Derek Walker Minimal Homepage

Derek Walker is an art director and visual design coordinator who offers his services as a freelancer through his personal site. Here he focuses on showcasing his work and design capabilities by constructing a site that it is sleekly designed in every corner. The aesthetic is simple and understated, but features some select design elements that really make the entire page pop.

For example, this home page features one subtle yellow line which is the only note of color on the entire page. Additionally, the two-paneled background moves and animates slowly, bringing a dynamism and life to the fabric of the page. This is an excellent example of how strategic design decisions can empower a site to speak volumes from subtlety. Users have every necessary tool at their fingertips. They can hop to any corner of the site from the horizontal menu in the center of the frame or the drop-down menu in the top right. This curated design provides a UX of artistry and professionalism, telling the user that Derek Walker has both capability and control when it comes to web design.

Derek Walker Minimal About Page

This “About” page continues to reinforce Derek Walker’s understated ability. The text is minimal and direct, allowing Derek to communicate a simple idea right to potential clients. The sentence, “I specialize in art direction, brand design and illustration,” when merged with the page’s stripped back and chic design tells users that Derek is a visually powerful designer.

He can communicate ideas visually, aesthetically, or through formatting, and he has constructed this page specifically to demonstrate this talent. The relatively barren design foregrounds the few elements he chooses to include, making his design choices appear strong and effective.

Derek Walker Minimal Contact Page

This contact page demonstrates how Derek can imbue an aesthetic with functionality while still maintaining its visual integrity. The form is interactive and responsive, allowing users to seamlessly engage with Derek without breaking the façade of the site’s aesthetic.

We see the same slim pop of yellow that further reinforces the power of his style choices and UI design. This page demonstrates that an aesthetic can be maintained, reinforced, and expanded by adding interactive elements that manage to underscore rather than overwhelm a visual style.

Derek Walker is a minimal website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.