Yx Cutlery Identity Stunning Print Design

Yx Cutlery is an identity and stationery update created by Studio Ahremark, a design studio based in Gothenburg, Sweden, aiming to create sophisticated design solutions with conceptual depth and contemporary visuals.

With an excess of products in the world that are meant to improve daily kitchen use, too many are poorly designed, flimsy, and fragile. Instead of adding more mass-produced products that are low in quality, Yx wants to break this trend. Yx feels that such products are harmful to nature, as they are easily broken and hard to repair, and thus quickly discarded.  

Yx Cutlery Identity Elegant Print Design

Yx needed a concept that could illustrate the durability and trustworthiness of its products. The solution was to ground the visual identity in something almost archetypical. Inspired by the storied Nordic nature and the Scandinavian heritage, a brand identity was crafted to strongly emphasize the brand's dedication to traditional craft and materials.

The print design accurately reflects these notions, giving of a sophisticated yet grounded feel. The print logo is simplistic, easily memorable, and unique. It is used across all the print designs, uniting the patterns and themes. The Yx business cards are simple white rectangles with plain black lettering on them. However, they still manage to stand out due to the attention given to the detailing.

The cards are minimal, aesthetic, and visually very pleasing. The text has been balanced excellently, ensuring that all the relevant information is there, while at the same time ensuring that the text doesn’t clutter up the card. The backside of the card contains black and white mountain imagery, grounded in the brand’s identity as inspired by Nordic nature. It makes for a visually very appealing sight, while maintaining its minimal aesthetic.

Yx Cutlery Identity Print Design

Overall, the print design of Yx is successful in evoking a strong, grounded, and simplistic vibe, indicative of the high-quality nature of its products. The print design of Yx cutlery manages to stand out as unique, and makes for a great design experience.

Yx Cutlery Identity is an elegant print design in the E-commerce & Retail, Food & Beverage and Manufacturing industries.