6 Best 3D Website Designs That Provide a Superb and Immersive Online Experience

6 Best 3D Website Designs That Provide a Superb and Immersive Online Experience
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: March 16, 2023

It’s simple really – besides their primary USP, the best 3D websites need to provide unparalleled user engagement.

The use of 3D animation in website design is gaining popularity and rightfully so. While minimalist tendencies are not going away any time soon, enticing your visitors to explore a pseudo-virtual reality space is a guaranteed win, if implemented correctly.

No need for complicated VR headsets, just follow us and explore these best 3D website designs examples to see how it’s done.

Let’s go!

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1. Peptone by StudioGusto

[Source: StudioGusto]

Standout Features:

  • Mouse interaction
  • Gradient color palette
  • Classy typography atypical for the industry

Peptone is “the first in class pre-clinical translational biophysics company focusing on the discovery of novel therapeutics against intrinsically disordered targets.”

Now, that’s both impressive and a mouthful, which is why StudioGusto infused the pioneering brand with an equally groundbreaking website that seemingly draws you right into the complex processes, making visitors passively educate themselves just by embarking on the (user) journey.

The website design embodies Peptone’s “physics meet biology” credo. When combined with elegant typography and a fairly limited color scheme, 3D visuals pop even more, effortlessly moving away from your typical “sciency” aesthetics making each step engaging and exciting.

2. ExxonMobil Carbon Capture AR by Groove Jones

[Source: Groove Jones]

Standout Features:

  • Highly interactive
  • Educative
  • Beautiful 3D renders

ExxonMobil Corporation worked with Groove Jones to build an AR experience to build an exciting AR experience for the recent World Petroleum Congress held in Houston, Texas. Event aside, the AR presentation beautifully showcases how Carbon Capture Storage can remove 90% of industrial CO2 emissions.

The landing page not only promotes ExxonMobil as a tech leader in the global energy transition, but it also deconstructs the complex concept to the masses, taking a major step toward a lower-carbon energy future.

The site’s general design calls to mind state-of-the-art tech presentations often found in blockbuster movies, underlying how the importance of the mission of sustainability beats any Mission Impossible flashing from the global theaters or silver screens. Each element is displayed through compelling 3D visuals that highlight a CCS site. As the user taps on the icons, they are transported to that location at the site.

3. Webflow Redis Agency by Redis Agency

[Source: Redis Agency]

Standout Features:

  • Blend of streamlined minimalism and animation
  • Clean and simple
  • Punchy, zany copy

Jumping on the 3D bandwagon doesn’t necessarily mean you should blindly “consume” everything the emerging web design trend offers. Sometimes, subtlety can go a long way and Redis Agency shows how 3D animation can be used to emphasize your design, give it that good ol’ panache!

Redis is known for their design prowess, and they don’t disappoint here as well. While clean and minimal, the site oozes creativity, from unconventional scrolling, redefining the meaning of negative space or writing engaging pieces of copy.

The background 3D elements are mostly used to accentuate the design, but their smart, on-brand addition certainly puts a nice “flow” in the Webflow site (see more examples of excellent Webflow websites with smooth UI/UX).

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4. Xevel by DL

[Source: DL]

Standout Features:

  • Animated elements/parallax effects
  • Play on the dark mode
  • Product-focused

We’ve seen 3D implemented for various purposes, engaging décor being one of the major ones. Xevel's website, courtesy of DL, uses this trend to dive deep into the characteristics of its product – a smart system that measures the oil level in a barrel.

Besides striking visuals, the third dimension is presented as a beneficial and convenient tool. The website’s scroll journey showcases how the Xevel sensor uses a laser beam tech to determine liquid levels in closed, non-transparent containers.

Visitors don’t need any technical knowledge; they’re educated just by exploring the promotional website.

5. alixia by the chinos

[Source: the chinos]

Standout Features:

  • Micro-universe setting
  • On-brand color palette
  • Elegant typography

As their homepage clearly notes, Alixia is a biotech company that specializes in analyzing and researching the tumor ecosystem to address cancer drug resistance and improve patients’ lives.

Starting from this mission, the chinos developed a website that almost visually shows the company’s endeavor as soon as you land on it. Using the on-brand deep purple, Alixia effortlessly merges cosmic aesthetics with a micro-universe found in all of us.

The evocative, animated visuals accompany brand messages, lulling visitors and making them subconsciously rely on Alixia's proven expertise.

Another stand-out is the chosen font. With its delicate serifs and fine detailing, it embodies the brand’s finetuned approach and the complexity of the biotechnology vertical.



Standout Features:

  • Playful low-poly 3D models
  • Colorful
  • Interactive scrolling

To the uninitiated, stock market investment certainly isn’t something deemed particularly interesting. When creating a website for the investment fund AQM², SHIFTBRAIN aimed to, well, shift that general perception, bring out the company’s personality and design around it.

The result?

Taking into consideration that this website will be used as a presentation tool for clients, it has been designed so that explanations can be given seamlessly in a fun and playful manner. With its creative visual solutions, the website personifies the brand’s character that is full of wit, mixed with professionalism.

At the core of the presentation is the 3DCG animation. From the story to the details of expression, the world of finance, difficult to understand and difficult to imagine, is turned into a colorful digital playground. Additionally, making the main part of the scroll simple maximizes the appeal of the animation to make them look better, clear, interesting and digestible.

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