Okela Clean Homepage

Okela is a non-profit community and creative event board founded by a group of visual artists. It aims to be a pure space, where art and its appreciation take precedent over ego or business. The space of the site is intentionally designed to be minimal, but with a stunning navigational interface.

Okela’s home page speaks to the intended purity and function of the space, leaving the screen largely blank, except for four emblematic words and two enigmatic icons. A click on the slash will lead you one way, while a click on the circle will lead you another. Determining what the buttons do is entirely contingent on your interpretation of the minimal icons. What do they express to you? This is a question users and art viewers are often prompted to ask. In this way, the interface of the page engages users in artistic evaluation, interpreting the merits and purpose of an evocative visual scheme. The excellent design transports users to a compelling space that aligns with the nature of the site. It puts them in the proper frame of mind to appreciate the rest of the site and the art contained within it.

Okela Creative Events Page

A click on the slash will lead you to Okela’s events timeline. Here, users can manipulate a dynamic, interactive, horizontal scroll to find upcoming events in the art world. The motif of the slash is present throughout this navigatory page, viewing it in red as a way to underscore certain information. This use of the visual motif continues the site’s engagement with artistry and the UX of art appreciation. Users will immediately discern the graphic consistency to further understand the purely artistic brand of the site.

Okela Clean Website Design

Keeping up the subtle evocations is Okela’s “About” page, accessed when you click the circle at the top right of the screen. Essentially, it explains the impetus of the site and the values of the organization. Those values, of course, are about creating a purely artistic, organizational space. Again, users will pick up on the visual motif, this time featuring the consistency of the circle icon and the large letter “O” that begins the text. This is the kind of design that emphasizes the intentions and values behind a site. They wanted to create an art-themed site, and they've, in fact, created an artistic experience as users lock into its clear visual motifs.

Okela is a clean website design in the Arts & Recreation industry.