21 Best Holiday Designs That Make Celebrations Merry and Bright

21 Best Holiday Designs That Make Celebrations Merry and Bright
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: December 30, 2023

It's indeed the most beautiful time of the year and the busiest period for graphic designers worldwide.

The best holiday designs are sure to brighten up the mood of everyone in the room, whether it is a set of postcards, a cute poster, or something that looks festive for the season. 

Undoubtedly, the best holiday designs perk up everyone's feelings during the holiday season.

These stunning examples of the best holiday designs will never fail to amaze you with how they can bring joy and life to several momentous occasions.

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1. Liz Earle by Orangepeel Creative Juice

[Source: Orangepeel Creative Juice]

Standout Features:

  • Tartan pattern and gift tags
  • Sleek box packaging
  • Limited color packaging design

Orangepeel Creative Juice added a special touch to Liz Earle's holiday packaging, focusing on family and tradition. They created a preppy and festive tartan pattern for the ribbons and gift tags using colors from Liz Earle's products.

This pattern represents family connections, perfect for the holidays. The boxes stand out with the brand's classic teal color lined with this special pattern, giving it a fancy touch. They kept the color scheme simple and elegant, with each box featuring a gift tag that blends old-school style with Liz Earle's modern look.

2. Oreo by Beatriz Faria

[Source: Beatriz Faria]

Standout Features:

  • Cookie and milk-inspired pattern
  • On-brand color story
  • Festive design layout

Packaging designer Beatriz Faria captured the holiday spirit in her design for Oreo's Christmas packaging, featuring the classic pairing of cookies and milk amidst a festive, on-brand color story.

The box is adorned with a charming pattern inspired by the iconic Oreo cookie and milk glasses to create a cozy and delightful holiday theme. This creative packaging invites a sense of warmth and celebration, embodying the joyous comfort of the season.

3. Stadshagel by Suzanne Allewelt

[Source: Suzanne Allewelt]

Standout Features:

  • Bold, festive typography
  • Pastel colors
  • Playful and fun layout

Suzanne Allewelt's holiday packaging design for Stadshagel, a line of chocolate crispy bowls, radiates the festive spirit of the holidays with its bold typography and pastel colors. Drawing inspiration from a Dutch tradition, the playful and fun layout of the packaging reflects the joy of enjoying hagelslag on bread or beschuit, a beloved treat in Holland.

The design features different colors representing regions of the Netherlands, like Amsterdam, Limburg, Rotterdam, and Utrecht. Her work captures the essence of cultural pride and festive cheer, making Stadshagel a vibrant celebration of local flavors and holiday joy.



Standout Features:

  • Combination of different fonts
  • Festive color story
  • Artistic Christmas icons

In a heartfelt response to a Christmas overshadowed by the pandemic, DESIGN FOR TOMORROW's billboard design for Ayala Malls poses a reflective question: What do you want to gather this Christmas? The holiday design combines different fonts, festive colors, and traditional Christmas icons.

Part of the "We Will Prepare Faithfully" Christmas Manifesto, this campaign reimagines the Christmas tree as a symbol of hope, where Filipinos are encouraged to gather wishes. It's a unifying message of resilience, translated into various local dialects. This turns Ayala Malls into hubs of hope across the Philippines, reminding everyone of the anticipation for brighter days.

5. Kalev by Pic-o-matic

[Source: Pic-o-matic]

Standout Features:

  • House-inspired packaging
  • Colorful illustrations
  • Rich and festive color story

Pic-o-matic's holiday-themed work for Estonian confectionery giant Kalev brings the whimsical charm of the holidays to life with a house-inspired theme. The packaging boasts colorful illustrations that evoke the joy and richness of festive traditions.

A rich and festive color story wraps the product in warmth and invites customers to a sweet experience reminiscent of a holiday feast. This design captures the spirit of the season and the essence of Kalev's legacy in producing delicious sweets.

6. Gossby by mayday creative

[Source: mayday creative]

Standout Features:

  • Snowy house-inspired packaging design
  • Warm and cozy color story
  • Flip-top and easy-open panels

Another house-inspired creation by packaging design agency mayday creative for Gossby showcases a festive packaging design reminiscent of cozy homes during the holiday season. The design features a playful layout with a warm color story, highlighting the festive mood.

