Wild for Life Colorful Homepage

Wild For Life is an activist site intended to raise awareness for the declining condition of the world’s natural wonders and animal species. The site attempts to modernize the issue and create an experience that speaks to a new generation, hopefully inspiring them to take action and become conservationists themselves.

Wild For Life’s home page is designed to accomplish this branding. The graphic styling and bright color scheme of the page’s various design elements makes the site younger and helps to brand the page as cool and cutting-edge.

Wild For Life wants to make the issue seem wild, edgy, and cool. It attempts to increase support for its cause, by creating a trendy identity around its brand. With the home page, which successfully manifests a stylish user interface young people will love, Wild For Life is taking a great first step toward indoctrinating a new generation of environmentalists.

Wild for Life Dark Website Design

Wild For Life implements a comprehensive interactive feature with their “Find Your Kindred Species Quiz.” The activity requires users to fill out a variety of personal information and answer several speculative questions.

At the end of the survey, users are paired with an endangered species that represents their own identity. This further explores the site’s interest in constructing a new and youthful identity around their issue. By helping people personally relate to the victims of wildlife crime, Wild For Life creates an interactive UX that bonds people to the issue in an incredibly intimate way.

Wild for Life Engaging Website Design

Wild For Life’s site has also been equipped with a user-engaging element, where they can personally pledge money, time, and effort to help the planet. This continues the site’s theme of creating a specific identity around the issue, by allowing users to very directly involve themselves in the solution. By using exquisite design to flesh out a new and specific identity of coolness around conservationism, the site is now equipped with a tool that allows users to appropriate this identity. It encourages brand loyalty, and it extends the UX beyond the confines of the site, into users’ personal lives.

Wild for Life is a colorful website design in the Non-Profit industries.