9 Best Product Catalog Website Designs

9 Best Product Catalog Website Designs
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: April 08, 2022

A brand’s website is its online business card — but it shouldn’t end there. Aside from informing your site visitors about the products and services you offer, the end goal is to transform curious viewers into buying customers.

The secret lies in visually satisfying and engaging website designs. In this post, we’re discussing nine of the best product and catalog website designs that aim to drive more sales and succeeded in doing so. Join us and get inspired as we list and deconstruct the masterful online catalogs, courtesy of some of the best website design companies worldwide!

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1. InHaus Cooking by Azuro Digital

InHaus Cooking website design

[Source: InHaus Cooking]

Standout Features:

  • Classy fonts and colors
  • Professional food photography
  • A strong emphasis on social proof

InHaus Cooking offers unique services that allow anyone to enjoy fine dining at home. Their website, designed by Azuro Digital, shines a spotlight on the premium quality of their food and the glowing reputation of their chef, Michael Hauschild.

The website shows a clear example of what they bring to the table — literally. Visitors are greeted with professional photographs of their products and information about their services.

From start to finish, the website airs a luxurious feel and stands out as one of a kind. It's perfectly suited for InHaus Cooking's target audience of upscale clients who are looking for a private chef at the fine-dining level.

Not only is the website beautiful, but it also uses a ton of compelling social proof, engaging written content, and a simple user experience — all of which optimize the conversion rate and drive more business for InHaus Cooking.

All in all, the agency managed to put focus on the services without overwhelming its site visitors with all the content that comes around it.

2. Aria Vent by pb+j

Aria Vent website design

[Source: Aria Vent]

Standout Features:

  • Dynamic assets partnered with brief copy
  • The white and muted color palette
  • Well-spaced layout

Who knows air vents can be this artistic? Aria Vent was founded in 2016 by a father-daughter duo inspired to create functional and innovative construction designs. The brand underwent many trials (and failures) before finally perfecting its flagship product — a stylish air vent that fits your interiors.

While they achieve massive success in the industry, pb+j takes care of their website design. The agency is a direct-to-consumer creative agency that specifically caters to eCommerce brands like Aria Vent. They handle web design and development to solidify the brand in the market.

Since air vents are not the most attractive products, it’s rare to see a ventilation company put so much effort into its website. But the agency had other plans — they went the extra mile to introduce the products through a clean, user-friendly, and sophisticated website design.

Upon visiting the website, you get a full preview of the product’s real-use scenario. This header image has a text overlay that says, “Reinvent” — a creative wordplay on the brand’s name. Below is a product slider that displays four products in a row. Visitors can click on the side arrows to browse more.

This is followed by dynamic assets featuring the different layers of the vent until a finished product is revealed. Alongside each asset is a one-liner copy that briefly explains the visual and a CTA button going to its dedicated page.

After all the product displays, the agency added a breathing space featuring a banner that shows the father-daughter duo. This section also has a text overlay that talks briefly about the brand’s story.

Their Shop page boasts an Instagram-like display where rows of product images neatly occupy the screen.

Lastly, all the navigation items are where you need them to be. pb+j designed a sticky navigation menu in the topmost part of the page.

3. Mara Home by weboperater

Mara Home website design

[Source: Mara Home]

Standout Features:

  • Embedded videos and 3D view
  • Soft and rounded typeface
  • Banner image slider

Mara Home houses a plethora of curtains, blinds, fabric, and floor coverings customizable to the customer’s desired measurements. They partnered with weboperater, a marketing and creative solutions agency focused on web development and design. Together, they’ve established a unique website design that matches the brand’s stylish products.

Upon site entry, visitors can feast their eyes on the banners above the fold with a slider function and a call-to-action button that allows users to explore the different collections of the brand. Additionally, the designers’ use of a sleek white background works well in giving more emphasis to the products laid out on the page.

The agency hit two birds with one stone when they used image blocks as CTA buttons on the homepage. This move easily frontloads the page with enticing product images while inviting users to visit its respective product category pages.

