8 Best Automotive Designs That Fuel Every Car Enthusiast’s Passion

8 Best Automotive Designs That Fuel Every Car Enthusiast’s Passion
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: May 09, 2023

Nowadays, consumers are more in touch with information thanks to various media platforms such as print, video and online.

The automotive field is no stranger to this. Brands and digital marketing companies place advertisements on different platforms to widen their reach and strengthen brand discovery.

And given the industry’s naturally luxurious feel and aesthetic, designers continue to push the limits in design, product presentation and more. Here’s a list of some of the best automotive designs that will surely catch the eyes of every car geek!

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1. Porsche Drive2Extremes Taycan Cross Turismo X Johnny FPV by Keko

Standout Features:

  • Aesthetically pleasing transitions
  • Great cinematography and drone flying
  • High-energy video from start to finish

Porsche is a staple brand in the German automotive space. With that, there’s no better way to display its engineering marvels than the works of Johnny FPV and design agency Keko. If you’re into racing games like DIRT, Forza, or Gran Turismo, you’ll be surprised how reality and visual effects bring that same energy to the ad.

The three-minute-and-two-second clip features the all-electric Taycan Cross Turismo tackling multiple terrains. From the thick snowy landscape to the scorching hot Arab desert, it provides the perfect platform to showcase the machine’s capabilities. On top of that, the clip emphasizes perfectly executed slow-motion shots. It pairs well with the exciting drone shots and the car’s red and blue livery.

This is not your typical drone chase cam. The transitions in the video are frequent but tastefully done. Johnny FPV pilots the drone to catch timely drift shots, catching angles no other camera can do. And the icing on the cake? The shot where he makes the drone go through the car’s rear passenger windows.

Wrapping everything off is the carefully chosen background music that ties the video’s intensity together.

2. Unreal Engine by GIANTSTEP

Standout Features:

  • Life-like subject details with fictitious surroundings
  • Creative use of lighting
  • Dark backgrounds that emphasize the subject’s metallic colors and curves

One would have difficulty telling reality from computer graphics in this video. GIANTSTEP made sure to stage the power of the latest Unreal Engine. The real-time 3D creation tool gets a step up in its video advertisements thanks to the experienced agency.

The first few frames open from a dense forest to a luxury sedan. The sharp outlines of the car’s body and its organic curves catch the light realistically. As soon as the car’s metallic silver paint graces the screen, the viewers are taken to an enigmatic automotive experience.

Despite the jungle-like setting of the video, there are fluorescent lights scattered around the area, which further spotlight the car’s details. It shifts between the wilderness and a warehouse that resembles a detailing studio.

There’s a certain rawness to GIANTSTEP’s execution here. The playful use of lighting takes the tiniest of details to the next level. Several camera shots also play against the light and break the sharper details, giving everything enough breathing room. Furthermore, the darker backgrounds make the subject pop even more.

3. Cadillac / Concept Car 2022 - InnerSpace by LA Creative and MP Curtet

Standout Features:

  • Science fiction-inspired audio effects
  • Monochromatic color grading
  • Futuristic setting fitting for concept cars

Concept vehicles best showcase what the future has in store for us. It gives the automotive world a glimpse of industry advancements, cutting-edge technology, and fresh designs. InnerSpace by LA Creative and MP Curtet teams up with Cadillac to present a 2022 concept car.

The video introduction is nothing short of fitting for Cadillac’s concept car. The automobile sits on a wet surface with the sky’s reflection, creating an illusion that it’s floating in the air.

The car is not the only futuristic element in this video, but the costume design. The designers contracted two individuals dressed to resemble people from the future. Their state-of-the-art garments complement the panning shot of the gullwing-style roof and massive doors.

We can see exceptional camera work performed by the team. Close-up shots of the massive rims and a look at the car’s interior round everything off. Gravity-defying shots add more to the avant-garde theme of the clip.

The design agency remained faithful to a limited color palette. While there are instances where you will encounter bright colors, the designers did a great job keeping a classy, monotonous vibe. Last but not least, the background music inspired by a science fiction thriller film wraps everything up nicely.

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4. Audi Insight E-Magazine by nexus24

Best Automotive Design
[Source: nexus24]

Standout Features:

  • Conservative layout
  • Balanced placement of images and text
  • Interactive pages with video clips

Audi is among the pinnacle brands of European motoring. Since the brand made a significant shift to the electric car space and clean energy, the e-magazine by nexus24 serves as a perfect channel to reach a bigger audience in the market.

