5 Best Retro Website Designs That Bring Back Memories

5 Best Retro Website Designs That Bring Back Memories
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: November 21, 2022

Retro is back in fashion, and retro website designs are no exception.

With so many people falling in love with vintage trends and aesthetics, it's a no-brainer that websites should also embrace retro vibes to keep up with the latest trends.

Even though the Internet was not around back then, retro web designs are an excellent way to introduce the beauty of the Swinging Sixties and beyond to the new generation.

These retro web designs have impressed many people with how cleverly they married the modernity of the Internet to the nostalgic beats of the old-fashioned train vibe. We hope you get inspired by these and give your website a good dress-up!

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1. Quentin Dallaserra

[Source: Quentin Dallaserra]

Standout features:

  • Creative conceptual framework
  • Animated typography and relevant images
  • Interactive buttons and a simple layout

Quentin Dallaserra's personal website takes you back to a trip down memory lane, where video games and Nintendo consoles are a part of your childhood memories with friends and family.

This fantastic web designer incorporates technology's early years to show his talent and skill in making any website design work.

The concept of his personal website is Microsoft: The Early Years, and he even included elements of Nintendo video games in his overall retro web design aesthetic.

The fonts and images used, with the signature pixelated effects, surely remind you of a time when the high definition was not present in the world of computers.

The icons he used in identifying various sections of the website are also reminiscent of the early years of Microsoft as a fledgling technology star, which everyone has known for generations. When you click the icons, it will show you various elements of early Internet browsing, which you will surely remember.

For example, clicking the Contact button sends you to a very early rendition of the email composer, with all its trademark quirks.

Even the cursor is the old-school pixelated and oversized arrow, one of the earliest versions of the cursor icon and a staple in early Internet browsing visuals back then.

Lastly, each section is labeled correctly, guiding users through their visit. This website is a visual experience for everyone.

2. Virtual Gas Museum by openform

[Source: Openform]

Standout features:

  • Easy-to-understand fonts
  • Incredible navigation experience
  • Interactive website design

Studying natural gas can be tedious, even for geology students. Hence, the Virtual Gas Museum in Poland aims to inform and educate people about natural gas's history and developments and how it can impact the present and future generations.

Designed by openform, this website is an excellent example of adding retro elements with history. The website design is easy to use and serves its purpose.

Scrolling through the website is like a literal museum tour – the only catch is you're doing it virtually. The website design helps in storytelling, which makes everything easier to understand.

The navigation experience was so smooth even those who are not tech-savvy could easily find their way through. The fonts are easy to read, an essential feature that helps educate people about your brand.

You can quickly adjust the text size by clicking on the buttons on the screen's upper right side. It also offers accurate English translations (the original website language is Polish).

You can scroll away to the history of natural gas with interactive movements, engaging photos, and exciting layouts without boring you midway. Way to retain user interest!

Overall, this retro website design deserves applause!

3. Martens Brewery by Radikal

[Source: Radikal]

Standout features:

  • Clever placement of media elements
  • Typography with character
  • Evokes nostalgia

Martens Brewery is a Belgium-based brewery that crafts the best beers for its consumers. Through their extensive years in the industry, they have left quite a mark in the competition, and nostalgia is one of their critical assets.

They wanted a website design that uses nostalgia to trigger emotions while giving visitors the necessary information. Radikal has done an impressive job with this retro website design.

The brand video instantly plays upon site entry, perfectly capturing the attention of any curious visitor. Now we move on to the details; the icons are excellent complementary elements to the design!

The fonts used are also a clever nod to the time when Western Europe was the center of publishing in the Renaissance with the Gutenberg press.

The typography has character, which adds a new layer of nostalgia to the website design itself. The font styles are still legible and easy to understand.

The imagery concocted by this website design takes us back to the very origins of beer and how the brand has perfected the art of brewery while keeping up with the times.

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4. big_bets by Roger Junior

[Source: Roger Junior]

Standout features:

  • Art Deco elements present
  • Unique choice of colors
  • Legible typography for all

This Brazilian company aims to provide solutions for those who need financial advice in venture capital and all relevant things. They are also a massive believer in recognizing the history of finance through venture capital, which Is what they want to portray on their website.

Thanks to Roger Junior, the retro website design has incorporated elements of classic art styles and modern simplicity. All the details are working so well for one another.

The designers know that information is critical in finance and venture capital. That’s why they went with legible font styles. All the information you need can be seen and read with ease.

The website design is Art Deco-inspired, flaunting geometric patterns and stunning art that blend well with the overall aesthetic.

The colors are also friendly to the eyes, using darker colors as background to muted neon greens and yellows, which looks very similar to those art styles popular in the 70s and 80s.

Overall, this retro website design is a visual feast for everyone who sees it.

5. ROBE Lighting by KNOW HOW solutions

[Source: KNOW HOW solutions]

Standout features:

  • Interactive buttons
  • Easy-to-understand sections
  • Pleasing overall image

Games and recreation have always been at the forefront of retro design trends, and ROBE Lighting is no exception. This game website introduces a fun and interactive game for those who need speed.

KNOW HOW solutions lived up to its name, as they know how to introduce the retro aspect of animated website design in gaming, especially with racing games like what ROBE Lighting offers.

This website design screams retro, and we're here for it! Unlike other website designs, this one is more straightforward. But don't mistake simplicity for a lack of creativity.

The functions are easy to navigate. It also offers a smooth user experience which is essential in any website design.

The colors are characteristic of the games we used to play on our antique computers back then, with the graphics offering excellent visuals for those playing the game.

Overall, this retro website design successfully reminds us of that exhilarating feeling of a good old game!

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