12 Best Music Website Designs That Explore the Sonic Rhythms Visually

12 Best Music Website Designs That Explore the Sonic Rhythms Visually
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Last Updated: October 09, 2023

Music and web design share an unspoken harmony. When done right, they create an unforgettable experience. Today, we’ll explore the work of the best web design companies and dig deep into the world of well-composed visuals that result in exceptional UX.

This article showcases some of the best music web designs that rightfully best web designs in the music industry that strike the perfect chord between artistry and functionality.

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1. Learn2Play Music by walterwakefield

[Source: Learn2Play Music]

Standout features:

  • Legible font sizes
  • Color-coded square categorization
  • Rainbow color palette

Looking for a perfect music school for your curious children or want to pick an instrument yourself? Learn2Play Music’s website design is here to convince you that you’re on the right track.

Designed by walterwakefield, the web design features rainbow colors spread across the website, each adding a synesthetic flair to the diverse content.

After an immersive hero section and a short introductory paragraph, the design segments the courses through color-coded squares set next to each other. Each square features a photo elaborating on the course filtered with a different color. For example, it has a picture of hands on the piano with a blue filter.

Lastly, legibility is improved by picking large font sizes that ensure the textual content’s clarity.

2. Xavier Gordon by S. Mays Designs

[Source: S. Mays Designs]

Standout features:

  • Clean and classy
  • Site-wide music platform
  • Multimedia representation

Xavier Gordon is an experienced jazz artist and an all-around musical entrepreneur. S. Mays Designs helped him spread his musical style with a clean, effective, and classy website design. (Browse more of the best clean website designs.)

The cohesive sections are clearly divided into large, color-coded sections, each featuring a large picture of the artist. These pictures are a visual element that contributes to the site-wide music platform that keeps you company as you browse, making you dance around to his funky tunes.

Aside from the shop section, the website also entails many multimedia content. This includes a gallery and videos portraying the artist's work and lifestyle.

3. Go To Hear by kc web design

[Source: Go To Hear]

Standout features:

  • User-focused design
  • Lengthy, tutorial-like landing page
  • Dark design contrasted with orange shades

The Go To Hear platform is on a mission to transform the music industry, focusing firstly on changing the rewards for artists and educating fans on what’s a "fair price for music." kc web design made a compelling solution for the company to help spread the message and achieve its goals.

This design is heavily user-oriented, evident in the lengthy, tutorial-like landing page that relies on dynamic visuals and interchangeable sides to segment its introduction to bands.

The visuals subtly support the short content sections, each adding a piece of the puzzle until revealing the whole picture.

Furthermore, this modern design showcases monochromatic eloquence. The dark gray and black sections contrasted with a muted orange, emphasizing the buttons, call to action, and vital contact information.

4. Hitlab DEAS by Nixa

[Source: Hitlab DEAS]

Standout features:

  • Dark theme
  • Vibrant multicolor gradients
  • Multiple upcoming hits representations

Nixa was approached by Hitlab DEAS with a task to help them have a modern web platform that will indicate the upcoming hit songs.

The dark-themed layout features white typography and uses vibrant multicolor gradients for CTAs to invite talented artists to engage with the platform. (Check out more intriguing dark-themed website designs.)

Under the hero section lies the first type of promotional campaign: we see upcoming hit songs presented horizontally. Each song is set in a small square, including the artist, the song's ranking, and the score.

Further below, the screen is divided into two. The left highlights the current top 10 on the website’s leaderboard, while the right features a form that lets you upload your song quickly.

5. Anna Tsybuleva by Knight Classical

[Source: Anna Tsybuleva]

Standout features:

  • Simple and professional
  • Great use of positive space
  • Well-organized and thorough

The artistic prowess of Knight Classical’s team is evident in the details of Anna Tsybuleva’s website design. The bespoke pianist’s photos are placed to elevate and personalize the simple yet incredibly professional layout. (Find other top simple website designs.)

Each section of the website uses positive space as a bulletin board for information about the artist, including her biography, schedule of upcoming concerts, and testimonials in the “Reviews” section.

The website is well-organized, embracing a monochromatic yet elegant color palette that combines shades of black, white, and gray.

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6. N.K. Pynes by Oli Denson - Naples Web Design

[Source: Oli Denson - Naples Web Design]

Standout features:

  • Sophisticated and subtle
  • Card-based categorization
  • Blog section

Nicholas Pynes approached Oli Denson – Naples Web Design to help present his artistic profile online with a website that captures his piano and photography skills.

