Industria Digital Great Homepage

Industria Digital is a leading website for GE that discusses the concept of the internet industry as a part of the new industrial revolution. The landing page opens in Spanish, and it’s automatically translated by the user’s browser based on the preferences of the consumer. From the home page, viewers also have the option to manually change the language from Spanish to Portuguese if that is their preferred language.

Industria Digital Great Website Design

Industria Digital presents a single deep scroll page to guide the consumer through the topics of discussion. For the user who knows what they’re looking for and does not want to continuously scroll through the page, a menu allows them the option to be taken immediately to their preferred section on the page.

With visually striking, bold colors, the site takes on a simplistic appearance with flat designs and minimal images. Several times throughout the page, Industria Digital strategically embeds a number of crisp and clear images to depict areas in which the data they collect can be used.

Industria Digital Hyperlinks Design

The very bottom of Industria Digital’s page displays two hyperlinks for the consumer to click on as ways to gain additional information about GE.

Additionally, consumers will find three buttons on the left side of the screen that allow them the ability to share the site on their own social media platforms. Each hyperlink opens automatically in a new browser window to make the sharing process as simple as possible.

Industria Digital Videos Layout

The first hyperlink at the bottom of the scroll opens up a new browser window for the user to view the gathering of GE’s global community. This newly opened page showcases a list of different topics discussed within the two videos embedded in the page.

Industria Digital Press Page

The final button on the screen is a hyperlink that redirects the consumer to another website dedicated to various news articles related to the industry that the consumer may find interesting.

Industria Digital is a great website design in the Technology industry.