5 Inspirational Short Video Designs That Motivate You To Take Action

5 Inspirational Short Video Designs That Motivate You To Take Action
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Last Updated: August 07, 2023

Amidst the vast ocean of content, inspirational short videos have become an oasis of hope and encouragement. No matter the cause, these videos hit close to home and evoke all kinds of emotions. That said, we’ve curated a list of the best video designs that exemplify uplifting and emotionally charged clips reminding us of the beauty in life's simple moments.

Join us as we explore this list of some of the inspirational and thought-provoking works of the best video designers.

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1. She Walks for Water by Take7 Productions

Standout Features:

  • Informative bits of text
  • Unintrusive typeface
  • A peculiar tune

First on our list of the best short inspirational videos is She Walks for Water. For this video, Take7 Productions transports us into a different world: close to us geographically but vastly different in lifestyles.

The video takes us through a regular day of an impoverished family in the Dominican Republic, with women heading to the river to find water. Despite the beauty of the forest as they go on their journey, we realize the challenge they face to get water. As the camera pans across the river, we also see that their water source isn’t the cleanest and safest, with plastics and garbage floating around.

The video begins with common background noise but switches to introduce a peculiar tune. The sound encapsulates the wilderness while keeping a solemn tone.

Following their journey, the video provides copy in an unintrusive typeface. The yellow text is swift and direct and gives people more insight into the water scarcity issue in several countries.

2. 100 Years - Vancouver Symphony Orchestra by Jayme Cowley Media Co.

Standout Features:

  • Montage presentation
  • Intertwined broadcast audio clips
  • Dramatic classical music

Jayme Cowley Media Co. is another excellent example of a short inspirational video. The company’s project captures 100 years of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra’s history institution in just 90 seconds.

The video starts slow, with delicate piano touches setting a slow-paced tempo for the moving pictures on the screen. Then, old audio clips give viewers context behind the period and event. The audio gets intercepted with another announcement, becoming a pattern in the video.

These intertwined broadcast audio clips complement the interchanging frames that highlight the orchestra’s legacy, transitioning from the past to the present.

This time capsule-like montage is elevated through a change in the tempo of the background tune. As the video continues, new instruments are introduced, eventually delivering a masterpiece befitting a historical orchestra like the VSO.

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3. Humanex by Treefruit

Standout Features:

  • Action-packed electronic music
  • Smooth transitions
  • For work and fun

Next on our list of the most engaging short inspirational videos is Treefruit’s ad for ErgoMotion. The video lets you experience this next-generation desk's amazing features in a series of blockbuster-like frames!

The video opens with static neon lighting and action-packed electronic music setting the vibe. Then, we’re welcomed by stunning visual effects and smooth transitions that highlight the product’s features from two perspectives.

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The video features two people using the desk for different purposes. We have a passionate gamer switching gears and optimizing his playing experience as he modifies the monitor’s position. On the other hand, we see a woman using the desk for work, exploring all its distinctive functions like a nearby USB port or an additional keyboard attached below the desk’s working space.

While portraying two activities, the video encapsulates the all-around characteristics of the product.

4. #RealConvo - Kelvin & Elyse by Lightwork Creative

Standout Features:

  • Intimate and personal
  • Raising awareness of mental health issues
  • Down-to-earth

Lightwork Creative’s inspirational and motivational video for the #RealConvo campaign feels genuine and wholesome. There’s no emotional music in the background or special effects to captivate the viewer’s attention. Instead, there’s a raw conversation between two people on a couch facing the camera.

The bright lighting with close-up shots of the speakers adds a personal and intimate touch to the video, as if the viewer is directly communicating with the speakers.

The speaker then shares his experience with mental health issues or his kin’s obliviousness to them. This narrative plays a vital role in highlighting that perspective is a subjective feeling and should be shared to be understood. It also drives others to contemplate and reevaluate their feelings about topics like mental health.

The tone of the conversation is soft and understanding, delivering a natural, down-to-earth talk on camera that inspires others to share their thoughts and feelings.

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5. Kids’ Chance of SC - Ebeny’s Story by THREEFOLD FILM GROUP

Standout Features:

  • Encouraging
  • Personal story
  • Soft acoustic guitar tune

Making it to our list of short inspirational videos is Kids’ Chance of SC – Ebeny's Story, created by THREEFOLD FILM GROUP.

There’s something special and raw about seeing someone share their personal story in front of the camera.

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With nothing but a soft acoustic tune, the narrator sends a strong message that everyone goes through challenging times in life.

But they don’t have to do it alone. The Kids’ Chance of SC enabled Ebeny to get her life back on track, and now she’s encouraging others to reach out and improve their own. Overall, the video is simple and inspiring.

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