Adding to the charm are the artistic Christmas icons that enhance the visual appeal. This unique approach and the sleek flip-top and easy-open panels offer a delightful and convenient unboxing experience that captures the spirit of the holiday season.

7. MIMO by Simona De Leo

[Source: Simona De Leo]

Standout Features:

  • House-inspired box packaging
  • Fun illustrations
  • Artistic patterns

Simona De Leo's personal project for MIMO features house-inspired box packaging. The packaging design has lively illustrations that create a fun, festive aesthetic that matches the brand's identity.

Fictional brand MIMO celebrates all body types, aiming for inclusivity. This packaging design mirrors the brand's commitment to inclusivity, making it a delightful representation of MIMO's community-focused and joyful spirit.

8. Christmas Cards by Anna Karoline Mueller

[Source: Anna Karoline Mueller]

Standout Features:

  • Pastel colors
  • Minimalist tendencies
  • Unique pattern

Though minimalism rules the graphic design industry for what seems to be, forever, really, it never actually (or very rarely) dipped its toes into the customarily richly adorned Christmas card territory. While this is not the first design from our list to showcase this turn of events, Anna Karoline Mueller trailblazer marvelously. 

With her seamless use of eye-pleasing pastels, seemingly random patterns, and illustrious, as well as varying bold typography, Anna Karoline Mueller embodied minimalism while retaining that familiar and warm Christmas spirit feeling we so love and are looking forward to each year.

9. Solve. Logistics by Amanda Lennon Design

[Source: Amanda Lennon Design]

Standout Features: 

  • Duality between the packaging and the label
  • Minimalism
  • On-brand color scheme

Corporate repackaging of established products is certainly not a novelty, but Amanda Lennon Design dared to turn it on its head. The wine packaging for Solve.logistics, a transport logistics company naturally draws from her previous branding work, however, it is elevated through unique and highly streamlined Christmas ornamentation. 

The wine might not be considered a spirit, but the agency infused much of the Christmas spirit to bridge the gap between the traditional label and a contemporary box design. At first glance, they seem to conflict with one another, but in all actuality, the brave concept showcases how the holiday's signature quintessence connects. Simple as that.

10. Christmas Postcards by Elena Vazhenkova

Best Holiday Designs Postcards
[Source: Elena Vazhenkova]

Standout features:

  • Minimalistic design execution
  • Festive image choices
  • Appropriate color story

Nothing speaks like Christmas more than a bunch of beautifully designed postcards. These are perfect for those who want to send a word of warmth and happiness to their loved ones in style. These postcards are sure to make everyone smile with their designs.

Designed by Elena Vazhenkova, these Christmas postcards are not your typical holiday cards. The designs are minimalist and sophisticated, with a festive flair.

The choice of images and colors is also in sync. The reindeer’s silhouette and Christmas balls blend well with the happy red, white and blue shades.

Indeed, this is a masterclass of using the correct visual elements to stir and conjure the right emotions fitting for the season.

11. Set of Christmas cards by Lena Novikava

Best Holiday Designs
[Source: Lena Novikava]

Standout features:

  • Childlike visuals
  • Thoughtful layouts
  • A warm and comforting color story

With so many Christmas cards in bookstores and supermarkets, your design should be dazzling, visually appealing, and friendly to the eyes.

This cute and charming set of Christmas cards designed by Lena Novikava reminds us of the vivid colors and images from the Christmas storybooks that we used to read when we were younger.

The images were more lavish and elaborate than some might look. Still, the carousels and the huggable bears wearing festive hats are enough to send a cute message – that Christmas is for everyone.

The layouts of the visual elements are also easy to recognize, and the soothing color choices are also perfect for the season.

It's relatively quiet and sparse, giving you time to appreciate the small details of the pictures printed in this set of Christmas cards.

12. Compagnie Coloniale by Atelier Mayanne Trias

Best Holiday Design
[Source: Atelier Mayanne Trias]

Standout features:

  • Christmas-focused color story
  • Clear central theme
  • Appealing visual elements

One of the most iconic symbols of the holidays is the Christmas tree. Everyone spends a lot of time decorating their trees and sprucing them up to give the best holiday cheer to every family in the world.

