CS Electric Great Packaging Design

CS Light Bulbs, an electrical company based in Belarus, supplies the market with more than 5000 items. It balances its importance through a witty, minimalistic packaging design. 


CS Electric Simple Packaging Design

Inspired by old physics books, CS Light Bulbs combines drawings of insects and “cold lights” modern lamps. A simple, clean, monotone background allows users to concentrate only on the products.

CS Electric Elegant Packaging Design

The different shapes of the lightbulbs perfectly fit within the insects' silhouettes. 

CS Electric Clean Packaging Design

The text is similar to vintage engravings. This old-world typography tells a story in a clean, simple, and metaphorical way.





CS Electric Packaging Design

Colors range from white to dark blue, with a touch of gold that adds a very dramatic contrast and polishes the aesthetic of the packaging.

CS Electric is a great packaging design in the Technology industry.