6 Best Websites for Photographers That Capture the Moment

6 Best Websites for Photographers That Capture the Moment
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Last Updated: May 19, 2023

Naturally, photographers want to send the best picture out to the world and attract as many clients as possible. To do so, they need the help of exceptional website designers who can communicate their workstyle online.

Check out this list of the best websites for photographers that compels and converts through its delicate user interface.

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1. JM Portfolio by ultroNeous Technologies

[Source: ultroNeous Technologies]

Standout Features:

  • Curvy visuals
  • A clean design
  • Extensive positive space

We’re starting our list of best websites for photographers with ultroNeous Technologies’ concept for the JM Portfolio design.

This clean landing page uses extensive positive space to help the colorful imagery and black typeface stand out. With enough space between the elements, nothing goes unnoticed.

The artist's monochrome portrait centered in an arch frame balances out the layout, as we have a blue image on the lower left and a yellow image on the upper right. The visuals are curvy, aiming to hint at the photographers’ work and style, prompting visitors to learn more about it.

2. Martin Lichevsky by Ann Po

[Source: Ann Po]

Standout Features:

  • Monochromatic elegance
  • White typeface blend
  • Effective, contrasting “Contact” section

The second entry on our best websites for photographers list is Ann Po’s creative concept for a fictional photographer - Martin Lichevsky’s website design.

The work exemplifies a monochromatic design's prominent potential for elegance and intimacy.

The imaginative concept brings the fictional photographer to life through a set of visual devices and minimal animations that combines pitch-black background with powerful photography as a canvas for speaking to the browsers. The concept features a mixture of font styles, presented in white and often scaled up or down, keeping the design fresh and attention-grabbing.

The Contact section creates a beautiful contrast, suddenly turning tables and announcing the artist's contact details through heavy black letters on a white screen.

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3. Hanna Kornenko by Anastasia Vakarenko

[Source: Anastasia Vakarenko]

Standout Features:

  • Circular visuals
  • Soothing green
  • Heavy headlines

Hana Kornenko’s online portfolio website is an excellent pick for our best websites for photographers list. This clean design, created by Anastasia Vakarenko, provided a quality solution to help the artist attract new customers.

The color palette features a darker and lighter shade of green combined with vast positive space that builds a soothing, laid-back pinboard full of lifelong memories. The content is sparse, but the main messages and CTAs are emphasized with heavy headlines, boosting their effectiveness.

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This design also entails some slow dynamic elements and circular visuals that accommodate the relaxing atmosphere and highlight the simple steps to reach out to the photographer.

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4. Courtney Letwinch Photography by GRO Creative Studio

[Source: GRO Creative Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Carousel categorization
  • Clean testimonial section
  • Thorough “About me” section

Continuing the best website for photographers list is GRO Creative Studio’s work for Courtney Letwinch Photography web design. Simple and easy to follow, this design relies on shades of gray to promote the photographer’s work.

The hero section is a menu on its own as it’s used to browse through different photographic categories, giving the viewer a quick introduction to her style. As you start scrolling, you gain access to a thorough “About me” section that helps you get to know her more.

And if you’re still not convinced, the design then takes you to a clean testimonial section that showcases word-of-mouth experiences through another carousel of happy customers.

5. Nathan Desch Photography by Ally B Designs Studio

[Source: Ally B Designs Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Solemn headline font style
  • Free-flow circular lines
  • Blog section

Next, we have Nathan Desch Photography, a website designed by Ally B Designs Studio.

The design employs festive visuals on a color palette that mimics the clothing lines of the wedding guests. The headline style uses a solemn font that addresses the grandiose event's intent and ceremonial aspect. The website has several brown free-flow concentric circular lines that decorate the vast gallery of uplifting photography.

And despite the vivid story that the photography draws you into, a blog section complements it through compelling content about the special days.

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6. Eyesbound by Julia Hell

[Source: Julia Hell]

Standout Features:

  • An immersive portfolio carousel
  • Black-and-white aesthetic
  • A detailed portfolio background story

Another entry for our best websites for photographers list is Julia Hell’s design for Eyesbound. This website design is simple, and it places the focus on incredible photos.

The homepage lets you in on some of the artists’ exceptional work through an immersive portfolio carousel that shows us a variety of styles.

Clicking on any of the wide-screen photos takes you to a more detailed background story with intriguing information like when and where the moment was captured, including the geographical coordinates and a map view of the exact location.

The design embodies a classy black-and-white aesthetic, setting an unintrusive stage for this sizeable, colorful exhibition.

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