The Audi Insight E-magazine displays the manufacturing company’s achievements in the automotive industry. Readers get a good look at how everything came to be, from the brand’s early roots in racing to how it shaped today’s car designs.

The whitespace and the simple black text help emphasize the sharp images you see in the e-magazine. The first few pages take you back in time. And as you browse through the pages, you can go on a journey of the brand’s car offerings. It’s a pretty straightforward format that fends off any distracting elements.

The layout is a crucial part of its overall appearance. Thankfully, nexus24 achieved a good balance of text and graphics. The visual representations with short write-ups on each page provide a cleaner appearance. Lastly, the consistency of the Audi logo on the top left corner of the pages further solidifies brand recognition.

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5. Yokohama: Performance Matters by Black Box Productions

Standout Features:

  • Product-centric
  • Close-up shots to emphasize details
  • Deep and calm video narration

Black Box Productions gave life to Yokohama’s tire products in this video design. The designers highlighted the product’s versatility as the video opens with the tires rolling on smooth surfaces and unpaved roads.

One well-realized component of the video is the use of white cars. Using light colors helps the viewers focus on one element at a time. Also, the color grading accentuates the tires despite the gloomy setting. Shooting the clips on a wet surface also highlights the details of the tires as water seeps through their tread.

Looking into the camera work, we see plenty of low-slung shots to put the accent on the tires. Shots like these bring extra terrain details and a better look at the surroundings.

The narrator plays a crucial role in this clip. With a voice talent that gives off a rugged feel, it pairs well with Yokohama’s all-terrain products. The clear and crisp delivery makes the video all the more alluring to the viewers.

6. MotorsDoha by Keep Calm Labs

best car enthusiast websites
[Source: Keep Calm Labs]

Standout Features:

  • Supreme navigation layout and usability
  • Responsive design
  • Unique and uncluttered color scheme

MotorsDoha stands out thanks to its intuitive and appealing interface in a sea of vehicle-selling platforms. Keep Calm Labs is the brains behind the application design. The agency built its framework and application design that make online car shopping trouble-free.

Putting together an online marketplace for cars is not an easy task. That said, Keep Calm Labs pieced together all the crucial components of an appropriate application. The interface synchronizes data between the website and the mobile application, making a seamless browsing experience in return.

The agency used colors red, black, and white. This combination allows seamless navigation and less eye strain. There’s also a good balance of whitespace that encourages reading. The typeface used supplements the design as well.

MotorsDoha covers a better part of the automotive industry that brings car buyers and sellers together. The application connects car shoppers through mobile and web-based platforms. And thanks to the designers, this app makes the process fun and accessible.

7. CAAREA by Adveris

designs on cars
[Source: CAAREA]

Standout Features:

  • Delicate white and blue theme
  • Smooth website animations
  • Well-laid-out homepage

CAAREA teams up with Adveris to create a safe platform sharing the brand's expertise in automotive affinity insurance and new technologies.

While this is not the usual talked-about topic in the automotive space, the designers made sure that this website design is a treat to behold for all car enthusiasts.

Upon entry, visitors are greeted with a bird’s-eye view of a bridge going over the ocean. The artwork is both simple and detail-oriented. The colors are hardly overwhelming and stick to the same palette as you scroll down.

The designers added little surprises in the details of this design such as displaying elements on top of subtle moving graphics. Also, they ensured that navigation remains seamless yet intriguing. There are slight animations when visitors click icons or open tabs.

Overall, the website design works well with the company’s branding. The designers veered away from huge blocks of text as well, creating enough breathing room for browsing visitors.

8. AutoUncle by Wolfpack Digital

car enthusiast app
[Source: Wolfpack Digital]

Standout Features:

  • Undeviating color palette
  • No-nonsense user interface
  • Appropriately spaced-out icons and CTA

Putting together an engaging car marketplace app is a demanding task. But Wolfpack Digital carried out a unique and intuitive application for AutoUncle that allows users to price-check used vehicles.

The entire app design boasts an effective and trouble-free user experience. Now, app users can research car prices in a breeze.

Wolfpack Digital went with various shades of blue in this design. This color matches the clean white background well.

To emphasize other elements such as the Ratings and Savings, the designers used a different color (green). Overall, this clean and straightforward layout makes the car images pop.

AutoUncle App is a highly optimized program that works with Android and Apple products. There are no major differences regardless of the operating system used. The developers made sure that every aesthetic component came to light.

Finding the right car and proceeding with the purchase is less intimidating thanks to AutoUncle and Wolfpack Digital.

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