19 Best Legal Website Designs

19 Best Legal Website Designs
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: March 14, 2023

When prospective clients are looking to hire a lawyer or employ the services of a legal team, what they are looking for is something that exudes trust and credibility.

The first place they end up is the website of a prospective law firm – and if the website doesn’t reassure them through strategic content placement and display of credentials, they will likely move on.

In this article, we take a look at examples of the best legal website designs that generate trust and plausibility through their messaging and appearance.

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1. Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro, Moses & Halperin, LLP by SLS Consulting, Inc.

WRSMH legal website designs
[Source: WRSMH]

Standout features:

  • Mega menu
  • On-brand blue-red palette
  • In-depth display of each lawyer’s credentials

A striking scene above the fold kickstarts the user journey on this website designed by SLS Consulting, Inc. — a digital marketing agency designing websites for lawyers since 1999.

SLS went through a complete rebranding and redesign process to make WRSMH stand out from the highly competitive New York metropolitan area. They presented the firm with a detailed analysis of its old website, brand book and wireframe for the new website, hand-drawn depictions of its landmark case results and even a dress code for the photoshoot, all of which were given final approval by the partners in the firm.

SLS also found and advised a local photographer in the NY area to properly capture the look that makes WRSMH the firm that it is today. The site also ranks very well in the NY market because of the custom code that SLS has developed over the years.

The current design sports an image of the law firm’s team complemented with the background and effective messaging in a variety of fonts. It also features a mega menu that opens a whole new set of visual links to the user.

The case results section is displayed in an effective scrolling style, while the segment’s name stays static on the left. Hi-res imagery of the firm’s lawyers, their credentials and a list of expertise provide trust and build the company’s authority.

Slated lines, a blue-red palette and a clear lead-gen form are some of the defining visual aspects of this website.

2. Strazzullo Law & Associates, PLLC by Law Firm Sites

Strazzullo best legal website designs

[Source: Strazzullo Law & Associates]

Standout features:

  • A mix of light and dark themes
  • Prominent display of the firm’s key figure
  • A lead-capturing form

Designed by Law Firm Sites agency specializing in legal websites, Strazzullo Law & Associates features a dark-themed section above the fold with a prominent display of the law firm’s key figure, bold messaging and the main menu with a phone number at hand.

The sections below follow a less strict pattern, comprising different colors, heftier bits of text and various images. The footer section displays the locations of all of the firm’s offices in New York and Italy, as well as an inquiry form for capturing leads.

Overall, the website’s to-the-point homepage contributes to the fast and smooth user experience.

3. Bourke Legal Lawyers by Lawyer Marketing Fast Firms

Bourke Legal Lawyers best legal website designs

[Source: Bourke Legal Lawyers]

Standout features:

  • Plenty of social proof and knowledge material
  • Gold and navy palette
  • Large visuals

Courtesy of Lawyer Marketing Fast Firms, Bourke Legal Lawyers website design opts for a gold/blue-gray color palette which gives it an upscale feel. The visual elements are all quite large, from fonts and menu icons to the logo and even imagery.

Understated CTAs provide enough visibility without distraction, while the law firm’s team is showcased in a unique and standout way.

As social proof, the website also features client reviews, a knowledgeable base of articles and numerous other resources on learning about specific kinds of claims and cases.

4. Bortz Law Firm, LLC by Visual Lure

Bortz best legal website designs

[Source: Bortz Law Firm]

Standout features:

  • A brief homepage
  • On-point messaging
  • Easy navigation

Visual Lure agency is the creator of Bortz Law Firm website, a simple but effective affair of toned-down colors and extremely to-the-point messaging.

A sticky main menu navigation stands clearly in its light blue-gray shade against the dark blue and expands on what’s already on the homepage: the firm’s team and company background, contact details, practice areas and a few client reviews.

If a visitor wants to learn more, they can refer to any of the pages from the main menu, making the website more accessible and easy to navigate.

5. Eifert Law Firm by Spotlight Branding

Eifert Law Firm best legal website designs

[Source: Eifert Law Firm]

Standout features:

  • Large visual elements
  • Standout CTAs in gold
  • Downloadable eBooks

The website for Eifert Law Firm by Spotlight Branding continues with the use of dark blue/navy color while employing large fonts, cheerful stock imagery and asymmetrical layout to discuss the company’s UVPs.

Golden CTAs stand out quite vividly and move the audience down the conversion funnel, educating them along the way with downloadable material and sign-up offers.

More educational videos and a lead-capturing form await at the footer of this concise website, free of complex arrangements.

6. Counsel for Creators, LLP by ONE400

Counsel for Creators best legal website designs

[Source: Counsel for Creators]

Standout features:

  • Bright, vibrant color scheme
  • Chatbot
  • Friendly messaging

One400’s website design for Counsel for Creators breaks the mold and sports a bright, exuberant look that incorporates colorful imagery, a light red brand hue and one element that will become dominant on this list – live chat support.

