21 Best Explainer Videos in 2023

21 Best Explainer Videos in 2023
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: February 15, 2023

Explainer videos. Pretty self-explanatory, don’t you agree? They are a great way to educate and entertain your audience at the same time.

Whether you want to pitch an idea or illustrate how something works, these short, snappy, and concise marketing videos are the way to go.

When done right, they can even do wonders for your business strategy. In fact, according to Forbes, 90% of consumers reveal that watching brand videos highly influences their buying journey.

With the expertise of a video marketing agency, specialized video production companies focus on understanding and addressing the viewer's pain points or solving specific problems. They create high-quality videos that not only serve as effective branding vehicles but also effectively promote your products and services. By leveraging their knowledge and skills in video production, these agencies can create compelling content that resonates with your target audience, engages them emotionally, and drives them to take action. Whether it's through storytelling, showcasing features and benefits, or demonstrating real-life applications, video marketing can be a powerful tool to enhance your brand's visibility and drive business growth.

With that said, let’s look at some of the best explainer videos we’ve seen that are not only informative but also highly engaging and visually entertaining.

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1. Chargesight by Broadcast2world

Standout Features:

  • Problem-solution approach
  • Static dark blue gradient background
  • Neon graphics

One of the main pillars of a best explainer video is its ability to present a solid solution to a problem in a matter of seconds. If you want an example, take a look at this creation by Broacast2world for Chargesight: a real-time EV fleet charging platform.

From the get-go, the video recognizes the struggle of monitoring and optimizing one’s charger base and how it affects business operations.

Moving on, it proceeds to introduce the brand as a convenient and productive solution without mentioning the company. Why? The strategy here is to focus on addressing the pain point first before introducing the brand name.

Remember: people are looking for answers, not advertisements.

To complement this, the designers used outlined, animated visuals that represent the platform’s features and benefits. Both the text and illustrations have a neon aesthetic that goes well with what the brand offers.

Lastly, using a static dark theme made the entire sequence clean and easy on the eyes.

2. KeyCard by Yans

Standout features:

  • Attractive illustrations
  • Seamless animation
  • Message-focused visuals

Yans did well to put together an effective video to introduce what KeyCard has to offer. There’s no shortage of quality illustrations and 2D animations as soon as you play the brand’s explainer video.

Transactions are of utmost importance to anyone looking to secure their funds in the digital world. The video perfectly represents the e-commerce platform in a straightforward manner. There’s no fluff or unnecessary fillers within the one-minute and thirty-second-long video.

It starts with clear illustrations of a smartphone, which is the primary medium of KeyCard, accompanied by crisp audio narration that sheds light on the visual aids. Everything is put together in a manner that puts user security at the focal point.

The agency made this explainer video effective by focusing on the core features of KeyCard. Sprinkled with relatable elements and well-curated visual representations of the brand, they managed to attract viewers to watch until the last second.

3. Stackpulse by Deep Sky

Standout features:

  • Smooth graphic design
  • Palette based on-brand signature color
  • Minimalist illustration approach

Stackupulse partnered with Deep Sky to come up with an animated video that showcases reliability management. The isometric illustrations capture your attention as soon as you play the video.

In just over two minutes, the video content embraces traditional methods and the integration of technological advancements that pair well with the brand. 2D animations behind flawless graphic illustrations play a strong and effective marketing force to inform viewers of the business. The first few seconds are utilized to educate the audience about the brand’s goals and message.

With several impressive points to cover, it’s a great method to employ Stackpulse’s signature color palette to make the video more memorable. The contrast between the light seafoam green, gray background, and candy-like but subtle hues make for great design components.

Topping it all off is a speaker that strips down the technical aspects of the business to deliver a layman’s approach. Ultimately, it’s friendly enough to inform those who aren't familiar with the brand yet.

Overall, the agency created a concise and educational explainer video that remains to be fun and entertaining.

