9 Best Fashion Accessories Website Design Ideas

9 Best Fashion Accessories Website Design Ideas
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: April 04, 2023

As fashion trends come and go, one thing stays - the distinctive lifestyle that clothing and accessory brands offer. In today’s modern world, one of the best ways to convey this meaningful message to an army of consumers is by creating a well-designed website.

Through stunning imagery, pristine typography, and captivating brand story, the best clothing and accessory website designs can capture the hearts and minds of site visitors looking for their next precious clothing item.

Created by some of the best industry experts on the market, here are 9 fashion accessories website design examples that beautifully visualize each brand’s unique sense of style.

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1. Haris Cotton by Pixelistas

best fashion accessories website design
[Source: Haris Cotton]

Standout Features:

  • Captivating HD video banner
  • Scenic images
  • Sticky navigation menu bar

Haris Cotton is an independent Greek apparel brand offering high-end linen fabrics for the modern city dweller. Their brand image and cultural heritage are perfectly captured in their contemporary website design courtesy of Pixelistas, a digital agency also based in Greece.

Upon entry, site visitors are treated to a full-screen HD video showcasing models clad in the brand’s stylish pieces. Overlaying this video header is a large text that reads “get ready for a magnificent summer”, which establishes the brand’s inclination to stay on-trend with the fashion seasons.

The singular Shop Now button takes center stage. Nothing better than an accessible CTA button that instantly sets the customer journey in motion, right?

Scrolling through the homepage, site visitors can marvel at the vibrant and high-contrast images of the brand’s clothing collection. The pieces stand against Greece’s majestic landscapes as a backdrop, showing the brand’s luxurious and timeless character.

The homepage is filled with numerous sections, including a catalog preview, product categories, best products, and featured collections. If we’re talking UX, it’s a great design choice as users won’t need to jump to other pages to explore the rest of the content.

And if they do, doing so is easy thanks to the sticky navigation bar. It houses all the drop-down menus including the login panel and the Cart window.

2. De Loreta by MindandMakr

clothes design website
[Source: De Loreta]

Standout Features:

  • Balanced use of white and vibrant colors
  • Animated website elements
  • Embedded Instagram grid

De Loreta is a sustainable clothing line that celebrates Latin American folklore, history, and landscapes through bold colors and vivid prints.

Their website is designed by Alex Garcia of MindandMakr, whose experience in architecture and fashion design was fully realized in this virtual beauty.

The site opens up with a full-screen banner that presents a model wearing one of the brand’s signature pieces. It is divided into four panels with alternating pictures and videos of the same variant – a great way to introduce the collection to site visitors and keep them excited to browse the rest.

A standout design element is the use of bright colors against a deep background. This heavy contrast can be seen all throughout the site, especially on collection pages. Some pages, on the other hand, display colorful shirts and dresses on a white canvas. Having a plain background helps the colorful pieces stand out without competing with each other.

Aside from the videos, several animated visuals are also in sight. At the top and bottom of the page are text crawlers filled with statements like “free domestic shipping” and “join our mailing list” to remind customers of their offers. These website tickers could contribute to higher customer engagement once they’re made clickable.

Also, Instagram is where fashion consumers are at, so it’s a smart move to include a three-image IG grid showing the brand’s latest IG posts. This section has arrows on the left and right sides that allow visitors to freely navigate through the posts on their own.

3. WHITE PLAN by phamgia.digital

accessories website
[Source: WHITE PLAN]

Standout Features:

  • Great use of negative space
  • Clean and organized image gallery
  • Minimalist iconography

WHITE PLAN is a collection of minimalist clothing options that revolve around the idea of sophisticated femininity. The website designer, phamgia.digital, fits right into this mold by putting forward its simplistic and fatigue-free design strategy.

The designer leveraged the use of negative space to create a clean and clutter-free interface.

No other elements are there to distract site visitors from viewing the collection. The featured image, along with the photo slider, sits right at the center of the white background for greater focus.

There are no overlays either – just plain blocks of image that provide an elegant display of the brand’s stylish pieces. They also added monochromatic text blocks that serve as guides for navigation.

The dynamic elements are incorporated into the UX. For example, when you hover over an image, a product description pops up, or an extra image slider that shows more items of clothing.

The navigation menu is represented by small icons that are minimalist yet still instantly recognizable. They are strategically placed in the sidebar area to bring the user’s focus back to the center images.

4. Furcoat by ASAP

accessories site
[Source: ASAP]

Standout Features:

  • Simple color palette
  • A mix of static and animated elements
  • Clean and organized lookbook

Furcoat is a Saratov-based clothing workshop that built its brand around sustainability and eco-friendliness. They collaborated with ASAP, a digital and web design agency, in creating a landing page that effectively reconciles high fashion with conscious consumption.

To highlight the brand’s organic character, they used a simple color combo of white and olive across the entire page. The result is a neat and pristine presentation that doesn’t look too plain and boring, thanks to the lovely pairing of static and animated elements.

Photos, videos, and short text descriptions are scattered all over the page showing that animals were not harmed during production and that the fur coats are warm and safe, as well as ethical. To highlight this, the visuals are presented from different angles, effectively showing the quality and tailoring of the material.

For dynamics, the designers added a mix of badge-style icons to balance out the wealth of information. Several product descriptions are also enclosed in shapes for emphasis.

To deliver a visual treat, they included a lookbook at the end of the page that displays the entire collection. The images are arranged haphazardly for that raw and abstract quality, while still looking clean and organized.

