Juliet Website Design

Juliet Website Design Engages Audience with Beautiful Imagery and Sparkling Motion Effects

“Juliet is produced at a Certified California Sustainable Winery in the Santa Barbara Region, where the wines are handmade in a low-intervention style (no artificial additives) to ensure a clean, fruit-forward product reflective of the excellent quality grapes used.”

When designing this award-winning website, Simplistic must have combined their signature (namesake) approach with Juliet’s meticulous tricks of the trade. Each element, be it the streamlined menu navigation, color palette or subtle motion effect, is carefully chosen to reflect the brand’s mission and the sheer process of grape selection.

Juliet's website design opts for clever animated graphics to lead users along the chic collection of boxed wines. Right from the get-go, visitors are greeted with a tasteful homepage that is a breeze to navigate.

Interactive elements – that's how skilled web design agencies craft a visually appealing, easy-to-navigate and engaging site that enhances the browsing experience!

The simplicity and elegance follow you each step. There’s an element of excitement that comes from the gentle aesthetic and the graphics that dance along the screen as you’re scrolling. This, instead implied movement, inspires not something as superficial as mere “purchasing” but opening the box and having a sip of the liquid grace.

Juliet Color Scheme

Juliet’s Website Merges Minimalistic with Pastel Colors to Incite a Thirst for More

While the pastel color scheme isn’t typically associated with wine, Juliet uses it masterfully. When paired with the rich imagery, it is as if looking at the world through a Rose bottle. On the other hand, contrasted, albeit complementary typography ensures legibility, even when inebriated on the website’s seductive beauty.

In fact, just glancing at Juliet’s selection, reveals that the website borrows more than its tints from the classy packaging.

The clean and minimalist layout fits well with the chosen hues. The calming coloration emphasizes the curvature of every product, making them even more palatable to the eyes.

The website’s attention to detail when it comes to the palette makes each step of the user journey feel like browsing a fashion magazine, so, it’s no wonder industry giants such as Vogue started to share their two cents on box wines:

“It's high time for boxed wine to be seen as an upscale choice.”

Classy Presentation

Juliet Puts Sustainable Winegrowing Front and Center

Juliet's website design emphasizes the brand’s eco-friendly mission. It doesn’t use the message of sustainability as a marketing gimmick to lure like-minded people but rather underlines a comprehensive set of practices that are both environmentally sound, socially equitable and ultimately, economically viable.

It's the same way branding experts authentically incorporate a brand's values and mission into its website design!

Sustainable wine growing has become somewhat of a defining trait throughout California. Juliet, however, takes it even further, from the winemaking process to innovative packaging, making them industry leaders in the eco-friendly push.

The Simplistic team almost achieved the impossible as the website doesn’t actually make visitors learn about complicated water and energy conservation practices and maintaining healthy soil. Every page and design element emanates the brand’s connection and dedication to Nature while staying true to contemporary design and an almost nostalgic, dream-like atmosphere. Now that’s what we call – Drinking outside of the box!

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Women Powered

Juliet Website Design is an Angel’s Share Leading the Way for Emerging Female-Fronted Winemakers

While the above-mentioned design elements reflect the unique sophistication of Juliet’s selection, they simultaneously draw from something that is intrinsically female in nature. Alas, Nature itself is traditionally feminine.

While nowhere on the site is it clearly articulated, one must consider the famous Shakespearean lovers (Romeo and Juliet) when browsing through it.

Juliet’s founders, Allison Luvera and Lauren De Niro Piper, longtime friends who share a passion for good wine and a desire to innovate, symbolically requited the unjust demise of the unripe rose of Verona by letting her spirit mature in their wines. Born anew, Juliet is here to shift the culture of the wine industry as a whole, and this website design is proof that you don’t need to climb a balcony to enjoy her kiss.

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