12 Best Video Production Designs

12 Best Video Production Designs
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Last Updated: April 13, 2023

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine our surprise when the moment came to analyze the best video production designs.

Jokes aside, when top-rated video production companies deliver well-directed and aesthetically-pleasing clips, more often than not, they hold the power to convey more suspense, excitement, joy, and everything in between more efficiently than the written word ever could.

It is a known fact that visual content beats text on most online battlefields. Viewers can retain about 95% of the information from the video compared to a measly 10% retention while reading.

Rookie numbers if you ask us. Luckily, if anyone can, these 12 best video production designs are bound to bump them to 100%.

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1. Nuance by Umault

Standout features:

  • “We the people" reference
  • Customer-centric perspective
  • Witty

Nuance Communications, Inc. is a Massachusetts-based pioneer (and leader) in conversational AI solutions. The company delivers software that understands, analyzes and responds to human language intuitively and naturally, amplifying the experience. With decades of domain and artificial intelligence expertise, Nuance works with thousands of organizations in thousands of industries to deliver unparalleled customer experiences.

Talking about customers, they are the main stars of the latest Nuance’s video, courtesy of Umault. Using the clever association with the world-famous Preamble to the US Constitution, “We the people...”, each customer demands (and rightfully so) to be heard, especially in an era where almost every brand nominally “cares” for their consumers.

While playfully edited and acted, the video’s light comedic approach isn’t there to wheedle a laugh or two, but to point organizations in the right direction, making them truly see the needs of “the little man out there,” easily, seamlessly — and with Nuance, they can.

2. Que Bag by Melty Cone

Standout features:

  • Name association
  • Focus on USP
  • Engaging narration

Que bag is the latest craze on Kickstarter these days. And just by looking at the promo video, produced by Melty Cone, it’s not hard to see why.

While the engaging narration and hip music choice make it seem like your typical, albeit stylish, commercial at first glance, it doesn’t take a genius to conclude that it’s so much more than that. By opting to focus on the bag’s rather impressive multi-functionality, you can’t escape the idea that the sheer number of options it offers resembles one of Q’s gadgets from the famous 007 franchise. It doesn’t only perfectly match the suave agent’s fashion sense, but his mission to save the world (Que bags are made from recycled plastic).

And let’s be honest, the ability to carry all your essential belongings in one go, be it on the way to work, gym, school, or while traveling and looking like this, is nothing short of a superpower — especially nowadays.

3. Dove by Zane

Standout features:

  • Emotional
  • Genuine message
  • Minimal and artistic approach

Dove’s new video, created by Zane Studio, is a masterclass of how a genuine inclusivity message should be handled. While it’s true that more and more brands have started seeing the value of putting the “regular people” upfront in their marketing efforts, more often than not, it feels disingenuous at worst, or on the nose, at best.

Dove, on the other hand, literally undresses its real-life models, clearly showing that true “beauty comes in many forms.”

The video’s emotional narration and evocative piano notes in the background emphasize the artistic approach further, transforming it into somewhat of a contemporary play or ballet, which is strangely enough seamlessly incorporated into the tender nature of the famous cosmetic brand.

4. Indica Labs Pharma Services by Explainify

Standout features:

  • SaaS-style characters
  • Professional tone
  • Buttery-smooth animation
"Indica Labs provides trusted software and services for laboratories. Indica Labs's Pharma Services allows labs to obtain a deeper analysis of biomarker samples with an expert team, and advanced analysis services, while their Halo Software Suite allows the application of tools to existing biomarker programs."

Now that’s a mouthful. This video by Explainify is a shining example of the point we made earlier regarding the advantages of video compared to text, especially when it comes to explainer videos such as this. It’s concise, pretty, and understandable, even to those uninitiated in the specific field.

While the so-called SaaS style of animation/Illustration is becoming saturated across industries, its popularity is the main hook. No matter what they say, the audience loves to see familiar elements placed in new contexts (just look at the popularity of the superhero genre).

Making legible explainer videos and providing authentic value to the target audience is especially important for the healthcare industry (or MedTech in this case). Deconstructing complex medical science and lingo is not always the easiest thing to do, but it is a necessity if you are to successfully inspire and convey trustworthiness. Indica Labs video does it with flying colors.

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5. Montco’s 5th Annual Best Pizza Tournament by Neff

Standout features:

  • Suspenseful music
  • Mouth-watering shots
  • The art of pizza

No matter how much we love it, almost all of us take pizza for granted. The pride of Italy that over centuries became almost definingly an American dish, still retains its original importance. And where the art of making pizza is valued, it’s safe to assume that it’s also the best.

For the launch of the 5th annual Montco's Best Pizza Tournament, Neff created this piece to increase the awareness of the tournament and to set the overall tone of the competition. The video makes it so that these pizzaiolos are more akin to Renaissance sculptors than mere chefs. And by the looks of it, we can name a few tasty reasons why that is.

The general idea was to showcase the last three winners of the Montgomery County Best Pizza Tournament in an artful, high-energy trailer that creates tension and excitement for the launch of the competition. Each past winner was filmed within their respective stores doing what they do best. Pizza.

