He Was Born Colorful Homepage

From Nike to Style.com, branding is all about consumer connection and bringing to life a brand that sticks in the memories of customers. By learning what people love and remember, Korean design studio He Was Born creates personal contact with consumers through their branding, digital designs, and other creative services. Like their site, He Was Born’s content creators have learned how to simplify an app or motion graphic to make it memorable and meaningful for users. They use a bold site design with video and image content to produce creative inspiration.

Rotating bright blocks of blue, orange, white, green and black appear throughout the site as users scroll, and the design structure keeps the eye fixed on content displaying samples of work. Notable brands like Nike appear throughout the site, and subtle shifts in color elements—like the blue and purple gradient at the bottom of the home screen—bring attention to unexpected parts of the site.

He Was Born Colorful Portfolio Page

As users navigate each page, a menu appears from the rightside of the screen and brings large lettering into view for easy access. Options are clear and simple throughout the design; blue fonts for single word text boxes fill with pink color as users prepare to click. The colorful theme carries across all pages of the the site to illuminate selections, including a project portfolio explaining He Was Born’s work. Each project piece is outlined in the familiar bright blue found on the home page and echoed from beginning to end of the site. When users hover, square blue font families appear to explain each project and its purpose.

He Was Born Colorful Website Design

Clicking into samples brings images instantly into view. The site avoids using heavy text and written content, instead opting to utilize models, photos, or animations to connect with audiences from all over the world. The design is simple enough for users to understand, but the repeated colors and line designs throughout the site work to display the true artistry of these content creators. He Was Born remains at the forefront of creative services, bringing ideas and images to life through simplicity and vibrancy.

He Was Born is a colorful website design in the Advertising, Professional Services and Technology industries.