Victoire Douy Great Homepage

It’s not always about what you put on a page. Sometimes it’s about what you don’t.

With a history dating back centuries, the City of Lights has been home to innovators and creators for most of its existence. Willing to break the mold and change the face of the future, Parisians have unraveled expectations in philosophy, art, fashion, and much more. French graphic designer Victoire Duoy is doing the same through simplicity.

Matching the minimalism of Duoy’s digital designs, the site relies on light colors and modest themes. Cool pastels fill the backdrop behind barely moving images of Duoy’s work, quietly suggesting for users to click and see more. The experience is calmly confident in the quality of the work it presents.

Victoire Douy Great Website Design

Text is simple and straightforward, and small black arrows easily direct users to scroll for access to six selections of Duoy’s work. Clean, white space clears the air and emphasizes centered images of each selection, including apps, web design, and branding. A few light drop-shadows give a touch of depth. The UX is nothing short of effortless.

Clicking into a sample, users can drag the mouse to view a three-slide summary of each project. If interested, users can scroll to the end to view the full unfolding of the work.

But, the portfolio avoids useless 'extras.' Each description depends on digital images to explain the project, and text only appears to enhance the visual communication. The entire experience demonstrates an artist confident in his works, clearing clutter from the page and leaving only the best of Parisian performance.

Victoire Douy is a best website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.

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