Mausoleum of Augustus Awesome Website Design

Augustus, the Roman Emperor, had his own mausoleum. Now, dive into the history behind this stunning piece of history and learn things you never knew…

Simplicity is the key to bringing out the beauty of this incredible part of Rome’s history. The home page centers your focus on the faded sculpture of Augustus.

His chiseled appearance is just barely visible against the white background, drawing your attention to the words written over him.

That’s all you’ll find on the home page. The choice is the perfect way to build your intrigue and assure that you’ll take the website up on its prompt to dive into the interactive experience they’ve put together.

Create your own experience with the history of the Mausoleum of Augustus as you dive into the immersive design. The statue of Augustus becomes more defined and easier to view, letting you take in every aspect of the man you’re going to learn about. To begin your journey, move your cursor around Augustus’s statue and watch it react. It follows your movement! As it does, story chapters appear.

The different chapters are presented in rising pillars around Augustus. It’s a beautiful combination that speaks volumes to the creating history while remaining a unique visual experience.

Choose a pillar to open up the chapter’s brief content. Listed out beautifully against a black color bar, each part of the story is told in a combination of bold white with golden accenting for the title.

It’s a lovely way to discern various parts of the story from one another. The overall design is highly interactive and a fantastic way to give you complete control in learning about the history of Augustus and how the mausoleum came to be. It makes learning fun!

Don’t feel like rotating your way all the way around the statue of Augustus to find each chapter? The website offers up a lengthy menu for you to use instead. Each chapter is laid out down the center of the white page, numbers on the left and titles on the left in bordered table. Adding a dash of variety to the page, every chapter comes with an exquisite illustration to drive home the chapter’s content. It’s a visually dynamic way to introduce you to the entire context of the website.

The Mausoleum of Augustus is a wonderful tribute to a historical figure and the website only builds on that with its elegant design. The interactive user experience creates a total control platform for users to make their own learning experience.

Mausoleum of Augustus is an awesome website design in the Education industry.

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