9 Best Animated Website Designs that Discharge Energy and Dynamism

9 Best Animated Website Designs that Discharge Energy and Dynamism
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: October 06, 2022

No matter the service or product offering, every business venture in the world needs to have an appealing website. However, with most brands taking full advantage of various assets of the informational age (i.e., stunning online presence), to stand out, you need to be ready to take your websites to a new level.

Enter animation!

Animated websites stick out effortlessly across highly competitive industries. Why?

Animation is a powerful tool and a key ingredient for visual storytelling, which in turn, captivates visitor attention and inspires said visitors to take action. Just set the course and enjoy the smooth sailing!

Mind you, while effective, animation needs to be smartly implemented and practical, as user-friendliness remains a priority.

These are the best examples of websites that mastered the art of animation! Just glancing at our curated selection of animated website designs will help you create your own – Get inspired!

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1. Ockom by Digital Butlers

[Source: Ockom]

Standout Features:

  • Interactive 3D illustrations
  • Creative text animations
  • Matrix-esque transitions and icons

Ockom simplifies cybersecurity by providing its clients with scalable and sustainable cyber resilience products. The website is far from simple – and that’s a compliment.

The web designers at Digital Butlers integrated a complex animation technique into an easy-to-navigate UI, creating a highly-interactive, user-friendly website. It effectively establishes the company as a top-caliber and highly-credible cybersecurity provider.

The website’s key pages feature animated symbols: a molecule and a shield, just the perfect representation of the company’s area of expertise and the solutions they offer. And here’s the fun part – these visuals change their form and position as users scroll further down the pages!

From anagram letters forming into complete statements to color-changing texts, the website’s typography also got its fair share of creative animations. Additionally, the matrix-inspired transitions and small animated lines and icons add value to the website’s overall aesthetic too!

2. &Tea by es Design

[Source: es Design]

Standout Features:

  • Menu-like presentation
  • Mouthwatering visuals
  • Elegant typography

&Tea is a brand-new, hand-shaken beverage brand that opened in 2021. The primary purpose of their dynamic website, courtesy of es Design, is to nurture its customer base, attract new customers and maintain the &Tea’s rather delicious brand image.

While it does leverage some aspects of the trendy retro design style that industry competitors use, &Tea's website focuses on the products’ appeal while being modern and on-point. It is exquisite yet approachable, classy yet candid. Like its succulent beverages, it leaves a lasting impression that nurtures genuine connections with consumers.

The whole website looks like an extension of the brand’s unique logo. Using the “&” symbol as a drink cup echoes the core spirit of &Tea - "everything can be accompanied by tea." This animated element extends to each page.

3. QuadAngles

[Source: QuadAngels]

Standout Features:

  • Dark/light switch
  • Monochromatic approach
  • On-brand design elements

QuadAngles is a professional agency specializing in digital experiences, including branding, mobile app and web design. Proving their mastery of the latter, the company’s website wows audiences with the beautiful mix of streamlined efficiency, parallax effects, animated elements and the purposeful lack of coloration.

While the initial presentation draws heavily from the current “dark mode” trend, visitors can flick it by clicking on the convenient button above the fold. Simple as that!

The unusual shapes that adorn the website embody the company credo perfectly - “looking into creative angles.”

4. Plantarium by Boldare

[Source: Boldare]

Standout Features:

  • Artsy visuals
  • Zany and playful
  • Distinct color palette

The Plantarium website by Boldare aims to help pet owners easily identify whether plants they own are safe or dangerous for their beloved dogs and cats. How did the agency come up with the topic?

Since many employees at Boldare love pets (and own one or two), it’s their passion to take good care of all our four-legged friends. That’s why they infused the website with all that love, passion, and educational content.

The website itself shares much with cherished animal companions. It’s dynamic and playful and bound to put a smile on your face. The somewhat boho, avant-garde aesthetics, color choice and painting-like illustrations elevate Plantarium in the eyes of its visitors and seasoned art critics.

