6 Best Roofing Company Website Designs That Combine Craftsmanship and Digital Artistry

6 Best Roofing Company Website Designs That Combine Craftsmanship and Digital Artistry
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: August 11, 2023

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, even the roofing industry isn't sheltered from the need for top-notch website designs.

These roofing companies blended traditional craftsmanship with modern design principles. From bold visuals to user-friendly interfaces, the hand of skilled web designers is evident in these digital creations!

Explore our curated selection of roofing companies with web designs that elevate their brand image and showcase their industry expertise.

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1. QNS Roofing by JaviDesign

[Source: JaviDesign]

Standout Features:

  • Intuitive site layout
  • Clear CTA buttons
  • Scannable content

JaviDesign's work for QNS Roofing provides a smooth browsing experience with clear and organized content. The site's neat interface is enough to earn a top spot among the best roofing company website designs!

The hero section features a worker against a serene blue sky. This imagery creates a striking backdrop for the bold white typography. An eye-catching, large yellow CTA button punctuates the scene.

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The design consistently employs these prominent buttons and standout typography, ensuring readability and engagement. Beyond just the textual elements, the bright yellow content blocks add prominence against the site's clean, white backdrop.

Adding to the site's visual appeal are the minimalist outlined icons peppered throughout the site. They offer users a quick visual reference and enhance user experience.

2. 5 Star Roof Care by Essex Interactive

[Source: Essex Interactive]

Standout Features:

  • Mosaic-type services menu
  • Striking color contrast
  • Adequate construction imagery

Another remarkable example of an innovative roofing company website design is Essex Interactive's creation for 5 Star Roof Care. The UI stands out with its masterful color play and rich visuals.

It perfectly balances the muted gray tones with radiant yellow. The vibrant shade grabs immediate attention and emphasizes vital site elements like the navbar, keywords, and CTAs.

This color pairs brilliantly with the subdued grays, allowing straightforward and intuitive navigation! (Explore other compelling limited-color website designs.)

The unique touch is the services menu. It is artistically crafted in a mosaic pattern. The alternating construction images and content boxes paint an overview of dynamic yet organized services. That, while adhering to the signature color scheme! Check out the best construction website designs here.

3. Summit Commercial Roofing by Momentum

[Source: Momentum]

Standout Features:

  • Cohesive color story
  • User-centric navigation
  • Strong emphasis on benefits

Momentum’s design for Summit Commercial Roofing has put the family-owned business on the digital map with a tailored online presence. Its benefits-centric approach speaks directly to potential customers.

Ample sections provide comprehensive information on roof systems. This approach educates users while highlighting the company’s services.

One notable feature is the seamless navigation. A fixed navbar presents menu options with dropdowns and dual CTAs. It ensures smooth site exploration without scrolling endlessly.

The layout plays with the brand's signature colors: gray and red. These two shades beautifully alternate across the buttons, typography, and sleek line dividers.

And what sets this design apart? After showcasing the services, the site concludes with a helpful checklist of benefits. It underscores the numerous advantages of partnering with Summit.

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4. Armor Roofing by Launch Kits

[Source: Launch Kits]

Standout Features:

  • Responsive design
  • Authoritative serif typography
  • Construction-themed colors

Armor Roofing's website, brilliantly brought to life by Launch Kits, is a testament to the impact of minimalist yet strategic design. It applies one of the key web design best practices – mobile responsiveness. This ensures a flawless experience across various devices!

When users land on the homepage, they are immediately greeted by a compelling hero banner. It features a crisp visual and a strong CTA, prompting users to "set up a free estimate."

The choice of serif typography emanates authority, subtly signaling that Armor Roofing stands tall in the industry. Plus, the layout's ample white space streamlines user navigation.

And the best part? A classic color palette of black, white, and orange that resonates seamlessly with the construction sector. This web design is a masterclass in blending aesthetics with functionality!

5. Cooper Roofing by Joe McNeill Design

[Source: Joe McNeill Design]

Standout Features:

  • Full-screen image banner
  • Intuitive hamburger menu
  • Professional color scheme

Joe McNeill Design delivered a top-tier website overhaul for Cooper Roofing, successfully transitioning the company from a "mom-and-pop" feel to a contemporary digital presence.

Upon entry, users are met with a full-screen image banner emphasizing the message "because integrity matters." This anchors the brand's promise and establishes Cooper Roofing as a dependable partner in roofing projects.

The hamburger menu at the top facilitates easy navigation. It allows users to explore the site's content effortlessly.

Visually, the blue and orange color scheme balances professionalism and vibrancy. It perfectly aligns with construction branding standards. The overlaid images also provide adequate visual representations of the company's service quality.

6. MRC Roofing Hawaii by Ruston Design

[Source: Ruston Design]

Standout Features:

  • Vivid landscape visuals
  • Clear service categories
  • Contemporary iconography

Ruston Design has transformed MRC Roofing Hawaii's website into a polished digital space that genuinely communicates the company’s commitment to growth and expertise.

What instantly grabs attention is how the site plays with contrasts. The monochromatic elements scream professionalism. Adding vivid landscape photography elevates that aesthetic appeal while subtly conveying the company's caliber of services.

A prominent "Featured Project" section showcases their exemplary work. Plus, the precise segmentation into roofing categories ensures potential customers can swiftly find the services they seek.

The design's cherry on top is its use of modern flat icons. Combined with bold typography, it ensures the site is trendy and user-friendly.

Overall, this website paints a compelling digital portrait of a thriving roofing company!

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