13 Best eCommerce Website Designs in 2023

13 Best eCommerce Website Designs in 2023
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: March 24, 2023

The often-cited credo is that the website is a window into a business. If you’re in the retail business and have an online store, this saying especially hits home.

Seventy-Five percent of people are online shopping at least once a month and by the year 2040, it’s estimated that the majority of all purchases will be through eCommerce.

In other words, online stores are only going to be more profitable, so you need to be on top of your game when creating one for your business.

Get inspired by these 10 best eCommerce website designs for the current year that are the champions of usability, advocates of the simple checkout process, and proponents of on-brand aesthetics.

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1. Luseta Beauty By Huemor

eCommerce Website Designs
[Source: Luseta Beauty]

Standout features:

  • Clean design with pastel color-blocking
  • Simple and fast UX
  • Prominent Add to Cart and Subscribe buttons

Luseta Beauty is a brand of natural hair care products. Its website, made by Huemor agency, has a separate eStore section that follows the sleek and streamlined aesthetics and layout of the main site.

The white background serves as a clean foundation for the Nanum Gothic sans serif font and the brightly colored product photos that provide the necessary eye candy to the pages. Meanwhile, the sticky main navigation features the brand logo on the left, several main links in the middle and user icons on the right.

The eCommerce section features a large image signaling the current best deal. Shopping filters are on the left-hand side, while the products are showcased in three columns. The website store design doesn’t feature any redundant frill that would take the user’s attention away from the products.

The actual product page consists of large photos on the left, product info on the right and a big black Add to Cart button.

2. BeLive Store By Weby Agency

best shopping websites design
[Source: BeLive Store]

Standout features:

  • Use of white space
  • Large product images
  • User reviews featured on product pages

The website of BeLive, a vitamin gummies brand, was developed and designed by Weby Agency. It has similar aesthetics to the previous entry: vivid images add liveliness to the white and light blue background elements, while Plus Jakarta Sans font delivers sturdiness and legibility.

Bold CTA buttons follow short bits of messaging to drive the shoppers down the conversion marketing funnel. The benefits of taking these vitamins are communicated in colorful content boxes. User experiences and other case studies are also featured quite visibly on the site.

The actual eCommerce page filters the products by their type, availability, price and alphabetical order. The products are displayed in large images, in a three-column layout, complemented by user reviews and a price.

The product page features even more white space that emphasizes the large image on the left, the product info on the right, with price and Add to Cart standing out in color and size.

3. Slate Milk By Trellis

best online stores design
[Source: Slate Milk]

Standout features:

  • Live chatbot feature
  • User-generated content
  • Social proof examples

Trellis’s website for Slate Milk, a high-protein chocolate milk and latte brand, relies on custom typography, professionally shot images of products, and very to-the-point copy to engage and convert customers.

The sporty nature of this particular product is reflected in numerous endorsements and reviews by top US athletes that provide social proof. A modest lineup of only three main products is featured throughout the website in photographs depicting everyday consumption: from work hours pick-me-up to post-workout “fuel.”

The shop features a large image of three Slate Milk flavors, the choice of different package types, variety pack, quantity, and, once again, a black Add to Cart button against a light blue background.

User-generated content, such as product reviews and photos, is a major aspect of the product page.

4. Choose By Nooo Agency

best web design ecommerce
[Source: Choose]

Standout features:

  • Scattered content sections throughout the homepage
  • Shop section is all images, no names or descriptions
  • Minimalist design

Nooo Agency from Padova, Italy is behind the exquisite modern eCommerce website design for Choose fashion brand. Sporting a logo that follows the trends in the fashion industry, the website displays the creative nature of this vertical using a very minimalist platform.

Large fonts, a lot of white space, the main menu on the top right that opens across the entire screen, and its unevenly scattered content elements are the cornerstone of Choose’s website layout. The auxiliary navigation on the left is sticky, while animated gifs and background videos provide a surprise factor to the user experience.

The eCommerce section displays the products in a 4-column layout with nothing but images – the name of each product appears as a vertical text once the user hovers over it.

5. Sweet Wine Club By 5forests

best retail websites design
[Source: Sweet Wine Club]

Standout features:

  • Colorful website with custom illustrations
  • Luxurious bottle images
  • Fast-loading pages

Sweet Wine Club is, as the title suggests, an eCommerce brand that specializes in selling club memberships for Stella Rosa sweet wines. Seeing as 5forests branding agency’s expertise lies in the food and beverage industry, the task of creating this website was right up their sleeves.

Although, somewhat predictably, the website sports purple hues, the custom illustrations add orange as an accent color, forming a unique combo. The navigation is focused on the top right where the main links and CTAs are found.

The actual shop features lavish images of wine bottles in a three-column grid. Each product page features somewhat smaller images of a bottle but with plenty of content describing the ideal food pairing, the production process, and more.

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6. Harrods x Burrbery By Emperia

best online store designs
[Source: HarrodsxBurrbery]

Standout features:

  • Immersive 360-degree VR/3D experience
  • Attention to detail in the store’s design
  • Shoppers can look at each product from every angle

Emperia, a developer of immersive virtual retail experiences, has delivered on its promise and mission by creating a unique UX for Harrods x Burberry online store.

Using a familiar 360-degree Virtual Tour layout, the online store website design offers a live retail store experience in the digital realm. Upon landing on the homepage, the user is prompted to enter the “premises” of this online store. Once they’re there, they are welcomed by virtual shelves full of handbags, presented in a celestial, classically-inspired fashion.

The user can move around this environment freely, between different store sections and adjacent rooms. The brand’s products are displayed in 3D on the shelves. Clicking on one opens a pop-up window with details about this particular product. The shopper can even take a closer look into each bag with an additional 360-look feature.