6. The Fashlete Fitness Apparel IG Ad by High Arc Media

Standout features:

  • Suspenseful music
  • Club-inspired atmosphere
  • Portrait orientation

Clocking at just 15 seconds, The Fashlete Fitness Apparel IG ad, pumped out by High Arc Media, is a textbook example of how a fitness brand should be marketed. It’s fast-paced, sleek, and stylish. While the training itself can be a long and tiresome process, choosing an ideal brand to accompany you to the gym shouldn't be at all.

The choice of music and neon lightning blur the line between training and partying in the (recreation) club. Frankly said, both can be an ideal opportunity to show off some muscle.

Although a portrait orientation is almost a given for an Instagram ad, the vertical style of the video makes it look as if it was filmed on the phone, which further strengthens the idea of being active and always on the move.

7. End of the Tunnel by 24 frames

Standout features:

  • Emotional
  • From somber narration to a hopeful tone
  • Visual metaphors for pain

The Institute of Natural Health employed 24frames to mark it as a place relentless in the pursuit of finding science-based answers for patients in need of healing.

With everything that’s happening in recent years, one word that can be used to sum it all up is PAIN.

Whether it is pain from isolation, job loss, the constant stream of bad news dominating the media, or pain from a physical malady, this ad acts like a candle in the darkness, or rather, the light at the end of the tunnel for those suffering from a chronic illness.

8. Sinclair Broadcast Group - MLB by Levitate Media

Standout features:

  • Electrifying atmosphere
  • Red, white and blue color scheme
  • Masterful editing

If anyone still wonders why baseball is among the top-tier sports when it comes to popularity, the Sinclair Broadcast Group - MLB ad, produced by Levitate Media, provides a truly spectacular answer. And they do so while sharing the electrifying atmosphere from the comfort of the viewer’s couch.

The video masterfully captures the almost tangible excitement, both on and off the pitch, in the stands, and everywhere in between. The highlights from the all-star games, combined with the commentators’ exhilaration evoke the ancient gladiatorial arena fever that demands constant entertainment.

All these while staying on-brand with its colorful, national flag-inspired, red and blue segments separating the greatest player moves the world has seen.

9. Pella - Impervia Fiberglass by Demo Duck

Standout features:

  • Rube Goldberg machine-inspired animation
  • Authoritative tone
  • On-brand color scheme

As the ideators behind the Pella brand claim, Impervia Fiberglass is the strongest material available for windows and patio doors. Tasked to bring this confident message to the world, Demo Duck opted for crafting a video that matches the high-quality, elevated status of this innovative project with sleek animation.

To make it all happen, they developed a 3D look that turned the Pella logo into a bouncing yellow ball that, along with the narration, guides viewers from scene to scene. Going full 3D with on-screen text shows the intricate details of their proprietary process, defining what makes Pella Impervia stand out from the competition. The video, much like the fiberglass itself, layered all these elements together to create a cohesive and clean video.

10. This is the space by Woodward Original

Standout features:

  • Movie quality
  • Innovative long shots
  • Equivocal title

Dive into the Cranbrook Academy of Art, which provides students with the opportunity to master their craft. In other words, this is their space.

The ad, created by Woodward Original, resembles a short movie more than a simple brand video. Its creative longshots draw in viewers making them an integral part of the experience. The (students’) art is ultimately made to be witnessed by a wide audience and “This is the space” accomplishes that mission effortlessly.

The ambivalent meaning of the video title is further emphasized by soft music, colors, and narration evoking a somewhat cosmic awareness that only genuine art can inspire.

11. Efficiency Vermont by Next Day Animations

Standout features:

  • Wordplay
  • Humorous narration
  • Playful 2D animation

Efficiency Vermont is helping customers save money, strengthen the state’s economy, and lower carbon emissions by offering financing solutions, one-time advice, or project support from start to finish.

Their clever video, produced by Next Day Animations, is the first in a series of short 2D animated ads for their efficient energy management services. These ads are clean, simple, and fun, using humor to tie together important messaging.

12. Welcome to Instinct Animations!

Standout features: 

  • Charming SaaS animation
  • Dream-like imagery
  • Informative narration

Instinct Animations helps ventures of all sizes build deeper, more immediate connections with their target audience through the imagination of standout animation and world-class storytelling.

Drawing from their rich experience, the studio knows that customers across industries are just about exhausted by stuffy, dry corporate content. Specializing in animated content, Instinct Animations showcases how SaaS-style illustrations, that continuously flood the market in the past decade, can get translated into an entirely original, imaginative, and ultimately, powerful video.

How come?

Instinct Animations demonstrates how storytelling can skyrocket any type of video content. Paired with delightful, buttery-smooth animation, it is so engaging that the average viewer can mistake it for an episode of "Adventure Time," rather than a brand video.

Who said that B2B content has to be dull? Instinct Animations proves that average takes you nowhere. You simply need that "pixie dust" to "fly," whether you're an individual or a growing business.

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