Loeffler Randall Website Design

These Boots Are Made for Walking - Loeffler Randall Website Design Reinforces its ”Soles” with Products Made for Women by Women

For over a decade and a half and long before the current eCommerce boom, Loeffler Randall, a CFDA award-winning footwear and accessories brand has designed pieces made for women by women. When the company first launched back in 2005, sophisticated, high-fashion and modern, albeit affordable, footwear options were scarce, but the founders understood how to cater to their customers as they are also said customers.

The products are designed for women leading busy lives that want to invest in pieces taking them from school drop-off to the board room, evening out or a catwalk. Each product is crafted with the intention to be “loved and lived in for seasons and years to come.”

When the brand approached Simplistic, they wanted the same kind of versatility while presenting their product lines and making a genuine connection with the target audience.

The Loeffler Randall website design is more than an online fashion magazine, it’s a showcase of the brand that’s perfectly aligned with its customer base, effortlessly embodying the elegance and positivity of those that emanate it.

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Brand growth

Loeffler Randall Website Is a Mark of the Brand that Constantly Expands

While it’s true that building a brand is a marathon, not a sprint, Loeffler Randall definitely has the right "running gear”, so to speak. Going strong for years, they’ve expanded from footwear into handbags, jewelry, bridal accessories and more.

This development, however, didn’t stop with their product offering. When they came to Simplistic in need of a platform migration from Magento to Shopify, they aimed for a theme that captures their brand aesthetic and is easily manageable and customizable. The company also needed the ability to dynamically merchandise their product styles on the collection pages and PDPs.

While the previous platform offered unparalleled control over the site, Shopify became a preferred option for its all-in-one online business building services.

The end result? Simplistic built a modular, custom theme with expanded controls via the theme customizer. The Loeffler Randall team now has several layouts and modules on hand, that can be turned on and off, depending on the season or current special promotions. Additionally, the agency developed a custom app that allows the internal team to build out products as needed to dynamically merchandise each product style, while simultaneously being able to link related styles to display within the same product pages.

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Color palette

Loeffler Randall Website Keeps Simplicity a Key Focus of the Brand

Again, who can better get in line with this philosophy than Simplistic? High-res photographs are the most intricate aspect of this particular website design, but even they lean on modern and minimal trends. There are limited bits of copy on every webpage, however, they also keep the user journey exciting and straightforward.

The navigation menu is sticky and includes a comprehensive filter bar that provides clear search options. But the easiest thing for visitors (prospective shoppers) to do is to click on one of the intro images to browse the Loeffler Randall’s offering when exploring. These display clear CTAs that take users straight to the product page.

White, pastel tan and pinkish hues dominate the color palette. The color choice, much like Loeffler Randall’s clothing line and shareware is chic and minimal.

The prevalent negative space accentuates each element and piece of content making this stunning website modern, clean and simple to navigate.

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