Compagnie Coloniale decided to focus on this sturdy reminder and created a design around it. With its relaxed and calming colors, this offers a respite to the hustle and bustle commonly associated with the holidays.

Atelier Mayanne Trias kept the design manageable: a durable and sturdy Christmas tree did the magic. The company logo looks like the perfect Advent wreath the Christmas tree needs.

The designers also made it a point to focus on how rich the greens and browns of the whole design are to show the target audience that this Christmas tree brings warmth to every heart on the coldest nights.

13. Luxury Christmas cards by Jasmijn Evans Illustration

Luxury Christmas cards by Jasmijn Evans Illustration
[Source: Jasmijn Evans Illustration]

Standout features:

  • Rich visuals
  • Sophisticated artworks
  • Decadent color story

Luxury Christmas ornaments and decorations are aplenty in many department stores worldwide. Who doesn't love to feel opulent, even for such a short time?

Sending your holiday wishes to your friends and family is now carried out in style thanks to these luxury Christmas cards designed by Jasmijn Evans Illustration.

You might notice the absence of prominent elements, such as glitters and sparkles from the jewels and crystals in these Christmas cards. However, once you give your eyes enough time to rest and enjoy the visual elements, you will soon appreciate the luxurious feel of these cards.

The vibrant colors and the designs printed on sustainable paper make it even more expensive without even trying. Gone are the days when everything should be dripping in elegance just to be called luxury items.

The designers have succeeded in making these simple yet very artistic Christmas cards look and feel expensive without the excessive sparkles.

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14. Permasjaya BRDB by Envicion Studio

Holiday Designs
[Source: Envicion Studio]

Standout features:

  • Storybook-like visuals
  • Harmony of Eastern and Western elements
  • An outstanding layout of elements

Christmas is not celebrated as a religious event in the East. Many businesses see it as a commercial event geared towards families and couples. It is rare to see the best holiday pieces from Asia that work.

Still, the designers of this event poster have successfully captured the essence of the celebration. This stunning event poster designed by Envicion Studio is one exception to the norm.

They capitalized on the "snowy Christmas" concept. They magnified it to show everyone that it is a magical event that deserves your attention.

The Chinese characters draw well toward the white and cold backdrop set by the snowy villages.

Lastly, smiling animals are a huge part of Asian culture, and they have masterfully incorporated that into the lower part of the event poster. This is an excellent example of listening, taking notes, and executing the design based on the client's wants.

15. NEONAIL - ADVENT CALENDAR SET by Dominik Przybylski

[Source: Dominik Przybylski]

Standout features:

  • Seasonal theme execution
  • Rich color palettes
  • Adds a splash of glamour to the design

Christmas holiday is celebrated with gift-giving. Many businesses want to ensure their gift boxes and items would look amazing without hiding them under tons of wrapping paper.

This gorgeous advent calendar set by Neonail is so beautiful it would be a sin to use gift wrapping paper to hide its impressive packaging underneath. Designed by Dominik Przybylski, this holiday design has perfectly captured the spirit of gift-giving with a dash of pizazz to the mix.

As always, the designers have nailed the seasonal theme, with its golden Christmas trees and stars cascading down the packaging. The entire design speaks of luxury.

Add rich shades of reds, pinks, and oranges to this packaging design, and we have a prime example of understated elegance on our list.

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16. Elnik Store by Collabra

Elnik Store by Collabra
[Source: Collabra]

Standout features:

  • Tranquil color stories
  • Straightforward layout
  • On-brand design execution

Sometimes, having the best holiday design means putting the correct visual elements in the right places and calling it a day. This is what Collabra has done with the Elnik Store for their seasonal campaign.

In a sea of vivid images and gimmicky layouts, this holiday design provides fresh air to all the visually weary consumers looking around for the best gifts for their loved ones in the Christmas shopping rush.

The pine leaves featured on the campaign, with the logo printed in white stamped right in the center of the design. The absence of taglines and other visual elements makes it clean and focused.