4. Indeed by Panic Studio

Standout features:

  • Detailed 3D animations
  • Nostalgic and familiar aesthetics
  • Easygoing message delivery

One would mistake Indeed’s explainer video for a computer-animated film with its level of detail. But as soon as the narrator starts with their script, you’re in for a quick tour of Indeed’s Resume Words and its perks.

There’s no question that Panic Studio took a route that hits nostalgia right at the center. The video resembles older stop-motion animation but embraces modern elements that you might see in commercial computer animations today.

The result? A charming storytelling animation that gets you right into the meat of Indeed’s message without feeling overwhelmed. The graphics are engaging enough to keep its viewers wanting more—hence, they stay to watch the video and absorb its message.

The video designers took their time crafting the finer details, such as books, the Ted-inspired presentation, and paintings. Also, having familiar design cues injects an organic and easygoing vibe into the video explainer.

All these elements blend together and make everything easier for the viewers to understand.

5. Rosco Labs by Demoflick

Standout Features:

  • Side-by-side panel scenes
  • Use case illustrations
  • Strategic placement of text descriptions

With a new product on the line, Rosco Labs paired up with Demoflick to introduce Miro Cube 2 as the next-generation LED lighting fixture.

The video starts with a static image of a dark garage populated by model cars. Then, each one is illuminated by lights to get the story going. This dramatic intro is the perfect start to a product explainer that contains several impressive elements.

The compact yet highly sophisticated lights become the center of attention in this video. To further highlight this, the animators created side-by-side scenes. The product’s anatomy is shown on one side while its performance is illustrated on the other.

As the scenes unfold, the speaker clearly elaborates on how the lights work. But as an added learning instrument, the on-screen text supplements were able to shed more light (pun intended) on the Micro Cube 2’s technical specifications.

They also used a plain white background for the text pop-ups which helped balance everything out and made the visuals easier on the eyes.

6. Stop Funding Overfishing by Creamy Animation

Standout Features:

  • Smooth scene transitions
  • Authoritative narration
  • Calls to action

More than one-third of the world's entire fish stocks are overexploited. Billions of government dollars are spent encouraging more fishing so it's safe to assume our ocean is already suffering. 

However, there's an opportunity to put an end to harmful subsidies and Creamy Animation found a perfect visual equilibrium to call upon the planetary one as well, helping both the people and environment while meeting Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 14 target 6.

Additionally, Creamy Animation justifies its name with the studio's signature buttery-smooth transitions and evocative, commanding narration.

7. Ecommpay by Darvideo

Standout features:

  • Humorous and comical approach to message delivery
  • Monotonous visuals for element focus
  • Quick and concise video under 90 seconds

Ecommpay’s explainer video is not like any other in its niche. While most take a more professional and cleaner approach to their design, Darvideo, its partner video production agency, avoided the norm. The agency believed that taking everything seriously drives the attention away.

The first few frames of the video instantly capture any curious viewer. It shows the solar system and a blue UFO abducting a cow. Talk about an out-of-this-world approach, right?

The 2D graphic animation video covers the internet acquiring service Ecommpay and its primary services. 90 seconds is enough to showcase what the client has to offer. Every scene explains how the brand maintains seamless services and successfully introduces a viable option for particular concerns.

Another defining factor of the video is its ability to present the brand’s services without distracting its viewers with too much animation. The first scene transitions to an assembly line that follows the narration. It takes the words out of the script both literally and figuratively, which adds comical rudiments to the presentation.

8. Uptake Fusion by Bottle Rocket Media

Standout Features:

  • Highly-informative script
  • Detailed company process
  • Recurring background visuals

Fusion is the software solution to the growing pains of extracting and transferring Operational Technology (OT) data. To show that this process is an easy and hassle-free experience, Uptake decided to tap the motion graphics expertise of Bottle Rocket Media.

