Fat Cat Creamery Retro Homepage

Fat Cat Creamery is heaven online! After all, it combines cats, ice cream and dreamy pastels to create a whimsically purrfect website. 

The various elements make this site cool to view. Each illustration has a sugary feel to it, including the cats and small icons that populate the "About Us" section (hover over this section for extra sweetness!).

The photography is very consistent with the brand's marshmallow-y feel — soft colors and beautifully photographed products complete the atmosphere.

The blocks of content and images that compile the homepage act as alternatives to the menu, so all you have to do is click on them to learn more about Fat Cat Creamery... just not before you scroll down to the end of the page and scream from ice cream with us!

Fat Cat Creamery Retro Product Page

The product pages are beautifully designers (and look delicious!). Keeping with the cat theme, both the copy and the ice cream names let you know that Kitty's in charge around this joint. 

Fat Cat Creamery is a retro website design in the Advertising, E-commerce & Retail and Food & Beverage industries.