A friendly tone is translated into messaging that keeps its razor-sharp focus throughout, explaining the company’s process and delivering actionable blog tips and advice.

The main menu navigation is sticky and it shrinks to a smaller size once the user starts to scroll down the website. The website also features call-to-action buttons in red that stand out well against the white background.

7. Belen Law Firm, PLLC by Digital Logic

Belen Law Firm best legal website designs

[Source: Belen Law Firm]

Standout features:

  • Good use of lead-magnets
  • Crisp, sharp look
  • Refreshing color palette

The Belen Law Firm website design by Digital Logic is a clean, sharp-looking affair with shades of teal complementing the white and very complex arrangement of content that provides all the necessary info one needs.

Catering to a community with a large Hispanic population, the website is also available in Spanish. While a large image looms across the opening screen, down below is all about educating and reassuring the visitor.

A free consultation form is an effective lead magnet, as is the regularly updated blog section with topics relevant to the visitors’ pain points.

8. Nicolaides Fink Thorpe Michaelides Sullivan, LLP by ICVM Group

Nicolaides best legal website designs

[Source: Nicolaides Fink Thorpe Michaelides Sullivan]

Standout features:

  • Single-column layout
  • Slick scrolling
  • Mega menu

ICVM Group’s design for this legal entity’s website embraces orange/grey hues and a very smooth scrolling animation that features content that adjusts to the exact height of the screen. Meanwhile, its main menu in a separator bar stays on the screen all the time.

A single-column layout makes it very easy to follow the funnel and read through the content. Each section comes with a CTA and a handy search bar facilitates the on-site search when a visitor is looking for something specific.

The main menu items open a mega menu subsection when a user hovers over them, which provides more instant access to the website’s important parts.

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9. Vela Wood by CreativePickle

Vela Wood best legal website designs

[Source: Vela Wood]

Standout features:

  • Black and white theme
  • Diversity of visual elements
  • Video background

CreativePickle agency has designed a website for Vela Wood that is quite diverse with its elements clad in classy black and white appearance. Above the fold, visitors will find a unique font combo in the logo, a looping video background and a clever tagline that sets the tone for the website and presents the firm's locations at the same time.

The team’s expertise is communicated in custom illustrations, while case studies and white papers take up a significant portion of the website as a way of persuading the prospects.

The main menu is prominently displayed every step of the way and features a yellow overlay when a user hovers over its links.

10. Crockett Law Group by EverConvert

Crockett Law Group best legal website designs

[Source: Crockett Law Group]

Standout features:

  • Live support agent
  • Accessibility menu with options to change the website appearance
  • Prominent CTAs

The website design for Crockett Law Group by EverConvert ventures into the familiar territory for legal websites, with plentiful CTAs and contact buttons, case reviews, hi-res imagery of the firm’s proponents and 24/7 chatbots.

A variety of social proof and award displays precede the firm’s expertise and client reviews. The website’s simple color palette puts the messaging first and the main menu provides necessary links for moving down the conversion funnel.

Google Maps facilitates finding the firm’s offices and a live chat system with a human agent is at the visitors’ disposal any time of the day.

11. J.D. Silva & Associates, PLLC by Stacey E. Burke

J.D.Silva & Associates best legal website designs

[Source: J.D.Silva & Associates]

Standout features:

  • Helpful blog section
  • Good choice of font
  • Sticky CTAs

This best legal website design by Stacey E. Burke utilizes royal blue color and classy serif typography to distinguish itself from the competitors. The use of case studies strategically positioned on the website, as well as reassuring images of the firm’s head lawyers, instill trust with visitors.

At the very bottom of this institution’s homepage, a lead-generating form invites visitors to get in touch. Alternatively, they can opt to connect via the live chat option.

The main menu covers the expertise of this firm and even houses a blog section that offers free advice to visitors.

12. Thyme Wills by Gleeson Digital

Thyme Wills best legal website designs

[Source: Thyme Wills]

Standout features:

  • Nature-inspired imagery and colors
  • White space
  • Recurring CTAs

Gleeson Digital’s design for Thyme Wills law firm introduces a dash of serenity and peace into this vertical, with its nature-inspired imagery, logo and pictures of content families. The lime green color used for accents also contributes to this look and feel.

With plenty of white space, the website has enough “breathing space” to provide the messaging and other content, while “Book a Consultation” CTA reappears on strategic places to facilitate the conversion.

