8 Best Chinese Website Designs That Exemplify Innovation and Elegance

8 Best Chinese Website Designs That Exemplify Innovation and Elegance
Article by Petar Pesic
Last Updated: May 09, 2024

Witness the intersection of tradition and modernity as we review the best Chinese website designs, where Asian craftsmanship meets cutting-edge digital creativity from top website designers! These websites combine creativity with centuries-long tradition and culture, bringing design to another level.

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1. Banyan Tree by IT Consultis

[Source: Banyan Tree]

Standout Features:

  • Traditional typography
  • Interactive map view
  • Earthy color story

IT Consultis created a website design for Banyan Tree that consolidates all their locations within China, a luxury sustainable hotel and resort.

The design starts with the country’s iconic historical landmark: an incredible image of the Chinese Wall and a short copy on the center. The font style used for headlines adds an elegant touch as it resembles the traditional art of calligraphy.

Below the hero section, browsers can engage with an interactive map view that shows all the brand’s locations in China. Each click on a highlighted location provides a short description of the hotel and CTA buttons where you can learn more about the branch or book a stay with them.

The sections for individual venues provide essential data on the amenities, but scrolling further also allows browsers to learn more about the local hidden gems and other places worth exploring!

2. LHY² BEAUTÉ LAB by Media Studio

[Source: Media Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Soft color palette
  • Well-divided sections
  • High-quality images

LHy² Beauté Lab is a beauty center that excels in providing personalized skincare treatments and products. Media Studio designed the brand’s website to ensure its audience can explore a user-friendly catalog before booking a session!

The layout features a soft color palette in different shades, creating well-divided sections for the landing page. In between sections, browsers can find high-quality photos that set expectations for potential clients.

Aside from the gallery of available treatments, the website design also includes a short section for the clinic’s founder. This gives a personal touch and provides clients with more information about the clinic.

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3. Stellar Works by Lantern Digital

[Source: Stellar Works]

Standout Features:

  • Minimalist and sophisticated
  • Three-fold UI
  • Multimedia representation

Lantern Digital showcased its creative prowess to develop a sophisticated website design for Stellar Works, setting it apart from its competitors.

The homepage features a straightforward menu presented through three large high-resolution photos decorated with a simple heading that distinguishes between each section.

Meanwhile, the “Collection” and “Collaborate” sections feature similar elements in soothing colors. The “Bespoke” section in the middle stands out with a monochromatic image, preventing the website design from looking dull and monotonous.

The other two UI solutions rely on multimedia representation and several horizontal listings to indicate the featured series and products on a clean beige background.

4. Jing-A by Maples Design

[Source: Maples Design]

Standout Features:

  • Lively brewing gallery
  • Classy typewriter font style
  • Creative beer profiles

Jing-A website design was designed by Maples Design to help bring the Beijing native brewery’s culture and wide range of products online.

The design showcases a gallery of the team brewing, drinking, and generally having fun with their beer to add a relatable feel to the design.

With a white background, geometric lines for dividing sections, and a classy typewriter-like font style, the brand portrays itself as a cozy, homemade team that tried hard to get here from their humble roots.

Moreover, a search option stands out on the homepage, letting browsers look for a specific product name, style, or flavor. They can also click on the “Beers” section in the menu to learn more about its flavor notes and style.

5. Kolmeks by NBH

[Source: Kolmeks]

Standout Features:

  • Professional and straightforward design
  • Square counters
  • Simple color palette

NBH worked closely with Kolmeks to help the brand improve its website for the Chinese market.

The design combines clear and legible typography with large photos of the products and their components, discussing their features in detail in a way that keeps the browsers’ attention. The design relies on a reliable color palette between blue and white, denoting a professional and straightforward impression.

The brand builds credibility through data-driven counters in large squares, attracting potential clients and partners.

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6. The George Institute by Marameo Design

[Source: The George Institute]

Standout Features:

  • Dynamic info cards
  • Shades of purple
  • Well-organized

The George Institute’s digital platform was crafted by Marameo Design. One of the main highlights of the website design is its well-organized sections that make it easy for browsers to explore the page.

Before scrolling, the header offers language options and lists of pages organized into different categories. Dynamic info cards provide more information about the page through high-quality photos and short descriptions.

Different shades of purple complement the website’s neat design, using it as CTA accents and colors for header texts.

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7. Superl Group by Grayscale

[Source: Superl Group]

Standout Features:

  • Large images
  • Dynamic elements
  • Content snippets in the menu

Grayscale created the website design for Superl Group, a Hong Kong-based manufacturer that presents its goods and services in a simple yet impactful layout.

The solution is straightforward, with the landing page offering a short description of the company’s work range. Some words are highlighted in red with matching hyperlinks so they immediately stand out and call browsers’ attention.

Below it, you can find image cards with a dynamic effect that, when hovered, provides more information and a link to its respective page.

Lastly, the extensive content is cleverly summarized into content snippets as you hover your cursor through the menu’s drop effect, providing a peek into the page’s content.

8. A1 Group by It's Her Idea

[Source: It's Her Idea]

Standout Features:

  • Red headlines
  • Prominent subscription form
  • Well-branded design

A1 Group asked It's Her Idea for an effective landing page, and the designer delivered a well-branded design that relies on large realistic photos to reflect its core function – providing education.

The color palette predominantly resonates with the logo design, using simple colors for uniformity and red as an accent color that highlights specific texts and images.

Below the hero section, the subscription form is hard to miss, so it's easy for interested browsers to subscribe.

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