The colors boost a tranquil feeling that makes you want to stop and go inside their stores to see if they have the right gift ideas you have been looking for. Its no-frills approach helps you concentrate and pick what you need to have in your Christmas bags.

17. Cozy Christmas Card | 12 Days of Christmas Designs by Studio NORDEN

Cozy Christmas Card
[Source: Studio NORDEN]

Standout features:

  • Hand-painted images
  • Cozy color story
  • Chill vibes

For some people, the holidays can be chaotic. However, what some people fail to understand is that the holidays can be a season of rest and relaxation when done right. These Christmas cards are no doubt great in setting the mood.

Designed by Studio NORDEN, these Christmas cards are simple and easy on the eyes. The designs are clean and minimalist, which appeals to most people who prefer clarity and simple lines compared to lavish displays of festive elements for the season.

The color story also provides a good contrast to the splash of colors and hues all over the place which is characteristic of the holidays. This is perfect for those who want something understated for the season.

18. Season's Greetings, Christmas Card on the High Street by Dale's Bits

Christmas Card on the High Street by Dale's Bits
[Source: Dale's Bits]

Standout features:

  • Animated display of characters
  • Healthy splash of color
  • Visually appealing end result

Greeting cards are slowly getting out of fashion because of instant messaging apps, but since many people are slowly reverting to analog methods of communication, they are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. These Christmas cards do a great job of appealing to people of all age groups.

Dale's Bits has designed these Christmas cards with the most unusual of characters in them. Instead of normal images such as human families enjoying the season, they showed animated characters doing the same things as their human counterparts.

This appeals greatly to the younger generation, who wants more vibrancy and imagination in their purchases including these cards. The healthy splash of color balances out the liveliness of the season with the animation of the characters.

With its perfect placement of various elements, it appeals to the older generations as well, as these people prefer organized images rather than cluttered ones.

19. Christmas cards by Bo Lundberg

Christmas cards by Bo Lundberg
[Source: Bo Lundberg]

Standout features:

  • Christian symbols and images
  • Rich color palette
  • Meaningful use of images

Christmas has undoubtedly Christian origins, with symbols like the angels and the Christmas tree having historically Christian beginnings. We all know that Christmas is a religious holiday, and these Christmas cards truly highlight that aspect.

Designed by Bo Lundberg, they focused on the iconography involved in the celebrations without making it look like a history book when flipped. They put a modern twist to the images used to make them more appealing to the modern masses.

The rich blues, reds, and greens in the Christmas cards make the images stand out for all the right reasons, which is the only way of standing out.

Truly, Christmas is for the Savior in the highest and many religious people would appreciate this set of Christmas cards for a long time.

20. Holiday Greeting Card: Snow Village by Yiwen Lu Design

Holiday Greeting Card: Snow Village by Yiwen Lu Design
[Source: Yiwen Lu Design]

Standout features:

  • LED-lights inspired imagery
  • Cool and deep color palette
  • Perfect combination of darker and lighter shades

LED lights are more reminiscent of the vintage era than what it suggests, and this set of holiday cards truly tapped into that modern aspect by infusing it with the Christmas season.

Yiwen Lu Design has this thought of the vintage LED lights from Hong Kong’s thriving business district, and it is a smart nod to the designer’s Asian heritage. Nowadays, many people buy LED lights to decorate their rooms, and with this card, it all makes sense.

Set on a dark and deep blue background, it makes the designs pop out spectacularly like those alluring signages in Hong Kong shops. It was subtle and creative without the colors overpowering one another.

The designer has successfully melded two highly contrasting shades into a perfect picture of balance and harmony that everyone wants after all.

21. Wish Cards/Risography by BuroNeko

Wish Cards/Risography by BuroNeko
[Source: BuroNeko]

Standout Features:

  • Pleasant color scheme
  • Mix of traditional and minimal design
  • Interweaved elements

BuroNeko's 2019 wish cards risograph printed with a complete postal set and embossing transcend your typical holiday postcards. They are akin to works of art that you'll want to frame and keep for years to come.

Each one comes with its own set of elements that mix traditional visuals with minimalistic linework. Although they're primarily focused on the holiday season, none of these rely on conventional Christmas/winter imagery but rather on the essence it brings - unity.

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