Random Studio Minimal Homepage

Random Studio is a wild, provocative design firm that provides every client with a unique and powerful design. They lie on the outskirts of what was thought to be possible for branded content. With designs that read more as experimental digital art, Random Studio is establishing themselves as a curator and creator of impactful content.

Their home page reflects this rugged experimentalism and unprecedented creativity. What would be the background image of the page has instead been broken into a series of disjointed and unintelligible images. Some are flat, and some convey depth, but all initiate a feeling of curiosity. The morphing graphics demonstrate a strong handle on both the technology and the art behind branded design. Users will immediately understand what Random Studio is about, because they won't understand what they're viewing at all. This demonstrates how design doesn't always have to make sense, it just needs to evoke the intentions of the client.

Random Studio Minimal Website Design

The “About” page continues to assert Random Studio’s radical, unique perspective on design by manifesting this value in a physical space. This page is a visual exploration of the company’s office and design studio. By giving users a sense of the company's workplace, they can begin to construct a more tactile idea of what the company does and what they're about. By the look of the room and layout of the studio, users can see that Random Studio is an experimenter inside and out. Their veins run with innovation and the uncanny, present in their work and here in their environment. This visual tour creates a behind-the-scenes user experience that gives users a greater perspective on the company from the inside out.

Random Studio Minimal Portfolio Page

This final page is a visual portfolio of some Random Studio’s previous work. Again, we see the company showcasing their most innovative and artistic designs. The portfolio gives a strong and authentic backing to the otherwise ethereal claims of the company's brand. Users can scroll through a variety of work that affirms not only their style, but also their experience and expertise. Random Studio’s portfolio is a valuable page to validate the design and experience of the site. Anyone can claim to be experimental, anyone can have an interesting workplace, but only Random Studio can create the work they do. This page proves it.

Random Studio is a minimal website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.