12 Best Architecture Website Designs for 2023

12 Best Architecture Website Designs for 2023
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Last Updated: March 21, 2023

The need for an impactful and engaging presentation is a non-negotiable for architecture firms, as they operate in a highly visual industry. Since a website can be their primary marketing tool, it’s no wonder that the architecture businesses featured in this article take their website design seriously.

According to Stanford Guidelines for Web Credibility, 75% of users base the credibility of a business on how their website looks.

Here, we list the 12 best architecture website design examples with well-constructed aesthetics, functionality and navigation – the and foundations of a quality web design.

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1. Craie Craie by Studio Beaucoup

architectural website design
[Source: Craie Craie]

Standout Features:

  • Grid lines
  • Large typography
  • Interactive visuals

Specializing in interior architecture and global design, Craie Craie is a Lyon-based studio and one of the best architecture website that shapes home spaces with a touch of modernity and fantasy. This whimsical character is beautifully presented through their website designed by Studio Beaucoup.

One of the most admirable qualities of this digital portal is its raw and minimalist yet wildly creative layout.

The first thing that catches one's attention is the grid styling on the homepage. Like looking at a coordinate paper, the website features several grid lines from top to bottom. It’s a smart style choice that reflects the brand while keeping all the texts and visuals in line with the organization.

And speaking of texts, the large typography allows the reader to learn about the studio’s services from the get-go. Paired with dynamic cursors, animated illustrations and pop-up visuals, browsing Craie Craie’s website is truly a delight!

2. Artikon by Page Black

architectural web design
[Source: Artikon]

Standout features:

  • On-brand visuals
  • Distinctive typography
  • Fast-loading times

Artikon is a Norwegian architecture and engineering company whose website and new logo were designed by Page Black, their compatriots and branding experts.

The company’s engineering style takes cues from modern architecture aesthetics: sharp lines, bare surfaces and minimal shapes – all translated into their architecture website design.

As expected, images of houses, buildings and other constructions are the main contributors to the website’s visuals. The interchangeable black and white background panels feature a legible sans-serif typography that lends an on-brand feel to this company’s breed of architecture.

The Artikon website’s main menu navigation is located in the top right corner and opens quickly to reveal a selection of services and other corporate pages.

The fast-loading nature of the navigation is a recurring theme throughout the website: its appearance does not hinder the page loading times, as everything is oriented towards usability and a convenient user experience.

3. Marme by sphynx.studio

architect website design
[Source: Marme]

Standout features:

  • Sticky left-hand side navigation
  • Comprehensive project portfolio
  • Minimal design reliant on negative space

Marme is a woodworking and renovation shop from l’Île de Ré on the western coast of France. Its website, developed and designed by sphynx.studio, reflects the brand’s attention to detail and unique natural charm.

The website opens with a single-screen page featuring a hi-res photo of triangular roofs that, with the blue sky backdrops, forms an image akin to a modern painting with its geometric precision. It is framed with a white negative space whose left side houses a few navigation links.

The menu remains on the page as the user browses through an enviable selection of pages featuring their past works. The pages primarily consist of images organized in a 3-column grid and showcase Marme’s various interior and exterior solutions.

The simplicity and refinement of this particular architecture web design results in an interactive portfolio that is easy to follow and understand.

Likewise, these basic principles of good architecture web design are applied to the mobile version of the website, where the main menu and branding switch to the top of the page.

4. MTG Interieur by Digital Cover

architects website design
[Source: MTG Interieur]

Standout features:

  • Micro-animations
  • Pastel colors
  • Dynamic user interface

Another feature with a French architecture studio/branding agency pairing is MTG Interieur, the interior design business from Lyon, and Digital Cover, web design specialists.

A unique color palette of white, black and powder pink quickly grabs attention. The website’s artistic direction is driven by the stunning imagery of MTG’s interior work and prevalent rounded shapes that depict the welcoming nature of the company’s creations.

The stylish use of color superposition in certain parts of the website enhances the content and vital bits of messaging.

The full-screen videos immerse the visitor in MTG’s expertise and craft which further improves the user journey.

Serif and sans-serif typography lend elegance and refinement to the fluid, engaging website, resulting in excellent navigation and readability across all devices.

5. E5 Holding by Miguel Trias

architect websites designs
[Source: E5 Holding]

Standout features:

  • Unique, large typeface
  • Gradually loading content to speed up the website
  • Full-screen navigation

Designed by Miguel Trias, a multidisciplinary designer from Mallorca, E5 Holding’s website uses a white background that frames and keeps the main content together. What happens within that frame is quite eye-catching and inventive.

The opening screen, above the fold, features a full-width video background, on top of which is a telling piece of copy in a unique font designed specifically for this client.

Scrolling down sets a visitor off on a user journey that features large sans-serif typography styled in bold for emphasis, with vector illustrations, diverse yet complementary colors, HQ photos and customer testimonials.

At the top right corner, visitors will find a plus sign that opens the comprehensive main menu navigation occupying the entire screen. It points to all essential parts of the website, facilitating the visitor’s service orientation and conversion.

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6. HOUS Luxury Homes by Kay Jilesen

architecture website design
[Source: HOUS Luxury Homes]

Standout features:

  • A lot of white space
  • Images take precedence over the copy
  • The lightweight feel of the site

Kay Jilesen is the creative force behind the website for HOUS, a Dutch architecture, construction and renovation entity.

Mostly minimal and utilizing generous quantities of white space, this architecture website design relies on a simple three-color palette (white, black and copper) while featuring striking imagery above the fold on the landing page.