The result? A simple yet detailed explainer that’s neatly presented in just over a minute and a half. Right on, the speaker goes into detail about how Fusion can effectively and efficiently liberate OT data, so businesses can turn it into actionable industrial intelligence.

The video designers beautifully illustrated this using animated graphics of data vaults, with Fusion as the tesseract where information passes through. While these visual elements show the movement of data, the speaker breaks down the technical aspects of this process.

With so many details to cover, it’s a smart move to use recurring backgrounds with just a bit of dynamics. The contrast between light and dark themes and colorful graphics are also great design touches!

9. Telelink City by HandPlayed

Standout Features:

  • Visual storytelling
  • Captivating 3D illustrations
  • Upbeat and sprightly background music

Telelink City helps with digitizing and interconnecting cities to embrace a ‘smart future.’ In creating its explainer video, HandPlayed took a massive risk by purely relying on visuals to deliver the message – and it paid off.

The idea is to simply introduce a completely transformed city where everything is digitally connected. Therefore, having no dialogues at all is justified in this context.

Instead of having a speaker explain what Telelink City does, they went with visual storytelling to get the message across. The video designers made use of complex 3D illustrations of smart buildings, modes of transport, and other tech-powered establishments.

The agency used the perfect background music to go with the theme, too. The choice of electric, upbeat songs as the characters move within the city sets the perfect tone and makes the viewers feel like they’re in on the action.

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10. Aster Pharmacy by FlowInk Pictures

Standout Features:

  • Empathic and people-focused messaging
  • Extensive iconography
  • Conveyor-style transitions

Aster Pharmacy is one of the biggest pharmaceutical providers in the UAE. Its brand positioning is your “friendly neighborhood pharmacy,” which is perfectly showcased in this 2D video explainer produced by FlowInk Pictures.

Right off the bat, the video touches on a very specific and relatable pain point: in times of need, we need someone who cares about us.

It is immediately followed by empathic messages like “As Aster Pharmacy, we understand you and care for you”. This line alone already creates a feeling of belongingness – like a friend extending a helping hand.

This key brand message served as the central theme for the video. We see several scenes of characters getting top-notch medical pharmaceutical assistance, which are all sewn together beautifully with the conveyor-style transitions.

The use of badge-style icons to enumerate the company’s key products and services also helped introduce the brand to new audiences.

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11. Fonolo by Animation Explainers

Standout Features:

  • Colorful 2D animations
  • Several workplace environment scenes
  • Varied music and sound effects

Clocking in at roughly two minutes, this animated explainer for Fonolo by Animation Explainers takes short and sweet storytelling to a whole new level.

The explainer opens with a few dilemmas that show how disorganized customer service workflows can lead to chaos. This is perfectly illustrated by the highly-characterized illustrations and visual effects, which successfully display a chaotic setting.

Enter Fonolo, the software solution to these struggles.

The succeeding scenes showed the same 2D characters in a completely new environment now that there’s a remedy in play. Along these lines, the agency showcased Fonolo’s standout features and how they play a huge role in achieving great customer service.

With such a dynamic plot, using a variety of background music and sound effects that properly match a particular scene made the story more convincing and appealing both visually and aurally.

Lastly, using a spectrum of colors for the illustrations against a clean, white canvas served as wonderful eye candy.

12. Forecastable by Real Good Videos

Standout Features:

  • Techy, Tron-like imagery
  • Masterful sound design
  • Connects with its viewers

Forcastable is a platform connecting B2B teams in ways never before achievable; "breaking down decades-old barriers in one fell swoop."

Since the Forcastable's main tagline is that it transcends software - It’s an ecosystem, connecting all other B2B partner ecosystems, the video, produced by aptly named Real Good Videos, frames it as an endless digital sea, intertwined future-proof business environment.

Real Good Videos promotes Forcastable's features and showcases its benefits almost effortlessly. While not really pushing the needle, the studio uses the well-known SaaS animation style and masterful sound design to lull viewers and guide them down the conversion funnel by relying on its keyword, i.e. Forcastable's USP - connection. 