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5. Fuse vol.2 by for Startups

[Source: for Startups]

Standout Features:

  • Impactful presentation
  • Long intro/loading animation
  • Sticky main menu

Simply put. “Fuse” is an annual growth industry conference connecting global and Japanese-based startups. Four stages, more than a hundred speakers and over 20,000 viewers from around the world mark Fuse as the event to be when it comes to witnessing the business revolution first-hand.

“Whether it's making the world a better place, providing solutions to social issues, or bringing new value to the way we work by improving business efficiency, Startups are taking on new challenges every day.”

Such an occasion demanded an equally flashy website and for Startups (one of the organizers) delivered!

Parallax effects galore and “scrollytelling” style of loading it wows the audience right from the get-go. The whole website emanates something intrinsic to modern Japan – it’s modern, streamlined yet larger than life, colorful and ultimately exceedingly efficient.

6. Expo Entrepreneurs by Uroboro

[Source: Uroboro]

Standout Features:

  • Flat, collage-like visuals
  • Colorful
  • Interactive

Expo Entrepreneurs is the “biggest event for entrepreneurs in North America.” In 2022, after the pandemic, EE returns with a kickass website designed by Uroboro, for an outstanding in-person event!

The website says it all: the experience, activities program, partners... Simply put, it embodies this colorful event perfectly! Rather than diving into flashy 3D effects and textured visuals. Expo Entrepreneurs opt for clean layouts, sharp typography and solid colors!

This radiant flat web design approach makes video, and high-res pictures stand out even more, showcasing the event’s atmosphere while keeping visitors interested with many interactive elements.

7. Saplings by Pierre Mouchan

[Source: Pierre Mouchan]

Standout Features:

  • Playful illustrations
  • Highly interactive
  • Impactful messaging

Saplings is a creative website and NFT collection that helps fight climate change. Simple as that!
Beautifully animated website harnesses and empowers the magnetic appeal of the NFT community in a way that entertains, informs and educates users about the impact of climate change — with the goal of restoring a balance between humanity and nature.

As an integral part of this project, Pierre Mouchan planted a handful of interactive opportunities that are bound to engage visitors, prolonging the stay on-site and enhancing community growth.

The cute illustrations take inspiration from the likes of the viral "Dumb ways to die" video. They perfectly complement the bold typography and parallax stunning effects.

The visual appeal, however, doesn't take anything from the sheer technical efficiency. The sticky menu bar ensures seamless navigation but the truly wow effect is the site's load speed and smooth transitions. 

8. Cyboticx

[Source: Cyboticx]

Standout Features:

  • Clean design
  • Smooth scroll journey
  • Hover effects

Cyboticx is a full-service digital agency that specializes in creative campaigns, mobile app development, ML/AI Engineering and website design. The latter being one of the services, Cyboticx pushes the envelope with their own site that is bound to wow visitors with streamlined simplicity, sleek, almost monochromatic presentation and smooth transitions.

The website walks a fine line between conventional and innovative. Its atypical, inversed menu navigation may look odd at first, but it actually follows (due to its sticky nature) and enables users along their journey.

Similar to the world-famous Apple aesthetics, the site's minimalistic nature merges contemporary with functionality and convenience with luxury.

9. Dexai Robotics by SumatoSoft

[Source: SumatoSoft]

Standout Features:

  • Tech-oriented
  • Meet Alfred
  • Merger of abundant graphics and minimal layout

Meet Alfred, an automated robotic arm and your personal sous chef born at Dexai Robotics. Dexai Robotics' website (and Alfred's primary showcase), courtesy of SumatoSoft may be less complicated but is definitely as animated as they come.

Built in Webflowit the website combines intuitive UI, beautiful illustrations, images and a nature-inspired color scheme that breathes life into this rather techy segment.

Simplistic as it may seem at first glance, the layout hides a slew of neat tricks. One of them definitely is an unusual horizontal scroll feature on the About page that helps tell Dexai Robotics' story in a more digestible way. 

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