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7. Codice Vino By Treeweb

best ecommerce design websites
[Source: Codice Vino]

Standout features:

  • Micro-animations
  • Unique scrolling UX
  • Minimalist product pages

Codice Vino, a winemaking company from the Italian region of Abruzzo, has employed the services of Treeweb media agency to deliver a memorable UX right from the moment a prospect lands on the homepage. Custom font and a deconstructed winery logo appear above the fold, which assembles as the user scrolls down.

A hamburger main menu icon displays all over the screen when clicked. Shades of gold, ochre, silver, and white complement the black-and-white photos of the picturesque region and the company’s figureheads. The elements on the page float in and out, creating a free-flowing, unique experience that engages the users.

The wine shop section opens with hi-res photos of flagship wine types — each containing specific bottles. The product page contains massive photos, its price, an Add to Basket button, a downloadable factsheet, and some descriptions or info on tasting notes near the bottom.

8. Hai By Special Offer

best ecommerce homepage
[Source: Hai]

Standout features:

  • Modern and laid-back layout
  • Descriptive product pages
  • Unique effect on images and background

Hai is a women’s fashion apparel brand. Their website, made by Special Offer creative agency, is a thing of modern retail. It uses images of different sizes, where products are laid out naturally, models posing casually, surrounded by a relaxed color palette, and an overall laid-back approach to aesthetics.

Meanwhile, rudimentary, non-pretentious typography and minimalistic visual cues make way for a very easy-to-scan UX. CTAs use simple dotted line borders, while the only complex aesthetic element on the page is the glimpse of a video embedded in the background.

The main menu, which is at the top center where the website logo usually is, points to the shop portion of the site. Each product comes with a carousel gallery of professional images, a choice of size and color and a light blue Add to Bag button.

9. Little’s Coffee Co By KOTA

design shopping website
[Source: Little's Coffee]

Standout features:

  • Colorful design
  • Generous use of CTAs
  • Great display of packaging

Little’s Coffee assortment of instant coffee, coffee pods, ground coffee, and other products is displayed on a charmingly festive and user-friendly website developed by Kota creative agency. A sticky main menu shrinks when a user scrolls, while three flagship products and a simple messaging with a CTA complete the above-the-fold section.

A colorful display uses enough white space for each element to stand out on its own, while prominent, squared teal CTAs provide convenient shortcuts to the shop basket.

Product pages feature a large picture of each coffee, along with related products and an option to leave a user review.

10. 3Saints By Polyform

best ecommerce site design
[Source: 3Saints]

Standout features:

  • Vertical and horizontal scrolling
  • Striking color combo
  • On-brand web copy

3Saints is a THC brand whose website, courtesy of Polyform creative studio, is a stunning display of their marijuana-based products. The striking red and black color combo is both on-brand and visually stimulating, as is the string of motion effects that load the page as the visitor scrolls down the funnel.

Enormous photos and thematic messaging leave no doubt when it comes to the look and effect of the brand’s products. The main menu navigation reappears once the visitor scrolls back up.

The product pages follow the unconventional layout and are divided into multiple sections with messaging and imagery, focusing on the responsible use and effect of 3Saints’ assortment.

11. Cowboy By Basic

online shop design
[Source: Cowboy]

Standout features:

  • Monolith content sections
  • Main CTA repeated in key places
  • Very slick choice of colors and images

Cowboy's website, designed by Basic agency, relies on monolith structures and sections to display each vital piece of messaging. The above-the-fold look isn't reserved for the opening part of the website - the parts below follow suit with black, beige, and grey as the main colors.

Large and close-up images of the brand's products permeate the slick, modern website, while readable typography makes skimming easy and efficient. An effective showcase of Cowboy's app that accompanies every bike purchase uses subtle animations and micromovements.

The "Order Now" CTA button in the main menu, also repeated several times on the website, simplifies and accelerates the potential conversion of a prospect.

12. Elecbrakes By Redback Solutions

best ecommerce design website
[Source: Elecbrakes]

Standout features:

  • Striking colors and big fonts
  • Helpful video explainers
  • Prominent customer testimonials

Last on our list of best eCommerce design websites for 2023 but not the least is Elecbrakes, a manufacturer of electric brake controllers. Their website, courtesy of Redback Solutions, makes use of big, strikingly colored fonts, simple messaging, and helpful looping videos that provide a visual aid to the user.

The royal blue and orange combo pleases the visitors' eyes as they land on the homepage, before moving down the funnel to find hi-res photos, product diagrams, and looping gifs and videos that explain how it's mounted and used.

Large CTAs, customer testimonials, and a sticky navigation menu provide a good UX from the standpoint of educating the audience and helping them reach the desired point of a website quickly.

13. Pfeffer Sal by Studio Krista

[Source: Studio Krista]

Standout features:

  • Intro video/homepage
  • Pastel colors
  • Striking font combos

When Pfeffer Sal, a London-based, luxury facial clinic opted for an expansive website redesign to highlight its signature treatments, showcase the brand's online store, and ultimately exhibit its dedication to beauty, Studio Krista jumped to the opportunity to sculpt a masterpiece!

Each element, from the impressive video welcome, calming palette, and elegant typography to high-res product shots bathes in smoothness, which is appropriate for a high-end skincare brand such as Pfeffer Sal.

Both visually and functionality-wise, the website is perfectly balanced. The beauty of the minimal aesthetics and clean hierarchy uplifts user-friendliness and elevates the experience, mimicking the tranquility of Pfeffer Sal's in-clinic treatments.

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