Head Country Barb-B-Q Restaurant Website Homepage

Take your barbecue game from good to great with a bottle of Head Country Bar-B-Q sauce. Find a favorite flavor, try out a new recipe, and discover why this will be the only sauce you’ll buy again.

The focus on a food product means the site has the difficulty of making an impact on users while advertising a product best presented through taste and smell. Falling back on the next best thing, the site places a crisp and clear photograph of the product along with several ingredients at the forefront of the page. The imagery is enticing and generates interest as you feel your tongue salivating in response. It makes you want to know more. Big and bold font teases you, making you want to know the effect Head Country can have on your mealtimes.

“We’ve got you covered”... when it comes to barbecue sauces that are! Making your way down the home page gives you a preview of the barbecue sauces Head Country makes. Realistic bottles horizontally line the page, settled over a red textured background. From the rounded shape to the perfect shadowing, the bottles look so real it’s like you can reach out and take one straight off the screen to use! You can’t, of course, but the visual depiction is a great way to get your mouth watering for any one of the barbecue sauces they’ve made.

Don’t be afraid to explore, either. With six different barbecue sauces to fill up your screen (and stomach), you’re given control over horizontally flipping through your options. The choice is a great way to let you savor and take in each barbecue sauce before moving onto the next batch.

You’ll find out the site offers up two different menu options for versatile navigation. The header menu is easiest to access, as it’s the first thing you see with every page you enter. Centered evenly around the company’s logo, each major page title is bold to draw attention. The second half of the menu is made to be smaller, still visible but minimally so.

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Head Country Barb-B-Q Website About Us

The rustic history and taste of barbecue sauce are brought to life in the design of Head Country’s About page. Through a three-item grid, learn about the company’s three main focus areas. Texturized grid boxes are combined with bold fonts for a seamlessly-organized appearance as you look at the page. A vintage photograph at the top of the page lends merit to the long history of the company.

Head Country Barb-B-Q Best Web Design

With every great barbecue sauce, there is a fantastic recipe that brings out the best of its flavor. Because of this, Head Country offers up a number of recipes for you to go through and try out as a major part of their site.

Recipes are organized neatly in a side-by-side grid format for easy scrolling. Unbelievably delicious imagery is clearly displayed to entice and excite you. Each one makes you drool as your interest is piqued. Curious to know what the recipe is called? Roll your mouse over any specific image to find out the name!

Head Country teases and tantalizes the user’s senses through the use of enticing visual imagery. Simplified and common fonts with an evenly-organized layout maintain focus on the photographs to pull you in and make you want to seek out their product.

Head Country Bar-B-Q is a best website design in the E-Commerce & Retail and Food & Beverage industries.

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