It’s simple - dynamic websites are gradually becoming THE thing of the future. But why? What makes them so appealing compared to their static counterparts?

Technicalities aside, dynamic websites are highly functional, easy to update and, most importantly, interactive. UX/UI designers put their soul into creating custom elements that not only encourage but demand user participation.

The best dynamic website designs take longer to develop and are usually costly, but they are worth it. Once a brand, any brand, successfully mashes creativity, innovation, and a good product/service together – they are bound to engage their target audience and elevate their experience beyond initial expectation.

In this article, you’re not only going to discover the best dynamic website designs out there but witness first-hand the power of genuine user interaction.

Ready to be wowed? Time to get inspired:

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1. EarCOUTURE by baqemono

[Source: earCOUTURE]

Standout Features:

  • Fluid animation
  • Full-screen pop-up menu
  • Smooth parallax effects

EarCOUTURE is a portable audio shop that offers a range of brands that reaffirm the wonders of music and change the value you place on the sound quality. In the company’s own words: “We want to convey the joy of trembling with sound."

Now, how would they convey said feeling via a website? That’s where baqemono comes to the stage. The client had one enthusiastic request:

“We want you to create a website that has a surprising and moving effect the moment you see it.". It’s safe to say that baqemono delivered.

The design is bold, and the tuning is carefully constructed. Each step of the user journey is carefully planned. As soon as they land, visitors are met with an instant wow factor – buttery-smooth animation prevalent throughout the scroll experience.

2. Mercury Marine by Cramer-Krasselt

[Source: Mercury Marine]

Standout Features:

  • Exhilarating visuals
  • Short, punchy copy
  • Impeccable product presentation

When outboard motor manufacturer, Mercury Marine, unveiled their revolutionary, 600-horsepower Mercury V12 Verado, the industry norms were literally blown out of the water (pun intended).

You’d have to see it to believe it. Fortunately, the team from Cramer-Krasselt was in charge of the “seeing” part. They were the powerhouse behind the immersive online journey that not only educates users on the engine’s technical advancements but pulls them within the nuts and bolts, showcasing every aspect of the V12 itself.

The website or rather landing page was developed with two main objectives in mind:

  • To teach people about the engineering advancements that went into developing the V12 Verado and demonstrate the functional benefits these innovations bring to the boating industry.
  • To be exciting in lieu of your typical boat show (absent during pandemic).

As the ideators noted: “We needed to get people salivating at the idea of attaching a few of these beasts onto the back of their boat without ever seeing one in person.”

The balance between these two goals is a clean, tech-inspired design aesthetic; It’s a linear journey that visually amplifies a dynamic scrolling animation of the V12 Verado while delivering bold, short, and easy-to-digest technical copy points.

3. Demilie Creamed Honey by Art. Lebedev

[Source: Demilie]

Standout Features:

  • Colorful
  • Twisting elements
  • Incites curiosity

Demilie is a Russian honey producer that uses specialized technology to whip honey and give the traditional, millennia-old natural product a new look and taste.

You know how it goes, using honey as a dessert or infusing your tea with a more appealing flavor; we’re all used to that good ol’ turning of the wooden spoon—the brand’s website, made by Art. Lebedev is all about twirling, rotating, and mixing with an added twist (!).

It turns the familiar into somewhat of exciting cosmic exploration. Watching everything that’s going on while scrolling makes users guess what will happen in the end. The company does not reveal technical details of creamed honey production, but those secrets only arouse curiosity.

On the product information page, the visitors find themselves in “zero gravity” with jars of various flavors flying around a huge colorful “sausage.” Catching any of the jars with the cursor presents it front and center to help recognize it on store shelves later.

The hypnotic company history page submerges visitors into the depths of details. The viewers need to go into “hyperspace” to the next paragraph by scrolling the text and pushing away incoming objects.

4. Poseidon's Moringa by Digital Present

[Source: Poseidon's Moringa]

Standout Features:

  • Showcasing packaging front and center
  • Deep blue color scheme
  • Powerful typeface combo

Switzerland-based Poseidon’s Beverages AG created a new and revolutionary energy drink infused with Moringa Oleifera Tree that offers a slew of benefits and naturally stimulating effects.

When creating a website for the beverage, Digital Present distilled a simple philosophy – showcasing the sleek, interactive animation while bolstering the drink’s ancient roots.

The page puts packaging front and center, making it “dance” as users scroll down. The usage of Moringa in ancient herbal medicine is embodied by the Poseidon’s trident (brand’s logo). Since Poseidon is considered one of the more disruptive deities in ancient times, the website draws from his power, expressing the drink’s energy and curative traits.

Additionally, DP added various 3D motion elements to help spread Poseidon’s Moringa story.

