6 Best Magazine Print Designs With Impressive Layouts That Boost Readership

6 Best Magazine Print Designs With Impressive Layouts That Boost Readership
Last Updated: January 12, 2024

Magazines are works of art on their own. Every page is carefully structured to blend artistic expression and the power of the written word. This creative field is a testament to the enduring allure of the best print designs, where design and content come together to tell captivating stories.

From bold layouts to intricate typography, we've gathered a list of the best print magazine designs representing the pinnacle of magazine artistry. Explore how expert print designers skillfully balance aesthetic beauty with engaging content, transforming ordinary magazines into extraordinary art pieces!

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1. TATA Magazine by Hoerl Design

[Source: Hoerl Design]

Standout Features:

  • Artistic nude photography
  • Compelling image layout
  • Classic, understated color palette

Hoerl Design's rebranding of TATA (Things As They Aren't) Magazine is a masterclass in tasteful presentation. The magazine delves into the human body's exploration through artful nude photography, thoughtful essays, and visual art. Its pages are adorned with these photographs, arranged in layouts that balance boldness and subtlety.

The color scheme is intentionally restrained, mainly employing whites, blacks, and muted tones. It lends a timeless quality that complements the artistry of the content. The rebranding elevates the magazine's content without overpowering it. The visuals encapsulate the magazine's DIY value and collaborative essence with its rough, minimalist aesthetic.

2. Drake Interview by Anmol Dhaliwal

[Source: Anmol Dhaliwal]

Standout Features:

  • Contrasting bold and thin typefaces
  • Art pop aesthetic
  • Dynamic monochromatic colors

In the Drake Interview magazine layout, Anmol Dhaliwal's expertise in print design shines through a visually arresting composition. Bold and thin typefaces intersect, drawing inspiration from the vibrancy of art pop. The monochromatic color scheme, with light yellow splashes, blends elegance with energetic appeal.

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A notable element is Drake's half-cut headshot, which adds a dynamic and thought-provoking aspect to the layout. This artistic choice heightens the layout's visual impact and mirrors the multifaceted nature of Drake as an artist. It's a design that invites viewers into a deeper exploration of the content – much like the artist it portrays.

3. Seafoam Magazine by Max Busby

[Source: Max Busby]

Standout Features:

  • Full-page scenic photos
  • Cohesive text and image integration
  • Modern sans-serif typography

Max Busby's design for Seafoam Magazine, a Fullers360 publication, combines stunning visuals and well-integrated text that captivates and informs. The pages feature breathtaking photos of Fullers360's travel destinations, each image telling a story of adventure and beauty.

The balance between text and imagery creates an engaging narrative for readers. This seamless integration ensures the magazine is visually appealing and rich in content. Using a clean, sans-serif font further enhances the modern and accessible feel of the publication. It's an inviting pick for travelers at ferry racks, ticket offices, and partner venues.

And the best part? That refreshing seafoam color splashes on the pages, creating an extra visual treat.

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4. Communication Arts Magazine by Julia Wilkins

[Source: Julia Wilkins]

Standout Features:

  • Kaleidoscopic artworks
  • Rich, vibrant color schemes
  • Inventive patterns and typographic play

Print designer Julia Wilkins' creation for Communication Arts Magazine is an awe-inspiring showcase of imaginative visual art. Each page and cover bursts with kaleidoscopic artwork, immersing readers in vivid colors and intricate patterns.

The innovative approach to typography is particularly noteworthy, as it elevates fonts beyond mere textual elements. It integrates them as central features of the visionary designs.

This style seamlessly merges homage to traditional visual experimentation with a bold push into new realms of contemporary design. Every issue is uniquely inventive, yet it still ties into the distinct aesthetic of the magazine.

5. Wander Magazine by mn design

[Source: mn design]

Standout Features:

  • Bold sans-serif fonts
  • Equal ratio of images to text
  • Legible typography

mn design's work for Wander Magazine is a splendid example of how print design can encapsulate the spirit of travel and culture. The pages tell compelling stories, with vibrant photography bringing each destination's narrative to life.

The magazine's candid, dreamy graphic style perfectly represents rich local cultures. Bold sans-serif fonts are used for aesthetic appeal and clarity, making every word legible and every story immersive.

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This design strategy flawlessly aligns with the magazine's mission to invite readers to explore the world through the eyes of its local inhabitants.

6. VOA Kids Magazine by Mariana Rio

[Source: Mariana Rio]

Standout Features:

  • Quirky alarm clock illustration
  • Vibrant colors
  • Prominent brand name placement

Mariana Rio's print design for VOA Kids Magazine communicates the importance of pausing, engaging with others, and having fun.

The cover features a lively alarm clock character and the phrase "Tempo para o tempo," which translates to "Time for time." The vibrant orange background energizes the cover, complementing the playful clock illustration.

This lively cover invites children into a world where time is spent on fun, discovery, and learning. This visual and verbal interplay enhances the magazine's appeal, ensuring it captures the imagination of its young readers and stands out as an invitation to explore time creatively.

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