A multimedia section is positioned right after the product categories. It shows a short invitation video to the brand’s showroom. Parallel to it is a three-dimensional, interactive video that acts as a virtual tour of their store. The 3D view is an excellent inclusion to this design because it instantly adds life to the still images scattered throughout the site.

As a modern supplier of interior design items, Mara Home’s website does well to model its wide product selection. The website is intuitive enough to make new users feel at home. The product placements are never crowded, giving the visitors enough time to browse and review each.

4. Nepeta by RT Studio

Nepeta website design

[Source: Nepeta]

Standout Features:

  • Cartoonish backgrounds
  • Dedicated product pages
  • Dynamic elements

We’re used to seeing brands like this present themselves as posh and luxurious — much like a fine gentleman. But unlike its counterparts in the winery and liquor industry, Nepeta’s website design is quirky, fun, and bright — much like the Italian’s laidback culture.

The genius behind this eccentric product and catalog website design is RT Studio, a full-service digital agency that specializes in branding, packaging, website, visual and digital content. Their work on the Nepeta website reflects their passion for bringing the brand’s identity and culture into the design. And in the end, they managed to create a visually pleasing destination for their customers.

The first thing visitors will come across is its dynamic layout. Two liquor bottles slide in and meet at the center and nothing else; no content at the bottom, just two clickable bottles directing to two specific product pages. This move simplifies the product selection and gives customers the gist right away.

The agency also made sure that the background complements the featured product by adopting the product’s packaging colors and ingredients. This makes the overall page layout fun and engaging. The bright color scheme inspired by different fruits exudes a playful yet assuring vibe.

Right above the footer section, visitors can see the product’s mockup packaging which also reflects the colors seen on the site.

With two products to promote, the agency made use of the dedicated pages effectively. Each page includes a breakdown of the ingredients used and a bit of information about their benefits.

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5. Hunter&Gather by noughts & ones

Hunter&Gather website design

[Source: Hunter&Gather]

Standout Features:

  • Convenient product sliders
  • Sticky navigation menu
  • Product recommendations in the header

Hunter&Gather is the UK’s producer of award-winning products that are free from gluten, sugar, oil, and dairy. Meanwhile, its design agency partner, noughts & ones is passionate about helping planet-friendly businesses build Shopify websites. This collaboration is indeed a match made in heaven.

The agency created an impressive website design that effectively showcases the products in an organized and attractive manner. The homepage features an impossible-to-miss banner slider that displays some of the flagship products. Each image slide includes the featured product name, some of its Unique Selling Propositions (USPs), and a CTA button going to its dedicated page.

CTAs get a bright red highlight, which easily draws the attention of the customers. Employing this component guides users to the next step. From discount offers to special subscriptions, these buttons add another avenue to communicate more information for conversion.

The homepage also features a couple of product sliders easily accessible to visitors. These are great spaces to promote the brand’s best (and even least) performing products.

In the Shop section, product shots are presented against a clean, gray background. These placements are arranged in four blocks in a row, complete with product name, star rating, price, and View Item CTAs.

Lastly, the agency made sure to make product browsing easier than ever via a quick hover function that shows an image product summary; a Quick View CTA that displays a pop-up window; and the actual product page complete with customer reviews.

6. FreshCut Barbershop by BLACKT

FreshCut Barbershop website design
[Source: FreshCut Barbershop]

Standout Features:

  • Mouse movement-responsive header text
  • Dynamic CTA buttons
  • Large fonts with enlarged images

Established in 2014, FreshCut Barbershop is an American-style salon and men’s ultimate hairdressing destination. They offer not just innovative haircuts but also a man-cave experience. Their shop is equipped with an arcade and table soccer while serving sweets and refreshments.

To solidify their digital presence, they collaborated with BLACKT, a web development and design agency based in Paris that is eager to help bold brands like FreshCut carve their name online.

Like their brick-and-mortar shop, their website screams masculine. Content is presented in huge typefaces over large images and definitely grabs attention. The prominent colors used in this design are black, red, and white. Among these three colors, Red was used to emphasize certain website sections.

Their CTAs are a sight to behold, too! The design boasts dynamic CTAs that "shine” to attract clicks.

