Ghostly Ferns Top Website Design Homepage

What do you get when you combine geeky creativity with a dynamic hands-on branding technique? You get Ghostly Ferns, a group of men and women looking to create something with their hands for your business.

The company’s landing page opens with a highly characterized illustration in bright, flat coloring. An intricate illustration is a number of graphics weaved together in one centered around Ghostly Ferns’ initials. The triadic color scheme of blue, pink, and yellow with the use of white accents complement one another in a visually appealing way.

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Ghostly Ferns Best Website Design Product Pages

Curious about the kind of products that Ghostly Ferns creates? Head over to their shop filled with already-designed items that you can order.

The fun and quirky products are laid out in a three-column grid with large images for easy viewing. The use of white as a negative spacekeeps the focus on the product images. A bold serif font highlights the name of each item, while the use of a flat pink bubble on the e-commerce website draws the focus down to the price of the item.

Ghostly Ferns Great Website Design

Using a tri-colored theme of black, white, and pink, Ghostly Ferns pride themselves on being flexible and fun as they help you take care of your project from start to finish.

The Hiring page utilizes a heavy amount of white negative space to center your focus on the words about the company. The hiring pages are accessible through two drop-down menu options, where you can pick if you want to hire the entire team or if you want to hire individual team members.

Keeping with a white negative space to put the focus on the individual team member’s portrait, Ghostly Ferns outlines each member, their talents, and what services they offer. The sans serif font selected is left-aligned, while the portrait is right-aligned directly next to the written paragraph for a clean appearance. The company’s signature color (pink) is utilized in both the portrait and the team member’s email to tie the informational piece together nicely.

Nerdy, vibrant, and full of quirky illustrations, Ghostly Ferns compels users with its energetic platform. Utilizing powerful typography and oddball designs to guide them through the site, users dive into an exciting and eclectic experience.

Ghostly Ferns is an illustrated website design in the E-Commerce & Retail and Manufacturing industries. 

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