5. NutriBird by Poppr

[Source: NutriBird]

Standout Features:

  • Custom, animated 3D models
  • Play on words
  • Exciting scroll features

With its wide range of pet food, treats, and nutrition formulas, Versele-Laga is present in all corners of the world. One of the company’s leading brands, NutriBird, which provides specialist bird food, enjoys a robust, global reputation.

Increased recognition demanded a readjustment - a rebranding sometime in the making. The key point, or in the marketing team’s own words: a new set of wings, was a one-pager website that highlights the brand’s new look and feel. And for this, naturally, NutriBird turned to Poppr.

Creating an attractive browser experience was not an issue for a veteran creative digital team. The task was straightforward, with one key objective: instantly communicating the new brand of NutriBird through immersive UX. Needless to say, mission accomplished, with flying colors. Literally!

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6. Reflexion by Design in DC

[Source: Reflexion]

Standout Features:

  • Intro explainer video
  • Clear USP
  • Prominent CTAs

Reflexion is the world’s first portable neuro sports training service of its kind that helps you achieve remarkable athletic milestones.

The brand wanted to create a website that showcases their product, a cognitive training service, in a way that users can instantly understand, interact and get familiar with. While the previous website was punchy and visually impressive, it missed the mark when it comes to instant legibility.

Design in DC flexed all of its technical and creative abilities to revamp Reflexion’s entire website, assets and all.

The user journey starts with a dynamic explainer video on the home page, which uses engaging graphics to describe the science behind Reflexion’s unique product. It was created with Reflexion’s branding in mind, so it integrates seamlessly with their newly designed website.

7. Advisor by PUSH-K Solutions

[Source: Advisor]

Standout Features:

  • Sticky CTA
  • Ample negative space
  • Mission-oriented

Advisor is an innovative software tool for increasing the efficiency and profitability of real estate.

When creating Advisor’s corporate website, PUSH-K Solutions didn’t want to simply fill it with the information about the service (energy saving and security management of real estate), or offer a legible catalog of related technical equipment.

While the agency did precisely that, it also implemented various non-standard, cool solutions for front-end programming. Additionally, the site has three language versions.

On the user’s side, PUSH-K Solutions shows that a corporate website doesn’t need to be cold or restrictive. In fact, they redefined the meaning of “professional” by introducing a slew of interactive elements that not only breathe life into the website but focus user attention on the key points, showing how Advisor could benefit them and solve their immediate needs.

8. Libenar by Della Nesta

[Source: Libenar]

Standout Features:

  • Pastel color palette
  • Mission-oriented
  • Parallax effects

With its wide range of products specially tailored to “young noses,” Libenar specializes in treating and caring for babies and children.

Besides designing the website, Della Nesta’s primary goal was to position Libenar among the first Google results for all the strategic keywords in the sector. Essentially, website creation was aimed to match the brand’s historic reputation in an online environment.

However, the mission-oriented approach didn’t take anything from the visual appeal—quite the contrary. Libenar’s website is bright and comfortable to explore. The soft pastel color scheme conveys purity, elevating the brand as the go-to place for baby products.

Made with soft, pale pink and baby blue accents, the mix complements the primary messaging, making the website effortlessly stand out.

9. Propel by Check DC

[Source: Propel]

Standout Features:

  • Subdued color palette
  • Play on “dark mode”
  • Smart usage of the brand’s logo

Propel helps fast-growing, forward-thinking companies hire and onboard talent from emerging tech ecosystems, developed through an innovative CaaS (Community-as-a-Service) powered platform.

Propelling (pun intended) the future of work by building an expansive talent ecosystem, demanded an equally future-proof online presence.

The lightning-fast website, designed by Check DC, opts for a highly professional aesthetics that directly communicates the level of talent Propel relies on.

All the animated elements are not there just to elevate user experience, but to point visitors to the key conversion/eductaional points. As the team behind Propel would say: Build, Scale and Grow without borders!

10. Fuelflip Energy by Grapdes

[Source: Fuelflip Energy]

Standout Features:

  • Animated homepage
  • Streamlined technical copy
  • Clear visual hierarchy

Fuelflip Energy is an impact technology startup in Delhi NCR that offers various renewable energy solutions to reduce the harsh environmental effects of using diesel gensets.

The brand wanted a website that breaks away from your typical engineering-obsessed messaging and imagery. One that makes it easy for the layperson to understand Fuelflip’s goals and solutions with ease.

The easy-to-approach tone was key in creating an association with the largest block in the target clientele.

Besides being in charge of building Fuelflip’s brand ground up, Grapdes developed the professional, lead-generation, and brand awareness website wherein the critical focus was laid on showcasing the correct facts through engaging content and copywriting.

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