13. ZafiroLaw, PLLC by GNGF

ZafiroLaw best legal website designs

[Source: ZafiroLaw]

Standout features:

  • Magazine style headers
  • White space aplenty
  • Delicate color accents

ZafiroLaw a magazine-style law websites design for by GNGF uses large headings, serif fonts, white space and a combo of a Contact Us CTA with a phone number attached, typical for the legal industry. Scrolling down, the user finds plenty of text going in-depth about the firm’s strengths and the challenges they tackle.

The main menu is sticky and provides plenty of clearance to the content on the page. The dark green and yellow provide the only color to a mostly minimal website when it comes to hues. Lastly, the “FAQs & Guides” section near the bottom aims to answer the visitor’s most common concerns.

14. Timothy J. Ryan & Associates by On The Map Marketing

Timothy J. Ryan best legal website designs

[Source: Timothy J. Ryan & Associates]

Standout features:

  • Bold use of green to present their expertise
  • Two prominent CTAs at the top
  • FAQ and blog sections for educating the audience

On The Map Marketing’s web design for this particular law firm uses large-scale photography above the fold, a green color frequently used in this industry and two kinds of CTAs in the main menu – “Free Consultation” and a phone number.

The firm’s recent case results are displayed in a carousel mode, while below it are the firm’s practice areas that utilize a stunning mouse hover effect to highlight the firm’s fields of expertise. At the bottom are the locations that lead to a specific page for their offices in the state of California.

15. Gillick, Wicht, Gillick & Graf by FORWARD Lawyer Marketing

Gillick, Wicht, Gillick and Graf best legal website designs

[Source: Gillick, Wicht, Gillick & Graf]

Standout features:

  • Good use of colors and transparent effects on photos
  • Unobtrusive main menu
  • Contact icons use accent colors

A stunning section above the fold is the first thing a visitor to this website designed by Forward Lawyer Marketing agency sees. It divides the screen into two uneven halves, in green and grey, while the main menu with transparent background and a red phone icon sits firmly at the top.

Scrolling down the page, a visitor discovers more sections designed in the same manner, using more colors with an image coming through a transparent effect. Plenty of content, large fonts and prominent phone numbers provide credence and trust to the potential client.

16. Wolford Wayne, LLP by NUVEW Web Solutions

Wolford Wayne best legal website designs

[Source: Wolford Wayne]

Standout features:

  • Prominent CTA in the top right corner
  • Immediate contact with an attorney
  • Well-displayed results study

Wolford Wayne’s website, designed by Nuvew Web Solutions, features a street view of one of San Francisco’s famous districts before going straight into communicating the firm’s expertise. Orange is used for accents such as CTAs and light-blue to emphasize certain important points. Other than that, the website lets the messaging do all the talking instead of adding visual frills.

Blocks of “regular” content are interrupted by carousel-style sections with result cases and team members. At the bottom right corner, the visitor can immediately choose to speak to an attorney while an elaborate lead-gen form awaits at the footer.

17. Donohoe Talbert, LLP by Artsy Geek

Donohoe Talbert best legal website designs

[Source: Donohoe Talbert]

Standout features:

  • A striking section above the fold
  • Large fonts
  • White space

Artsy Geek’s website design for Donohoe Talbert opens in a way atypical for the legal industry. A full-screen image and a bouncing “Scroll” text invite the user to see what’s below the fold. This is where the main menu appears at the top, along with images of the team surrounded by ample white space.

The firm’s areas of expertise, cases won and contact details are all accompanied by a very large font that is used in almost all of the website content.

18. Protass Law, PLLC by Postali

Protass Law best legal website designs
[Source: Protass Law]

Standout features:

  • Stunning use of B&W photography
  • Bright blue accents
  • Hamburger menu

Postali’s website design for Protass Law firm does not shy away from a visual impact, achieved with stunning use of monochromatic photography and vibrant blue color. Together with white, these make quite an impact on the homepage screen, where different info – from contact address to client reviews — compete for the visitor’s attention.

Unlike all the other entries on this list, this website uses a hamburger menu icon on the top right. Below the fold, a standard run of varying content, case studies, expertise showcase and academic credentials serve the trust-building purpose.

19. Brooks & Radchenko Law Firm Website by Comrade Digital Marketing Agency

[Source: Comrade Digital Marketing Agency]

Standout features:

  • Intro reel
  • Prominent CTAs
  • Sticky menu bat

Brooks & Radchenko Law is the latest specialized law firm dedicated to providing a highly customized approach to each and every case. "With diligence and discretion, the firm ensures its clients are in the strongest legal position possible, whether their case settles or goes to court".

The firm required an equally personalized approach when it comes to its online presence, which is why they employed industry experts -  Comrade Digital Marketing Agency. The agency delivered a flawless, SEO-based, and user-friendly website that not only showcases the attorneys’ stellar reputation and record but one whose visual appeal alone is enough to bring an inpour of new clients to the growing business.

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