The Boat by SBS Creative Website Design

SBS has adapted the title short story in Nam Le’s hugely acclaimed anthology, "The Boat," for its first interactive graphic novel. The result is both emotive and intriguing.

This is a genre of storytelling is short and personal, and each story consists of images, voice-over narratives, and simple sound effects. The narrative is typically no longer than 250 words, with the story itself staying under two minutes long.

The narrative presents itself in a very long, deep scroll format that chronologically tells different stories. The users can either set the auto scroll story-by-story, or can interact with each story and the website themselves.

The site is dark and uses sketch-like illustrations to portray the information. These illustrations may appear as rough sketches and strokes, but they are shown in a very dramatic way that evokes emotion and draws the users in. There are also hints of red and coral, presented in the form of flowers, that smoothly linger throughout the site in a slow scroll.

The site has no subpages -- it's just one long page that is successfully and tastefully done to showcase a new way of telling a story.

The Boat by SBS is a creative website design in the Arts & Recreation industry.