Barton G Website Design

Barton G.’s Website Design Sets Expectations High From on the Homepage

The Barton G. website design provides a memorable browsing experience that feels like an exciting venture, filled with interactive elements that play around with color changes and focus changes.

This artistic website design by Digital Silk represents a complex three-piece puzzle that builds a unified storytelling session of the brand's diverse areas of expertise through an immense experimental project similar to other bold and experimental web designs.

The homepage divides the screen into three vertical sections with high-resolution images: Restaurants, Events, and Catering. These images are initially in black-and-white, only having color when a mouse hovers over them.

Each image is labeled with a bold white typeface in the center. The written text is presented in a stylish font with increased spacing between the letters, securing readability.

The top right corner includes an impactful call-to-action (CTA) button inviting parties to make a reservation and a clickable hamburger menu listing the vital links on a black, expandable sidebar menu.

Barton G Restaurants Page

Barton G.’s Website Design Showcases Its Restaurants by Combining Soft Colors and Breathtaking Imagery

As you enter the Restaurants page, a video showcasing various delicious meals and people having a blast at the brand's venues greet you.

On top of that, there's also an eye-catching visual of a woman in a red dress riding a white horse. To make the imagery even more striking, the lady wears a crab as a hat while wielding a giant fork in one hand. (Check out this article for the best artistic web designs.)

As you start scrolling, the playful art takes the forefront and seemingly gets lost in a sea of clouds. The design then proceeds to showcase the three venues via large cards, only to continue its exhibition of creative visuals dancing against the pink background.

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Barton G Events Page

Barton G.’s Website Design Promotes Its Events Section With a Visual Spectacle

From the homepage, clicking on the mid-section titled "Events" opens the doors for a demonstration of glitter and glamour.

The Events page welcomes visitors with a video header showing people enjoying a glamorous event. Right below it is a bottom border of colorful flowers with a champagne bottle at the right corner.

As you scroll down, the flowers have a dripping effect, introducing the next section of the page. This area has a black and gold background with sparkling effects, giving an overview of the brand's past clients.

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The following section is a small gallery of their past events, from weddings, brand activities, sports events, and birthdays.

The rest of the page continues the website's playful and dynamic visuals accompanied by content bits and CTA buttons, striking a perfect balance of aesthetics and information.

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Barton G Catering Page

Barton G.’s Website Design Relies on a Series of Dynamic Visuals To Make Catering As Exciting as the Occasion

Another website highlight is the Catering page — where Digital Silk continues to showcase more entertaining and impressive design elements.

Upon landing on the page, the tranquil black background is dissolved into thousands of shattered glasses as a "bomb" drops from the top to the bottom of the screen.

Immediately contrasting it with lots of positive space, we see colorful typography in the headlines and images of delicious treats and purple petals slowly dancing in the background.

Then comes the services menu, listing the catering options via several cards, only to grab the browsers' attention again with a series of eye-catching visuals.

The typeface is large and expressive, so its visibility is uncompromised, ensuring a top user experience and an immaculate browsing journey.

Overall, Barton G.'s website design is a rightful Best Website Design Winner. It represents a collection of seemingly arbitrary and unique visual elements that compile into an unforgettable storytelling session that's effortless to follow.

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