With a clean and minimalist background, it’s easy to follow the website’s narrative. The headlines are in a sophisticated font style, while the services are indicated through three square cards.

The design also includes a blog section that gives the users a glimpse of the artist’s thoughts and personal and professional philosophy.

7. Sandy Springs Music by New Tricks

[Source: Sandy Springs Music]

Standout features:

  • Blue and white color scheme
  • Integrated Google Maps
  • Emphasized contact details

New Tricks designed the website for Sandy Springs Music, letting the brand raise the bar on its educational journey.

Connecting with the organization is easy through the contact options and address displayed in the site's header above the menu.

Apart from showcasing the school’s prowess through an image gallery, it’s also instructive in nature. It includes all the vital information like the courses’ options, their respective prices and which instruments you can rent.

The layout uses a reliable white-blue color scheme paired with gold headers, creating a regal and professional look.

8. JDH Music by Yes We Do Websites

[Source: JDH Music]

Standout features:

  • Retro visuals
  • Large fonts
  • Immersive background story on author's songs

Yes We Do Websites created a web design for John D. Hastings that lets the artist share his music and connect with his fans.

The website has a friendly and warm look, full of colors and images that serve as a background for the text. In addition, there’s a fixed navbar at the top and bottom parts of the page, making it easy to navigate between pages.

Another standout feature is the “Songs” section, where each song has a short description and story that lets you in on the artist’s thoughts.

9. Bart Hopkin by Blue Oak Web Design

[Source: Bart Hopkin]

Standout features:

  • Clean and concise design
  • Custom instrumental samples
  • Video tutorials

Bart Hopkin approached Blue Oak Web Design to create a website and share a collection of his distinctive custom-made instruments.

This clean web design is oriented towards high functionality, so everything’s presented neatly and straightforwardly. With the homepage consisting of only two photos, you’re bound to look for answers in the top menu.

By heading to the “Instrumentarium” section, you’ll find yourself in a treasure trove of custom-made instruments. The directory has a prominent list of clickable options, with each instrument containing a picture, short description, and instrumental sample you can listen to.

You can explore further by heading to the “Videos” page, where you can watch the author playing them.

10. Kimberly Barber by Maestra Web Design

[Source: Maestra Web Design]

Standout Features:

  • Prominent testimonial section
  • Informative news bulletin
  • Engaging multimedia elements

Kimberly Barber is a multifaceted artist and teacher, and Maestra Web Design built a website that combines monochromatic sophistication with a bit of grunge.

At the forefront, the hero section spotlights glowing testimonials from past collaborators, underscoring Barber's versatile talents. A neatly organized news bulletin follows, keeping visitors updated on her latest endeavors.

Neon blue typography acts as a vivid contrast to the gray backdrop. The UI seamlessly guides viewers to captivating galleries of photos, videos, and recordings. Wrapping up, an intriguing blog offers insights into the artist's life and work.

11. The Trading Musician by Jamie Brehm

[Source: Jamie Brehm]

Standout Features:

  • Comprehensive navigation bar
  • Streamlined product comparison
  • Simple and intuitive interface

Since 1991, The Trading Musician has resonated with Seattle's music enthusiasts, offering niche musical instruments. Yet, its website failed to strike the right chord in modern times. Enter Jamie Brehm with a UX-driven refresh!

Brehm's new design refined the previously cluttered and color-saturated menu. A clear and well-structured navigation bar emerged, organizing sections and subsections seamlessly.

This decluttered approach extends to the product pages, where users can filter choices and compare multiple equipment specifications. These thoughtful updates harmonize the browsing experience, ensuring users can find their desired instrument without missing a beat!

12. Festivals du Parc Floral in Paris by Alesa Gawlik

[Source: Alesa Gawlik]

Standout Features:

  • Dainty and inviting colors
  • Clearly-segmented options
  • Concise website content

Alesa Gawlik has beautifully crafted a unifying platform for four distinct music festivals under the banner of Festivals du Parc Floral. The website, draped in a serene pink hue, effortlessly weaves in lively digital art and dynamic typography.

The design features a vibrant color-coding system to distinguish between artists. This way, attendees can quickly identify their musical choices. The content blocks present a snapshot, a concise bio, and concert details for each artist.

The website's allure doesn't end with music. It offers visitors insights into additional festival-related activities, ensuring a holistic and memorable Parisian experience!

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