7 Best Watch Branding Designs That Stand the Test of Time

7 Best Watch Branding Designs That Stand the Test of Time
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Last Updated: May 08, 2023

This article explores the best watch branding designs. Created by some of the most accomplished brand designers, these visuals encompass unique qualities and design elements that make them stand out!

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1. Dovi & Co. by Studio Swish

[Source: Studio Swish]

Standout Features:

  • Monochromatic elegance
  • Stylish patterns
  • Minimalist and modern

We’re opening the list of the best watch branding designs with Dovi & Co. by Studio Swish. The branding is straightforward yet subtle, helping the brand communicate with the audience from the point of confidence in the products’ quality.

The design blooms in monochromatic elegance. The limited colors and a minimalist, modern approach provide modest yet noticeable excellence. This branding design refrains from aggressive practices, introducing the customers to a professional, trustworthy, and experienced watch seller.

The packaging design adds bonus points to the brand’s sophistication. It’s a sleek, entirely black rectangle with a three-fold letter, a stamp, and an emblem on the envelope.

2. Odyssey by Sahil Ravjit Singh

[Source: Sahil Ravjit Singh]

Standout Features:

  • Outer space aesthetics
  • Deep blue shades
  • Cool vanishing visuals

Another outstanding watch branding design is Odyssey’s brand style by Sahil Ravjit Singh. The branding experience builds on the name and delivers an appealing intergalactic journey to customers.

The visuals are heavily influenced by space, reflecting orbits, concavity and the atmosphere. The face is gently concaved, and the chronograph features faded plates rather than hands, providing a cool vanishing and reappearing visual on the numbers.

The color palette predominantly focuses on different shades of deep blue, mirroring our vision of the starry night sky but also showcasing the vast unknown. The watches’ hands contrast these shades: silver that points to the hours and minutes and red or yellow for seconds.

3. AD Watches by Alicia MONTAGNE

[Source: Alicia MONTAGNE]

Standout Features:

  • Simple and luxurious
  • Glossy print typeface
  • Dark emerald green

Alicia MONTAGNE is behind the glorious watch brand design for AD Watches, a luxury watch creator that takes pride in the extensive personalization of the products.

The designer embraces the “less is more” approach to convey the brand’s refined identity. The simplicity is best seen in its silky, textured box packaging design. It comes in a darker shade of emerald green with the glossy print typeface as a visual aid on its front panel.

Above the word “watches,” the packaging also highlights the intriguing emblem. The monogram logo contains a hand integrated into the letter “D,” subtly referring to watch-wearing.

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4. Time Master by Superfluous

[Source: Superfluous]

Standout Features:

  • Custom wristbands
  • Stripes
  • A logo iteration on the watches’ hands

Time Master collaborated with Superfluous, who delivered another excellent branding package for the watch company.

The agency drew inspiration from the Aries zodiac symbol (a ram’s head), then combined it with the brand’s initials to create a unique monogram logo design. The logo provides a mysterious elegance represented in the distinctive elements of the watches, from custom wristbands built with various materials to different patterns of stripes.

Lastly, the watches’ main panel contains an iteration of the logo at the end of the hands.

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5. WatchDirect by Angry Art

[Source: Angry Art]

Standout Features:

  • Simple and elegant
  • Royal blue
  • A dotty square

WatchDirect's watch brand design by Angry Art is smooth and sophisticated. Its minimalism provides an exquisite appeal.

Some panels of the packaging box are clean, whereas others feature white visuals that contribute to the simplicity of the design.

The logo design embodies a minimalist mark that symbolizes the two watch hands. Other visuals on the royal blue packaging box include other creative elements that build different compositions from these hands.

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These elements include a minimalist clock outline with the hands inside, the hands divided standing next to one another and a square built with white dots.

6. LONDON WATCH by Mohamed Faitiha

[Source: Mohamed Faitiha]

Standout Features:

  • Classy typography
  • A luxurious contrast
  • Thin concentric lines

Another remarkable watch brand design is Mohamed Faitiha’s work for LONDON WATCH. The agency chose Perpetua Titling MT for typography to communicate class and the brand’s long-running tradition.

The palette maintains a sophisticated atmosphere through a luxurious contrast of green and light tan. While green is the primary color, multiple iterations of the supporting tan add value to the visual representation. These include thin concentric lines on the watches’ wristbands and delicate geometric lines on the outer packaging box.

7. ElitGold by SCR Enter

[Source: SCR Enter]

Standout Features:

  • An initial-based logo
  • Clockwork symbolism
  • An adaptable coloring pattern

We’re wrapping up our list of the best brand watch designs with ElitGold and the brand’s distinctive logo design created by SCR Enter.

The emblem is built from the brand’s initials while retaining the visual connection to the watch industry. The designer turned “G” into an unfinished clock panel frame. He then stylized the letter “E” and transformed it into the clock’s hands with the middle line connected to the lower base of the “G.”

Apart from its distinctive visual identity, this emblem is also practical. It’s easily scalable and responsive, retaining its appeal regardless of the color it’s presented in.

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