There are 9.1 million online retailers globally. DesignRush reached out to industry experts to discover the key eCommerce brand-building strategies businesses should use for more sales in 2022.

MIAMI - JULY 06, 2022

With as many as 9.1 million online retailers in the world, as per etailinsights’ data, eCommerce is an increasingly crowded sector. The most sure proof way to stand out in this competitive landscape is to turn a business into a strong brand that drives trust and improves customer loyalty.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, leveraged its 13,000-agencies-strong network for quick insights – or “QuickSights” – on the key eCommerce brand-building strategies businesses should leverage for more sales in 2022.


HypeLife Brands Founder and CEO Curt Cuscino claims that an effective strategy businesses should leverage to build brand awareness is to give away some useful branded items to consumers.

“To help grow brand awareness for your brand in a tangible, meaningful way, one eCommerce strategy I recommend is giving away a *useful*, branded item,” said Cuscino. “Think about a free t-shirt to anyone who’s willing to provide 5 friends’ email addresses. People love free apparel (especially if your branding is on point). The personalized email invites can then be sent through marketing automation, and can be a great way to get your brand on the streets, while lower[ing] your customer acquisition cost.”


In the opinion of Seth Geoffrion, founder and managing director at Vrrb, retailers that sell online should leverage the FB pixel on their website to optimize advertisements and track conversions.

“Don’t let Facebook’s algorithm do All the work for you,” said Geoffrion. “Get in there and take control! Setup the FB pixel on your website to track actions like add-to-carts, category views, and more. Then segment your audience based on the actions they take on your website, and show them ads that are going to lead them further down your sales funnel.”


MindSPark Design Studio Owner and Creative Director David Werth advises eCommerce businesses to install mouse tracking plugin/software on their websites to track how users engage with different elements and use the data to bring decisions for effective optimization.

"What you think traffic is doing on your site, and what traffic is actually doing, can tell vastly different stories,” said Werth. “Use technology to get an accurate real-time picture of what site visitors are doing. By installing real-time screen capturing, mouse tracking plugin/software, you can track visitors’ mouse movements and navigation attempts. This will help discover where they get hung up and where they go first as well as show how effectively your landing pages and specific elements are converting the users. Base your decisions on that real data and use it to optimize your site for better conversion rates."


According to Elina VanNatta, founder and brand strategist at 712 Creative, company values should be an integral part of businesses’ marketing strategies.

“A 2019 global study by Havas Group found that 77% of people buy from brands who share their values,” said VanNatta. “To find customers who are aligned to your values, you must first unearth and articulate your values and then relentlessly share them. Make your values a core part of your brand messaging and marketing strategy.”


As stated by Andy Mizrahi, founder & producer at Old Farm Productions, eCommerce businesses should define a tone of voice to grab the audience's attention.

"One of the key elements [of] branding is having a tone of voice for your brand,” said Mizrahi. “[It enables] you to speak to your audience with that same tonality on every element of your business that you share. The packaging, the descriptions of your product, your website and your social media, just to name a few. You can decide if you want to be funny, inspirational, formal, informative, exciting — and you pick that based on who you are targeting. By doing this, you'll be able to connect with your audience with every single sentence your brand writes, which gives you a chance to impress and grab them with each word.”

DesignRush released the July list of the best branding agencies that help businesses turn into strong brands.

1. HypeLife Brands -
Expertise: Brand Strategy Development, Digital Strategy, Messaging Development and more

2. Punch Design Co. -
Expertise: Brand Development, Packaging Design, Creative Strategy and more

3. Vrrb -
Expertise: Branding, Art Direction, Product Development and more

4. Hi-Lab Solution -
Expertise: Digital Branding, Product Development, Visual Identity and more

5. ByteSizeMe -
Expertise: Web Design, Social Media Management, Digital Marketing and more

6. Splash Designworks -
Expertise: Graphic Design, Branding, Web Design and more

7. MindSpark Design Studio -
Expertise: Branding, Video Production, Web Design and more

8. Embajadores de Marca -
Expertise: Marketing Consulting, Brand Creation, Content Marketing and more

9. 712 Creative -
Expertise: Graphic Design, Web Design, Inbound and Outbound Campaigns and more

10. You'll -
Expertise: Graphic Design, Identity Design, Print Design and more

11. Old Farm Productions -
Expertise: Video Production, Advertising, Content Marketing and more

12. Murmur Creative -
Expertise: Brand Strategy, Naming, Logo Design and more

13. Moskito Design -
Expertise: Video Production, Event Design, Print Design and more

Expertise: Brand Identity and Development, Rebranding, Product Branding and more

15. Little Big Brands -
Expertise: Branding, Packaging Design, Brand Strategy and more

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