Ueno Amazing Homepage

Ueno is a digital design company specialized in the creation of immersive, yet simple corporate websites. Their home page indicates Ueno’s abilities by showcasing a minimalist color scheme, graphic design, and personal navigation. The color scheme is soft and largely monochromatic, creating a definite experience and a well defined space. The little, visual accents are graphic shapes: a half-circle in the background and a paneled image just above that. This produces a bit of depth and contrast, showcasing Ueno’s ability to create space and immersion with very few elements.

Lastly, to navigation forward, users must click the phrase, “Verve. Have a sip.” This saying puts branded intention in the user’s navigation forward. They don’t just “see more,” they “have a sip.” When this text is clicked, users are carried off to the Verve project’s portfolio page. These simple design mechanics create a compellingly personal and immersive experience, while showcasing Ueno’s abilities with only a few elements.

Ueno Amazing Website Design

The minimal immersion continues here on Ueno’s scrolling portfolio page. Users are able to browse through a variety of projects that Ueno has participated in. Each panel slightly animates or displays a video as users pass their mouse over it, creating a sense of responsiveness and rooting the user in the experience. This simple recognition of the user’s presence is a powerful design tool that does a lot to immerse the user. By creating a responsive portfolio like this, Ueno continues to demonstrate their talent for captivation with minimal elements.

Ueno Amazing About Page

Here, users are introduced to the company’s “Team” page. Users can see some of the people who work for Ueno, and they can understand a little bit more about Ueno’s work culture and brand. The panel to the right is actually a video that continually cuts between different people working on projects. The video reads almost like a live feed into Ueno’s office, creating a sense that they are dedicated always working. The designer has effectively communicated a sense of professionalism and work ethic with one simple panel. Once again, Ueno’s skill with minimal elements is demonstrated, and it should help to sell the company as smarter and harder than the competition.

Ueno is an amazing website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.