As for their eCommerce section, the designers made sure it's very user-friendly. Visitors can filter the results per product category and price. And there’s also a dropdown option that filters according to popularity, price, and date of arrival.

FreshCut embraces influential digital marketing. Hence, unlocking opportunities unknown to traditional barbershops. This is merged with the best web and design tools from BLACKT to achieve a functional and user-friendly design.

7. &TEA by ES design

&TEA website design

[Source: &TEA]

Standout Features:

  • Animated design
  • Creative product layouts
  • Interactive product pages

&TEA believes that the beauty of teas is not just visible in the act of drinking it, but also in the connections we build when we enjoy it with others. Hence, their website presents a wide variety of tea flavors and the stories behind them.

This is made possible by ES design, who are also firm believers that their work in the creative industry builds relationships, not just businesses. This shared belief between the brand and the design agency is a powerful foundation for a wonderful collaboration.

They made use of tea-like colors, such as light brown, yellow, and white, in creating this product catalog website design. The page opens with a huge image banner that displays the product in a close-up shot, along with rotating texts that represent community-building.

Below the header is the product display section that includes information about each tea flavor, its ingredients, and mixing techniques.

The designers made sure to add their own flavor as well by making the user experience dynamic. Every scroll rotates the product on the right side and switches it to the next flavor; the supporting texts on the left side change along with it. It's an ingenious way of displaying several products while giving a fun experience for the site visitors.

Overall, ES design managed to finish this website design with flying colors. They made the brand stand out from the competition through engaging design features while still being informative.

8. The Deli Society by Klinical

The Deli Society website design

[Source: The Deli Society]

Standout Features:

  • Strategic content blocks
  • Colorful patterns
  • High-resolution and creative food display

Visiting The Deli Society’s website is like stepping into virtual dining. The colorful patterns mixed with bright blue and yellow motifs stimulate appetite. After all, they are the go-to source for wine and cheese deliveries. Their products are carefully packed in a box complete with chocolates and charcuterie. Founded by two brothers, their website design reflects the homey vibe of a welcoming, food-loving household.

Responsible for bringing this aura out of the box and into a website design is Klinical, a digital and marketing agency committed to making brands stand out.

One of the most crucial factors when putting up food websites is their tendency to overwhelm visitors. That said, The Deli Society takes it away by eliminating unnecessary options and a complicated workflow by creating a straightforward design as soon as you open the website.

The banner image above the fold shows a luxurious setup of a wine and cheese night. The brand tagline and a bright blue CTA button overlay the image.

The following sections are arranged clearly, despite the copious amount of information that the brand wanted to communicate.

The agency managed to achieve this through a well-spaced and balanced design. They added content breakers such as banner images and pattern blocks allowing the content to breathe. Ultimately, whether you’re new to the brand or a seasoned foodie, you will surely find this design pleasing and informative.

You’ll also notice that each content block includes line borders. It’s a commendable design move since these borders don’t just act as additional accents, but also as margins that provide more space within each section.

9. Dr. LEVY Switzerland by ROYALTRI

Dr. LEVY Switzerland website design

[Source: Dr. LEVY Switzerland]

Standout Features:

  • Textured background
  • Embedded video banner
  • Sticky menu navigation

Dr. LEVY is a Swiss cosmeceutical brand that develops the finest anti-aging skin care products. The brand boasts a patented stem cell formula based on award-winning research. Headed by Dr. Phillip Levy, the first aesthetics Botox doctor in Switzerland, the brand aims to restore its customers’ youthful glow using non-invasive skin treatments.

The brand partnered with ROYALTRI, a branding and web agency based in Montreal, to communicate this mission on the digital landscape.

Veering away from the impurities of a usual eCommerce or product catalog website, the agency draws attention to the brand’s product lineup right from the get-go. The page opens with a full-screen image banner, tagline, and a distinct CTA button leading to the online shop.

The site might look plain white at first glance, but scrolling down reveals peeking product shots and a textured background resembling that of white marble.

Unlike other website designs listed above, Dr. LEVY Switzerland features the science behind the product, followed by social proof and media mentions.

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