Le Loi Amazing Homepage

Le Loi is a creative design studio that focuses of macro level digital branding campaigns. What’s more, their style in particular is at least one of a pseudo-artistic affectation. They are a company that sells more than just their services, but also the relative style and class status that comes with the artistic design schemes they produce. This homepage is emblematic of what Le Loi is all about.

The front image, taken from one of their most successful campaigns, has here been appropriated void of context. As such, it reads like the image is just some stock art that they’ve used to convey an arbitrary mood. But as users click on the image, they realize the image’s true origin is from a Le Loi campaign. This reveal is an example of how web design can affect the flow of information in a very strategic way.

Users can be pushed this way and that, subtly, to have the most specific experience a designer desires. What’s more, it’s indicative of how designers can implement the portfolio of a client into the client’s site itself. This helps not only to create an accurate brand mood, but also asserts the client as experienced, talented, and capable of creating content that they would proudly themselves represent by.

Le Loi Amazing Portfolio Page

That being said, Le Loi still does have a dedicated portfolio section of their web site, as seen right here. But, whereas the homepage’s de facto portfolio is meant to highlight select images, this portfolio is meant to focus more on their talents as full brand strategists. This kind of design, where you group content based on subtleties, makes users feel like they aren’t being forced into newer and different pages, but rather are flowing through a natural development of what a business has to offer. This way, users aren’t forcibly kept in any real box, but are still given a variety of explicit experiences.

Le Loi Amazing Menu Design

This menu serves as an excellent navigational tool through the various domains of the site, while doing so in a way that aesthetically reinforces the company’s intended brand. The font is big and cinematic, giving the navigational process a strong sense of significance and style. This is the kind of menu that builds strong anticipation for the places it can take you. By taking the time to design a menu that very boldly infuses the user with a sense of anticipation and magnitude, this designer is properly prefacing each page. The designer has created an anticipatory UX that magnifies users curiosity and fulfills them with the click of a button.

Le Loi is an amazing website design in the Advertising, Arts & Recreation and Professional Services industries.