All the elements, including social media icons, navigation and brand logo, are in a legible sans-serif font. Scrolling down, the visitor unravels a brand story emphasizing the customer benefits and a carefully selected project portfolio.

Each new page opens with a sleek animation to reveal hi-res images of each housing project. The traditional top-side navigation is sticky and contains the prominently displayed “Contact” button for more efficient lead conversion.

7. The Future of Office by Wunder Werkz

best website architecture
[Source: The Future of Office]

Standout features:

  • Retro color palette and large typography
  • One-page storytelling and user journey
  • Interactive elements and autoplay video

The Future of Office is a website belonging to TAXI from Denver, CO. Its purpose is to create collaborative workspaces for companies from various industries, including IT, architecture and design.

Their website, conceived and developed by Wunder Werkz, is an exercise in a one-page user journey that blends retro aesthetics with modern functionality.

A multi-colored palette uses pastel colors and changes as the user scrolls down the funnel. Every visual element is decidedly and purposefully large, from headings and copy over full-screen videos to a map of the premises and location images.

A single call-to-action is the sticky, rounded button at the top right inviting users to join TAXI by getting in touch with them or following them on Instagram.

8. Rise Ap.Art by Romb Studio

best architecture website
[Source: Rise Ap.Art]

Standout features:

  • Rounded edges and slanted lines
  • Great navigation fluidity
  • Yellow accents against black and white surroundings

Rise Ap.Art is a team of constructors, architects and designers from Bucharest, Romania, known for creating “unique residential projects that enliven the heart of the city.”

Their website by the branding and communications agency Romb Studio is a one-page affair comprised of fluid, slanted lines, background videos (a recurring element throughout this list), vector illustrations and sticky side-bar CTAs – all in a distinctive yellow, black and white color palette.

As the user scrolls down the website, hi-res photography of their housing solutions accompanies the brief, benefits-oriented messaging. This elevated modern design utilizes light, sans-serif font, rounded shapes and slick animated loading of images.

Although a one-page website, Rise Ap.Art also has a sticky navigation menu that contains a language toggle button (Romanian and English), a share button and a hamburger menu icon that opens a navigational shortcut across the entire page.

9. Evernest by Global Labs

architect web design
[Source: Evernest]

Standout features:

  • Great content organization
  • Tab module with a description of each floor
  • Immersive 360-degree tour of the house

Evernest is a piece of luxurious real estate property in the city of Hamburg, Germany. Its dedicated website is made by Global Labs, a branding and design agency.

This architecture website design example is a full-scale showcase of the property that encompasses stylish typography, tab modules, clickable tags, hi-res imagery with motion effects, floor plans and so much more.

The comprehensive home page doesn’t slide into an unintelligible disorder because of the smart use of black and white background panels that lend a distinction to each thematic section.

The main navigation stays with the user when they scroll in any direction and even provides a 360-degree tour of the property!

At the bottom right corner is a sticky CTA button and conversion point offering the user to “Request exposé now”.

10. Favre+Guth by TWKS

architects web design
[Source: Favre+Guth]

Standout features:

  • A responsive mouse cursor changes the form when hovering on different objects
  • Blue highlights on images, CTAs and links
  • Excellent typography that complements the overall design

Favre+Guth is an architecture firm founded in 1967 in Zurich, Switzerland. Their multidisciplinary approach is reflected in their website design, courtesy of TWKS web design agency.

The website’s homepage uses a simple sans-serif font and the overall appearance is reminiscent and influenced by the Bauhaus movement of the mid-XX century. Sharp edges and large blocks of content overlap against an understated beige background with royal blue accents.

The background animation above the fold provides dynamism to the website. A unique mouse cursor takes the form of a large blue dot but transforms into a target icon when hovered over a highlightable section.

The navigation in the top-right corner opens a full-screen menu with links to pages that assimilate an identical style to the site’s homepage.

11. Abro by Moddit

best architecture website design
[Source: Abro]

Standout features:

  • The interplay of black and white blocks
  • Great typography
  • Simple navigation

Abro is a Dutch company providing full-service architecture and interior solutions. Their website was designed and developed by Moddit creative agency.

Abro’s architecture website design is all about the interplay of a dark theme and negative space, as black and white blocks arrange the content in logical and eye-pleasing sections. Even call-to-actions blend into the website, with thin separator lines signifying their presence.

Similar to the previous entry on this list, the circular mouse cursor changes shape as it hovers over different elements – even adopting a certain actionable copy like “Look At” when going over a gallery.

Typography and navigation seamlessly integrate into the website’s structure and aesthetics – the latter is decidedly modern like Abro’s solutions while the other is nondisruptive and intuitive.

12. Empty State By Forty Eight Point One

website design architecture
[Source: Empty State]

Standout features:

  • Attention-grabbing messaging
  • Two-column sliding content layout
  • Detailed showcase of products

Empty Space is an internationally renowned producer of lighting pieces whose products dictate the distinctive nature of their website, conceived and realized by Forty Eight Point One

The website is primarily aimed at interior design professionals seeking high-end lighting solutions that can be customized into something different for each client. 

Architectural website design follows closely the brand's key qualities that are hinted at in its name: adaptability, the juxtaposition of elements and transformative potential are all apparent when the website is viewed using different devices. 

The sans-serif Avenue Mono typography is "personable and warm", yet suggests something "human and highly automated." The site's muted color palette is challenged with elements and accents of iridescent blues and reds. 

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