Inari Biru Clean Package Design

Inari Biru is a Japanese beer that literally translates to “rice beer.” Beer company Yeastie Boys have joined forces with design agency Thirst Craft to design their latest creation, Inari Biru. Made using high grade Koshihikari rice, this extra pale golden ale was designed to compliment Japanese food and needed a strong design to match this strong proposition. Inspired by minimalist Japanese design and a classic red, white and black color palette, Thirst Craft created a strikingly simple pack.

Inari Biru Simple Packaging Design

The packaging design of Inari Biru is in a regular shaped small cylindrical beer-can. It features a cream colored background, minimal and simplistic. The white color symbolizes the color of rice, rooted in Japanese culture as well as in line with the brand identity. The subtle white shade also serves as an excellent canvas to the bright red and black font used on the can, providing an eye-catching and visually appealing contrast.

While the name of the beer in English is written in a striking red shade, a color used often in Japanese culture, the name in Japanese is written in a dark and weighty black shade. The Japanese letters cross the English lettering vertically, creating an interesting and eye-catching visual effect.

Inari Biru Packaging Design

The other sides of the can also provide relevant information about the beer, ensuring that space on the packaging is utilized effectively. The printed content is relevant and informative, including information about the ingredients, the parent company, and a brief description of what the beer is. The font used is well-spaced and balanced out, making it easy to read. The same color combination of red, black, and white is used across the packaging, ensuring a universalized and symbiotic look.

Overall, the packaging design of Inari biru effectively utilizes design elements like color, branding, shapes, and space to create a visually appealing and aesthetic look.  

Inari Biru is a clean packaging design in the Food & Beverage industry.