Brontide Website Design Homepage

Brontide's Website Design Educates Users About Butylene Glycol

Brontide is a company dedicated to the safe production of the chemical butylene glycol. Despite the technical nature of the company, they are no ordinary science-based website. The overall website design is clean, beautiful and filled with stunning effects that captivate users while educating them about the ingredient. 

Butylene glycol is an organic chemical that is found in many skin care products, often as a thinning agency and conditioner. Despite its many uses, there is controversy surrounding the chemical, such as it acting as a carcinogen and its derivation from petroleum. However, when harvested properly it can be a perfectly safe and useful in many beauty products. Brontide's website is dedicated to showing that. 

Brontide Website Video

Website Design Incorporates Several Videos

Consumers are 144 percent more likely to purchase a product after viewing a video. What's more? They also increase the likelihood that consumers will remember the information they just learned.

Brontide's website is the perfect example of integrating videos into a website design. The fullscreen videos are bright, informative and -- most importantly -- fast-loading. This drives home their brand and mission while keeping strong user experience at the forefront of the design. 

Brontide Top Website Design

The Brontide Web Design Captivates Users With Sleek Effects

Brontide's website design is clean and sleek. Copious amounts of white space are punctuated with bright green accents and colorful, high-resolution imagery. 

The text is very easy to read. The homepage doubles as an about page, telling the story of the company, the product and the mission in just enough detail to intrigue visitors, but without overwhelming them. A simple sans-serif font in charcoal black displays the information clearly on the screen, standing firm despite the movement and effects that surround it. 

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Brontide Website Design Effects

The website design is continually enhanced through unique effects. For example, as you scroll upon first landing on the website, you won't find yourself moving down the page, but instead horizontally to the right. 

The scrolling is punctuated into different slides, and every transition is marked with motion graphics. Text, images and design accents all move at different speeds, somewhat mimicking a parallax effect while simultaneously elevating the aesthetic appeal and creating an elegant digital destination. These effects also produce a fade-in, fade-out effect -- particularly for the large, fullscreen images. While you view all aspects of the journey -- including the transitions between each slide -- the scrolling isn't continuous or able to be stopped at any moment. Once in motion, it will finish until you reach the next frame.

As soon as you reach the end of the "homepage," a right-aligned high-resolution image transitions from crystal-clear to strained with a shaking effect -- like a broken 1980s VHS tape. The more you scroll, the bigger and more pronounced this effect becomes, before eventually fading to complete whiteness. 

Brontide Best Website Design Product Page

Following the biggest motion graphic effect, users will land on the product page. They are given the illusion that the website itself has reset; however, now they scroll downwards instead of horizontally, cementing the website design as innovative. 

Brontide Website Design Has Stunning User Experience

Brontide's website design tackles the arduous task of making a technical topic engaging. They successfully educated visitors through sharp videos, engage them through quick motion graphics (especially during transitions) and offer snappy information that supports the brand identity and goal of the company at every corner. The clean website design makes it easy for users to learn about and understand the business and the chemical they produce, allowing them to feel more at ease about using skin care products that house the ingredient butylene glycol.

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