13. CardYard by Stormy Studio

Standout Features:

  • Features a main character
  • Injects real-life circumstances
  • Dynamic visual transitions

With several award-winning 2D and 3D animations in its wheelhouse, it’s no surprise that Stormy Studio created one of the most effective explainers on the market.

The video in question is the feature-packed 2D presentation for CardYard, a UK-based e-commerce platform.

Clocking in at roughly two minutes, there’s ample time to elaborate on how users can take advantage of the service while also introducing the company’s key services.

The sequence starts with a real-life dilemma wherein 44% of adults in the UK have unrequited gift cards. Enter CardYard’s immediate solution, which is to let users exchange their unwanted gift cards for a good amount on the company’s website – what a way to solve a problem from the get-go!

The succeeding scenes unravel a step-by-step guide to how users can go about the said process. For a smooth flow, they used a variety of transitions and sprinkled them with dynamic shapes and illustrations.

The entire explainer also focuses on the main character, which is a relatable element that hooks the viewer in and makes them connect with the scenes.

14. Dhiwise by Dreamfoot 

Standout Features:

  • Simple and legible
  • Colorful
  • Narration

Simply put, DhiWise enables software developers to build native, web, and cross-platform apps swiftly and efficiently. It is an intelligent PaaS platform that combines people, technology, and data in a single workflow. Now how did we get to that conclusion?

By watching Dreamfoot's video of course. Although its target audience is by definition tech-oriented, their approach makes the explainer exciting even to the uninitiated.

It's basically the embodiment of the "product". Just like DhiWise itself, the video takes monotony & repetition out of the development equation and optimizes the (work)flow masterfully. 

15. Piece X by Vidpaq

Standout Features:

  • Brand reputation feature
  • Colorful visual elements
  • CTA messages

Piece X removes the pain of software development by offering a buy-and-sell platform for source code. To promote its marketplace, Vidpaq whipped up a quick explainer video that not only encapsulates the company’s services but also presents an easy solution.

To establish credibility, the video producers highlighted the fact that the company is highly trusted in over 160 countries for software, apps, codes, and other digital essentials.

The video also detailed how the Piece X marketplace works and how its ready-to-use source codes can help users save time and effort with web development.

The use of calls-to-action like “say farewell to wasted dev time and budget-busting” and “speed up your app development” are also great touches for marketing and advertising purposes.

For the visuals department, the designers used an array of colors to break away from the perceived image of software development as too straightforward and plain.

16. A Different Way to Pay for Healthcare - CrowdHealth by Wienot Films

Standout Features:

  • Several calls-to-action
  • Consistent branding elements
  • Underscored benefits and features

CrowdHealth is an easy-to-use and affordable healthcare insurance option that promises no hidden fees and annual deductibles. Wienot Films nailed this brand positioning through a 60-second explainer that looks fresh, engaging, and convincing.

The designers set the brand apart from the competition, by positioning the brand as cost-saving insurance without expensive premiums.

They explained how the insurance market is filled with dubious policies composed of wasteful overhead costs, crazy deductibles, and other charges.

The following scenes properly explain how the company keeps its processes super transparent and user-friendly. With this, it successfully established CrowdHealth as the most viable insurance option today.

A handful of CTA-style messages also made the video more convincing and engaging for the viewers. Lines like “it’s time for a different way to pay for healthcare” and “join us today” are proven tricks to spark action from the audience.

17. eZeeWallet by Kashu

Standout Features:

  • Various dynamic transitions
  • Detailed product walkthrough
  • Plain white background

Introducing a digital wallet to a global audience is no easy task. Since not everyone has the same level of tech-savviness, eZeeWallet went for a simple, effective, and easy-to-digest explainer.

Produced by Kashu, this video presentation first answers the key questions: what is the product, why do people need it and how does it work. The speaker highlighted that in a borderless marketplace, having a digital wallet is essential.