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5. FIIRE by Or Halevi

Best Clothes & Accessories Website Designs That Are Impeccably Dressed
[Source: FIIRE]

Standout Features:

  • Responsive sidebar menu
  • Uniform sans serif typography
  • Large promo banner

FIIRE is a fun, vibrant, and eco-friendly swimwear brand that shines with their unique and sustainable bikinis. Or Halevi, a digital designer and art director, took these multi-faceted elements to create a website design that not only looks great but serves many functions.

The site starts with a full-screen image slider that displays candid moments of women enjoying their time at the beach. The brand tagline “Glow with FIIRE” along with a CTA button that redirects to the brand’s collection page immediately gets the site visitors’ attention.

Users can click on the large hamburger icon to open up the sidebar menu. It houses all the navigation buttons going to important pages on the site. Here’s the exciting part – the designer made each menu item light up when you hover over it! At the bottom of the panel are social media icons that redirect visitors to the brand’s social media pages, a subtle way to encourage potential customers to connect.

To drive focus into the swimwear pieces, the designer veered away from using crazy font combinations. You’ll see a uniform typography consisting purely of sans serif fonts for simplicity and cohesiveness.

And finally, an enticing element to this website design is a large image with a text overlay right before the footer section. It features the brand’s special offer along with a newsletter subscription box, which is a great lead generation and sales conversion tool.

6. Kylie Swim by Same Same Studio

Accessories Website Designs
[Source: Kylie Swim]

Standout Features:

  • Animated visuals
  • Closeup images of clothing
  • Sticky interactive icons

Remember when Kylie Jenner broke the internet with her lipstick line launch? She’s done it again with Kylie Swim, and much of that virtual success is propelled by this website design by Same Same Studio.

Upon visiting the website, customers will get instantly hooked by the full-screen, close-up image of a woman wearing a piece from the swimwear line. They can just click on this image to view the entire collection.

Three navigation buttons, along with a “Shop Now” CTA button in the middle, are stamped right on the banner for easy access. The Shop button up top opens up a sidebar panel that lets site visitors browse through the clothing options by category.

The site is splashed in bright summer colors like pinks, oranges, purples, magentas, and yellows. This color story matches the different variants of the swimsuits, which makes all elements look cohesive.

Another irresistible eye candy in this website design is the subtle animation. You’ll see this in the moving background, text crawlers, and image slideshow. The fun part is you get to control the slideshow with the sticky Play, Pause, and Light/Dark Theme buttons.

7. Patta x Tommy by Ronin Amsterdam

clothing website design ideas
[Source: Patta x Tommy]

Standout Features:

  • Intense website animation
  • Powerful bold slogans
  • Compelling images and videos

Patta x Tommy is a fashion collaboration that puts the spotlight on the Pan-African flag, which is a symbol of Black unity and freedom. Ronin Amsterdam made sure to design the campaign’s landing page with striking visuals that highlight this strong movement.

The page starts with a side-by-side video montage of the iconic pieces. The full-screen clip shows people of all ages and backgrounds clad in the collection. At the center is the animated logo and short text description for the project.

But that’s not the only animated feature. In fact, almost all the visuals are in motion – from videos and messages to badge crawlers at the bottom.

Among these things, the bold slogans are an absolute standout. They come in powerful statements like “love for all” and “division is weakness” that are scattered all over the page. What makes them extra special is that they move like a waving flag.

Beneath this captivating visual show is where the catalog sits. The entire collection is laid out on a plain white background, which makes the green-and-red color combo pop.

And a great design move by the agency is enclosing the pieces separately in blocks, a great way to keep things in order. When you hover over them, a text overlay appears to describe the clothing.

8. Brick & Portal by DigitalDesign.NYC

website accessories
[Source: Brick & Portal]

Standout Features:

  • Organized clothing directory
  • Responsive category slider
  • Dedicated section for curated looks

Brick & Portal is a social commerce platform where users can pick and shop for outfits for each other. For a large fashion directory offering a slew of clothing options, DigitalDesign.NYCdesigned a website that looks neat and organized.

The navigation bar at the top makes it easy to choose the perfect outfit. Instead of listing all the clothing brands available, the designers categorized them properly according to gender, age group, clothing type, and product type. The search bar beside the menu is also a quick way to find something more specific.

Despite the enormous number of choices, site visitors can enjoy comfortable and fatigue-free navigation.

In addition to the main categories, users can also easily find outfit choices using the mixed category slider. The options are presented in different use cases such as Summer, Night Out, Wedding, Work Chic, Road trip – the list goes on!

There’s also a special section for Curated Looks. It’s a separate catalog filled with full outfit suggestions from other users. The total price is also listed per item, so other users can instantly identify pieces that fit their budget.

9. EYDA by Grafikr

fashion accessories website
[Source: EYDA]

Standout Features:

  • Intro video reel
  • Inspiring messaging
  • Emphasis on diversity

EYDA is a renowned female activewear retailer whose line of products blurs the line between workout clothes and everyday fashion. Just like the brand’s activewear that simply dances around and accentuates the figure of the wearer, the EYDA website demonstrates incredible flexibility.

As the brand grew, the limits of your standard Shopify template became too tight and limiting. Enter Grafikr!

The agency tailored a suitable, form-fitting site that showcases EYDA’s full potential. Grafikr has developed and designed everything from scratch, which made EYDA much stronger as a brand, with 100% control over their desired expression.

On the product side, the agency created a more harmonious design, color palette, and a stronger hierarchy.

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