4. Enkel Solar by Pedro Azevedo Estudio

[Source: Pedro Azevedo Estudio]

Standout Features:

  • Cubed infinity symbols
  • Abstract initials
  • Gradient colors

Design agency Pedro Azevedo Estudio crafted a beautiful green technology branding strategy for Enkel Solar. This Brazilian solar power company focuses on strengthening its brand identity through its innovative logo design.

The agency created an abstract version of the E and S letters, symbolizing renewal, infinity, and innovation. The abstract initials serve as brand recall tools for the company, while the logo's dark blue and yellowish-green colors give it a serious yet approachable look. The gradient effect blends both colors seamlessly and makes the logo look more fluid.

5. Soluon Energy by Drakus Agency

[Source: Drakus Agency]

Standout Features:

  • Warm gradient colors
  • Geometric logo
  • Digital-inspired typeface

Drakus Agency channeled its creativity with Soluon Energy's stunning logo design as part of its branding strategy, using warm gradient colors to strengthen the company’s vision and connect to its target audiences.

The colors purple and magenta, then gradating to warm yellow, are a unique take on the sun's colors. Its shape combines the sun and solar panels, with squares and small circles making up the logo. This highlights the brand’s love for nature through sustainable and renewable energy.

Tying this powerful branding strategy is the digital-inspired typeface representing the company's modernity.

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6. BWA by Agência Destrava

[Source: Agencia Destrava]

Standout Features:

  • Geometric logo design
  • Minimalist logo concept
  • Lively color palette

BWA’s branding strategy by Agência Destrava combines minimalist logos and an energetic color palette, making it stand out among other green technology companies.

In line with the goal of creating a serious and professional brand, they used straight lines, simple symbols like joined brackets, and other geometric features. The minimalist logo in bright oranges and bold blacks works amazingly in any concept.

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7. VoltSolar by Creative Shell

[Source: Creative Shell]

Standout Features:

  • Meaningful logo
  • Warm color scheme
  • Flexible design concept

With its symbolic logo design, VoltSolar’s branding strategy by Creative Shell deserves a spot in our list of the best green technology branding examples.

The logo combines various aspects of the company’s identity consisting of the letter V, the sun, the peace sign hand symbol, and the solar panels. It creates a simple yet meaningful logo representing solar power and what it can do for modern-day society. Aside from using the primary brand colors blue and warm yellow, the agency created other logo variations in black and white, which works well with colored backgrounds.

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8. PowerGardens by Michael Pushkaryov

[Source: Michael Pushkaryov]

Standout Features:

  • Legible typeface
  • Presence of solar elements in the logo
  • Warm color story

For PowerGardens, it is essential to have the logo with a legible typeface as it aims to be easily recognizable from afar. Branding expert Michael Pushkaryov considered that and created an impressive branding strategy for the Spanish solar equipment company.

The logo has the elements of the industry, such as the W for watts, the sun, and solar panels. The simple yet recognizable logo design also uses warm colors to direct the reference to the sun. Unlike other brands that use colors like bright blue, yellow, or green, PowerGardens uses light blue, gunmetal blue, and coral.

9. Meu Financiamento Solar by Felipe Lufa

[Source: Felipe Lufa]

Standout Features:

  • Sun elements in the logo
  • Cool blue colors
  • Legible typeface

Designer Felipe Lufa used the sun’s rays for Meu Financiamento Solar’s branding design uniquely, setting it apart from the other solar energy companies.

The half-sun showed its rays in various lengths to show authenticity, while white and blue perfectly show the clear skies on a sunny day. The colors are also perfect, as they could be more striking to be added to visual assets. In addition, the legible font used is very helpful with brand recognition.

10. L. Sun Energy by Leone Design Studio

[Source: Leone Design Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Enticing color story
  • Stylized lightning bolt
  • Tech-inspired font style

Leone Design Studio used an enticing color palette to introduce L. Sun Energy as a respectable and dependable choice for solar and renewable energy solutions.

The stylized lightning bolt on the logo and the tech-inspired font style add layers of character to the brand identity. The colors teal, white, and mustard yellow are effective in sending the right message across without being too obvious. In addition, the logo can be interpreted in several ways, including the letters L, S, and the infinity sign.

11. VISTA by Meta 108


Standout Features:

  • Symmetrical lettering
  • Solar elements
  • On-brand color story

The client wants VISTA to be seen as a premium green tech company, so design agency Meta 108 did its best to reflect professionalism throughout the branding strategy, with symmetrical lettering adding a layer of polish to the mix.

The logo comprises the solar panels inside the sun, radiating on a closed circle. It shows how the sun provides everyone on Earth with energy, life, and warmth, like what VISTA wants to offer its customers. The colors used, reminiscent of the desert, are also perfect for the professional branding identity.

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12. Quaise Energy Africa by zeti creative

[Source: zeti creative]

Standout Features:

  • Circles forming a half-circle
  • Sleek typeface
  • Flexible color story

What sets Quaise Energy Africa’s branding design by zeti creative apart from the other brands in this list is the simplicity of the logo design, which evoked professionalism and reliability in the target audience.

The logo design features two bands of half-circles formed by smaller circles, symbolizing the solar power they offer customers. The sleek typeface and flexible colors lend the brand a more polished vibe.

13. RES4AFRICA by Giacomo Felace

[Source: Giacomo Felace]

Standout Features:

  • Recognizable font style
  • Professional color story
  • Sleek yet sensible

RES4AFRICA's branding strategy by Giacomo Felace combines substance and style with how sleek yet sensible the visual assets look, from the colors to the layout.

The recognizable font style allows the contents to be easily read, and the colors of black, white, green, and yellow perfectly align with the company's identity as South Africa's rising star in the green tech field.

14. New Energy by Kel Corbett

[Source: Kel Corbett]

Standout Features:

  • Thin sans-serif font
  • Cool and calming colors
  • Simple logo design

New Energy’s branding design by Kel Corbett shows how simple logo designs can still be a significant part of any branding strategy, especially in the green tech industry.

The logo design features a stylized E for Energy, which shows three lines decreasing in length with blue-to-white gradient colors. The thin sans-serif font and the cool colors allow for easy recognition and stronger brand recall.

15. Joule by Elizabeth Torres

[Source: Elizabeth Torres]

Standout Features:

  • Negative space logo
  • Lightning bolt
  • Friendly typeface

Branding expert Elizabeth Torres rebranded Joule, a Brazilian renewable energy company, into a friendlier and more approachable brand for customers.

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The new logo features a rounded cube with a lightning bolt in the middle, representing what the brand offers. Meanwhile, the friendly font style makes it look warmer and more approachable. As such, the new branding is simpler and easier to recognize.

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