The video goes into detail about the process of creating and using a digital wallet. What made the points easier to understand is the use of simple 2D illustrations showing the eZeeWallet app and its features.

Against a white static background, the visual elements and text descriptions are a sight to behold.

The use of slide-in, zoom-out, and geometric transitions also added great visual choreography and ensured a smooth flow and distinction between the sequences.

18. Eggplant by Gisteo

Standout Features:

  • Fast-paced scene transitions
  • Rich iconography
  • Minimal text pop-ups

Eggplant is an AI-driven and comprehensive software testing platform that offers lightning-fast automation. And in just a minute, Gisteo was able to cover all the program’s offerings with the same amount of swiftness and detail.

Like most explainers, they started by presenting a consumer problem: the fact that poor software testing is often the cause of software development delays.

To present Eggplant as the most viable solution, the video production agency highlighted the company’s intricate and technical process of testing programs – from planning all the way up to deployment.

Motion is one of the key aspects of this explainer. Just like the solution being discussed, all elements are illustrated with accelerating visuals in the background. This adds an exhilarating and energetic vibe that keeps the viewers attached.

The animators also kept the text elements at a minimum. Instead, they used graphical illustrations and badge-style iconography to highlight the program’s advanced features and AI capability.

19. ProQuest Platform by Blue Carrot

Standout Features:

  • Futuristic visual concept
  • Great use of the viewer’s perspective
  • Detailed profile of the organization

ProQuest Platform is an accessible resource of multidisciplinary content like journals, dissertations, books, and more.

To keep up with the fast-paced landscape of research, the organization presented its future-proof platform with this amazing video explainer by Blue Carrot.

Emphasizing ProQuest’s ability to evolve and adapt to the changing times, the video designers went with a futuristic theme in this presentation. Like a scene from Blade Runner 2049, the environment is set in a dystopian city with the main character (imagined as the viewer) inside an advanced vehicle.

What’s unique here is that most of the scenes are shown from the viewer’s perspective. As the speaker elaborates on the organization’s profile, the audience gets a walkthrough of the ProQuest interface and the extensive amount of resource materials available on the website.

With this, watching the explainer almost feels like you’re in the actual vehicle exploring the organization yourselves!

20. What is OSS and BSS - Suntech by ExplainVisually

Standout Features:

  • Guided by straightforward questions
  • Sketch-style graphic illustrations
  • Extensive breakdown of topic and subtopics

Operations Support Systems (OSS) and Business Support Systems (BSS) are relatively technical terms that aren’t known to many. Suntech, a company that develops this technology, is aware of this.

The solution? A lengthy yet wildly interesting and knowledge-rich explainer masterfully crafted by ExplainVisually.

In this three-and-a-half-minute video, the company was able to pack a lot of information clearly and concisely. Instead of using an abstract or thought-provoking intro, they immediately jumped in by asking the question, “what are OSS and BSS?”

This general question is broken down into more questions like who is it for and why businesses and individuals need these technologies. These guided the whole video and made the sequence transitions smoother.

Not to mention the sketch-style illustrations, which are the main reason why the explainer is so easy to digest. Since the concepts are highly technical, packing a lot of motion graphics made the concepts easier to understand!

21. Visual Snow 2D by Brandefy

Standout Features:

  • Multi-layered
  • Mission-oriented
  • Limited/focused palette

Creating an explainer video that's focused on alleviating visual impairment is a challenge in itself. Brandefy, however, defied the odds by incorporating a specific ailment, visual snow in this case, and ingeniously incorporated it into a video to make a message even punchier.

In less than two minutes the agency kept the explainer on point, on-brand (color-wise), and most importantly - highly educational.

While following the usual explainer ruleset, Brandefy's made sure to use simplistic, albeit smooth animation and visual cues synced with pleasant and informative narration are sure to help Visual Snow Initiative "spread the word" marvelously in years to come.

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