CNET Great Homepage

Since 1994, The Computer Network (CNET), has become a juggernaut for the technology industry. Although it began as a news television channel, CNET has also become a respected news source on the web. The site offers reviews and videos on everything from the latest technology craze to the newest inventions.

Their website uses a deep scroll interface and gallery-style set-up to keep viewers interested. Although they incorporate ads on the homepage, the ads are done with subtle banners that relay the point but are not invasive.

The website as a whole has a dark ambiance, however, the bold colors in the images capture user’s attention. Next to the CNET logo is the menu bar which categories the site into basic sections. Although the white typeface makes it noticeable, it keeps the attention on CNET’s featured articles.

CNET Clean Website Design

The gallery format enhances the UX and UI format. For example, the top stories page highlights something from the news and reviews category. It uses an asymmetrical style with the largest pane on the left being the most current story. The pane in the top right corner is an advertisement for T-Mobile. Users will know that it's there, however, they are given the choice to click on the ad instead of being forced or hassled.

CNET Great Website Design

The best part about using a deep scroll design is that it minimizes the need to click all over the page. Too much clicking tends to aggravate site users, which has made the scrolling interface popular. CNET understands these concerns and uses it to their advantage.

When a user clicks on an article or news story at the end of its page, they will see a subpage. This subpage will be organized with the latest stories on trending topics that directly relates to the article the user is reading. This ingenious move draws traffic to the website by piqueing the interest of their site visitors.

CNET’s company culture may revolve around science and technology, but their website doesn’t reflect that. It draws on subjects that are relatable to everyone that directly correlates with company culture and is a reason their website is one of the most reputable news sources on the internet.

CNET is a best website design in the Education and Technology industries.