Mack Weldon Website Design Homepage

Mack Weldon Website Design Informs Users With Simplicity

We selected Mack Weldon's digital destination as a best website design for a few key features that make it exceptional. Although it's not perfect -- the text throughout the website, and in particular, the main navigation, is far too small -- the overall experience is superb. 

Clean photographs, simple design, intuitive navigation and a steady stream of information make the e-commerce website stand out. 

Mack Weldon is a menswear company that specializes in performance gear -- particularly underwear, undershirts and socks, along with other items. The site's tagline, "Smart underwear for smart guys," is reflected in the organized website, which details every aspect of the products. 

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Mack Weldon Website Menu

Web Design Incorporates Icons In Main Menu

Though the text within the navigation menu is too small, the menu itself is incredibly intuitive. The incredible clear navigation is made even easier with the use of changing icons. Each time users mouse over the navigation and sub-navigation, the product image icon changes to reflect the topic. 

Mack Weldon Website Design Product Page

Mack Weldon Product Pages Use Clean Layout

Upon landing on a product page, you'll see a simple layout. As you scroll through the highly-organized website design, diagrams are presented that demonstrated the value of the products.

An easy toggle allows users to explore the benefits of the materials or the product as a whole, while a minimal chart assists with sizing. Each product also features testimonials and reviews, adding to the credibility of the brand as well as the strength of each product. 

Mack Weldon Top Web Design Product Page

Mack Weldon Website Informs Users Uniquely

Notably, each product has a features button and a flip button below the main product image. Clicking the features image conjures product characteristics and arrows that point to them on the item. Meanwhile, clicking the flip button shows users an image of the backside of a product -- something that many sites don't allow. A simple mouse over a product automatically zooms in on a product, while certain pages feature 360-degree views. 

The product pages also house a mixture of stock and "real life" images, showcasing each item in many circumstances and providing users with a comprehensive picture of the product. 

Finally, simple calls to action are strategically placed to emphasize without distracting the consumer. For example, the free shipping promotion is placed directly below the call to action to add a product to your cart. This enables users to understand that call to action without pulling their focus from the product's many features and the shopping experience in general. 

Mack Weldon Informative Website Product Page

Mack Weldon Website Design Creates Stunning E-Commerce Experience

All in all, the Mack Weldon website cultivates an easy-to-use e-commerce experience that places most of its emphasis on the user. From clear calls to action to a clean, gridded layout, finding the products, sizes and colors you desire is simple. The website design reinforces the brand identity through a minimal design, bold photographs and clean color palette. This brings users back to the site time and time again. 

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